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  1. Post your Cooking!

    Thrip needed: THE GREAT MUSHROOM DEBATE. (jk)
  2. General Movie Thread

    Of course I am. I saw the beginning and the end, and bits in between. I saw enough to decide (subjectively) whether or not it was good :p I also googled for the picture of the thing that looks like a
  3. Post your Cooking!

    (good stuff thread:)
  4. good stuff thread.

    Nah, you should be proud of yourself for powering on when everyone else (*cough* me) use the weather as an excuse to put their feet up! You probably get to train your tolerance and perseverance a lot!
  5. General Movie Thread

    Haha...differing tastes ahoy Those are two of the only horror movies I've seen so far that have managed to scare me, along with The Ring (US)!
  6. good stuff thread.

  7. Game Show Mafia!

    Rummy is the ginger bush then, because I know that ReZ is the RC man.
  8. good stuff thread.

    Also: no frozen pipes! Yay! ...SNOW DAYS! (Not applicable to the unemployed/those not in education.) -- I had the day off, so I got to do simple but satisfying stuff like continue with my painting of Snorlax, begin installing Ubuntu on my old laptop, finish learning Für Elise on piano, and have a dinner of all of my favourite foods: instant ramen with enoki mushrooms, natto, and smoked salmon
  9. General Movie Thread

    Please watch The Others and The Skeleton Key And
  10. General Movie Thread

    How?? I'm not being nasty for the sake of it, I really don't see what people enjoy about it
  11. Game Show Mafia!

    Has anyone else encountered the RC man or the ginger bush before? Good or bad vibes?
  12. General Movie Thread

    I keep catching bits and pieces of Insidious as I wander in and out of the living room. It looks terrible. The make-up of the "ghosts" looks like Euro shop Hallowe'en make-up. Hell, I think the SFX kit I bought once was better quality than what the make-up artists used in the movie. It seems terribly generic too, and the female protagonist looks anorexic. SO PREDICTABLE. Why can't they turn on all of the lights/stay in pairs/not employ obvious cues/etc. Meanwhile my sister is clutching my mum's arm and shrinking into the couch. How is this scary... :| But then, I watched Iron Man 2 (for the 10000th time) and The Expendables (so many action heroes in one movie *___*) before this, which I suppose amplifies the disdain I feel
  13. What are you buying next?

    I really want this: If I see it in TK Maxx again, I resolve to buy it.
  14. Christmas Presents

    Surprisingly good haul, as I didn't ask for and wasn't expecting anything: - Battery-operated lantern with OWLS on it! Also a crafty watercolour-splotched lil' notebook. - Babyliss Root Boost: I guess my family are more observant than I thought - I used to stare at this wistfully every time I walked past it in Boots - Classy-ass thin laptop bag that looks like a handbag. Saving it for when I start work! - 1 pair of really warm slipper socks, navy. - An awesome pink minature dustbin that clangs when I put the lid down! - Anna Sui Night of Fancy perfume, which I gave to my mum because she loves Anna Sui. - A pin art block from @heroicjanitor, which I have some ideas for shooting some kind of animation/film short with! So far I have stuck my hand, foot, elbow, and Christmas ornaments into it. - My favourite card was the one with BATMAN on it, from my siblings. Other: I ate a dried chilli during dinner as a dare, and my throat died a temporary fiery death.
  15. Merry Christmas, N-E! Hope you are all as merry as my dad, anyway, who beckoned me outside to drink a glass of wine...except I just brushed my teeth and am super tired from work! Hope I get to meet more of you in person someday, cuz you're all awesome Here's to another year of fun mafia games, thought-stimulating discussions, and no actual Nintendo-related stuff :p
  16. Game Show Mafia!

    Ok, I'm just going to be blunt due to impatience: the black man, the RC-man, and the Ginger Bush...do we think that these are good or bad people?
  17. Ramar and Retro_Link's Mums

    Happy Birthday, almost-Jesus reincarnations! Have a lovely Christmas, too!
  18. Question About Food Safety Type Thing

    If the chicken is already cooked, it should be fine, nothing will reverse the cooked-ness. HOWEVER, won't it go all soggy and wet? Maybe defrost, dry them with kitchen towels, then toast them somehow? Or is this for a lunchbox type thing?
  19. Christmas Presents

    Now it's hanging on the wall, above my bed* XD
  20. ~The Ridiculous Countries~ should be labelled and defined on all future maps
  21. bad stuff thread.

    I love how my parents constantly troll me by assuring me that I don't need to work, after I ask multiple times to make sure, only to call me up sometime later with "OH WAIT BE READY FOR WORK IN 10MINS". Goodbye, actual-productive-schedule-I-just-made-for-my-supposedly-free-day! I mean, I don't MIND working, I'm an able unlazy person. What I DO mind is being told one thing, then another, then being rushed to get ready. It's not even an emergency, it's like they suddenly decide that it would be nice if I were there.
  22. The Vanilla Mafia

    Oh yeah...what happened on Night 1? I tracked Cube and got that he targeted mr-paul, when he actually targeted Diageo. Did I get redirected?
  23. Unfortunately...I think there are people out there who don't want America to stop invading other countries :| -- re: Iun's post - a summary: American news is overexposed. Though, tbvh, even though atrocities also occur in places like China, North Korea etc., America is somewhat more relevant/easy to rant about, as it's a big English-speaking country with a large® amount of power and influence on the West (the part of the world in which most of us America-bashers reside). There's so much bad stuff going on that it's impossible to feel as strongly about everything...so we concentrate on the stuff that affects us the most. Iun, for you, happenings in China are more immediate, but it's just not the same for everyone. Many factors come into play regarding how many damns people give about any one particular issue, including heritage, location, (censorship) laws, etc. (This is a tired ramble, and not a fierce rebuttal in any way...)
  24. The Vanilla Mafia

    I was really enjoying this before I got killed! One of my favourite parts was the pictures, it somehow made the game more engaging! I would love a similar game, one which would last longer - I think maybe one less mafioso would have made it last longer? Or 4 mafiosos and no serial killer? I'm no GM though Thanks Yvonne!
  25. Is religion taught in your schools?

    Is that what the vatican is really doing? Or just saying it to placate angry people? I mean, the priests who were involved in the child abuse cases weren't even arrested or anything, as far as I know. How come they get to answer to the church law instead of normal human being law? Very well-written and informative post though