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  1. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    But is there a contract/anything in their terms and conditions promising that they cannot deny their services if you donate and/or contribute to it? (I'm not saying there is or isn't, I don't know.)
  2. Learning Java!

    Java Concepts by Cay S. Horstmann Head First Java, O'Reilly Media Start with those for a good foundation, then move onto using the web as your main resource - no one learns to code practically from reading books or sitting in lectures. I personally learned the most during college projects and my internship. Look at tutorials, write the code out yourself, hack and change it...Google for things you want to make or implement and hack away at it Good luck! Roseindia is good for tutorials and code samples. The Java API will be your main resource for now. This is a good page of exercises to do when you get past basic/intermediate level - bookmark! http://www.home.hs-karlsruhe.de/~pach0003/informatik_1/aufgaben/en/java.html
  3. PC protection 101

    AVG Free - if you want to pay, McAfee seems good (got a free subscription with my current laptop), and ESET NOD32 is my favourite. I favour unobtrusive antivirus software that doesn't disturb me in my everyday use of the computer. However, the best antivirus program is useless if you don't update the virus signature frequently and schedule some scans. Malwarebytes Spybot S&D Ad-Aware SE - I'm starting to feel that this is a bit useless when I have Malwarebytes and Spybot, however. CCleaner - clean up your registry and other ex-temporary crap on your machine, important for Windows. Firefox: Keyscrambler (not sure if there's one compatible with the latest version of Firefox yet, I haven't bothered checking) Antivirus software I've tried: - Avast: Awful. Comparable to spyware on your machine. I remember fighting with it for ages trying to uninstall, and its notifications are the worst. - Norton: Extremely slow, slows down your machine. It may be effective, but I used to joke that I'd prefer a virus to Norton installed on my computer - Avira: Seems to get broken/glitchy easily. - Kaspersky: Seems ok...hard to tell whether or not it was being effective.
  4. The Apple Thread

    Ahhh, I forgot about Amazon as always, as I've always had trouble with shipping with them. Will consider them too. The 5th gen speculated release date seems to be anything from March to summer of this year, might hold on for another bit and see. But on the other hand, there might not be a huge amount of improvement compared to the 4th gen device (*cough*4S)...hmm.
  5. Learning Java!

    The first Java book I used in my first year was Java Concepts by Cay S. Horstmann. I find it hard to recommend a particular method of learning, as I've been coding in Java for over 4 years... A book I would highly recommend trying is Head First Java, O'Reilly Media. The Head First series is meant to be excellent, I read the Design Patterns one but surely the Java one should be just as good. Learn by writing actual code, doing exercises online...use Stack Overflow and Google things heavily. Maybe get a coder friend to give you a crash course...it depends on how intuitive you find it, really. Java Concepts would be a solid book to start with. Alternative languages to launch yourself into programming with are C++, Ruby (on Rails for web app development), and Python. Java is very very useful though. Start with coding in Notepad and using the command line to compile and execute. After you write your first class, move onto an IDE - I use Eclipse. Netbeans is another choice, but I prefer Eclipse (Netbeans has a better GUI editor though). Feel free to ask me to clarify anything I've said above! @heroicjanitor might have some good advice, too.
  6. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    Looking things up online is faster than thumbing through a book without Ctrl + F, I guess At least, for non-Arts material. Didn't you use Wolfram MathWorld?
  7. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    Now you're being a hypocrite - it's their site and their content, they can do whatever they want with it. What SOPA will do is take that right away from them by blacking sites out permanently instead of for 24 hours with an awareness notice on the front page.
  8. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    Are you seriously throwing a tantrum about not being able to access blacked-out sites? They're trying to impact people and spread awareness about SOPA/PIPA. Not terrorising people with lack of content.
  9. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    You're just angry because you didn't get to say 沙发 (sofa) in this thread. (I hope that's what you were referring to )
  10. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    The way I see it, it's a bunch of people in the government who want money and don't understand the Internet constructing a banhammer. I don't see any practical way to police the Internet the way they're trying to do it...it seems like they don't either, so they're just going to shut things down without listening to people. About video and CD and bookstores dying, if this is the way the world is moving, it's inevitable. It happens because this is the way people are living and the way their habits are evolving...didn't they say the same about videotapes back then? With all of the existing and emerging information security and cybercrime issues nowadays, governments need computer scientists in them...the next generation? At the very least, I strongly feel that these issues should be taught in computer classes in school. I just thought of an awesome way to rebel: if no one but the govts cared about this act, no one would sue you for posting game screenshots, etc.! A totally open source world? But people care about money too much? Overall, this act worries me, but I think that people might quickly adapt to it and forget about kicking up a fuss. Censorship on the Internet has been "successfully" implemented in some countries...but it would be a shame. I'm not sure what I could do in protest of this though...I was reading someone's blog in which they said to voice your displeasure to your closest US embassy. How to do it effectively? *surface thoughts...no verification or research done before posting!
  11. The Apple Thread

    I'm thinking of getting an iPod Touch as a cheaper alternative to smartphone + associated bill/prepay costs for Facetime, Skype, etc. Does anyone in Ireland know how much the Student Travelcard Apple discount is? The 4th gen 8GB in white is going for €203 from the Apple store. Would I find it cheaper from resellers, or somewhere else? I'm not going to touch eBay, heard too many horror stories, and all of the used ones seem to have cracked screens. Or does everyone stick to the Apple store?
  12. Moving House

    Go to Donegal, houses are worth like...nothing over there right now, apparently /unhelpful
  13. Moving House

    First, get a job and save up a deposit. Look for places within your budget. View places. Sign a lease. Rent place. Live there. If you're stuck for jobs, do a course/get more qualifications? Do you have a degree?
  14. What difficulty do you play life on?

    Ok, then. Life is a really difficult game
  15. What difficulty do you play life on?

    Funny, I used to think of life as a Tactical Espionage Action. Devise strategic routes and overcome obstacles by winging it! Don a cardboard box when things go wrong!
  16. What difficulty do you play life on?

    I play my academic life on Extreme mode (*cough* Guitar Hero...), as I see it as my first priority right now. Wonder how my working life will be. Normal life was probably on Hard, I tend to give myself a lot of stress and pressure, but I've learned to take care of myself. I guess it's on Medium now, I don't survive on water and apples any more, or worry about stuff without dissecting it first! Ville - have you tried turning your hobbies into paid work, certifications, or qualifications? Involving other people (e.g. music or writing commissions? idk) will make you push yourself harder, and possibly learn more. Or choose something completely new.
  17. Forum User Photos

    Wearing my awesomely ridiculous top.
  18. General Movie Thread

    iPad + Netflix = win. Woochi (2009) Really good, the theme may seem weird to anyone unfamiliar with the associated legends/history, but it's almost non-stop action. Very entertaining. This would be awesome in 3D. Comparable to the stories of Sun Wukong (the Chinese Monkey God/King). The Sword with No Name (2009) So sad! Very classy too, taking into account the violence and sex in it. I love how honourable the characters are. The royal outfits are beautiful to look at in HD, as well as the outdoor scenery. Rumble in the Bronx (1995) This is surprisingly gory (well ok, not Saw level or anything) for a Jackie Chan movie. Amusing, but I prefer straight comedy when it comes to his movies, as opposed to a serious movie with funny sections of fight scenes and conversations sprinkled throughout.
  19. Netflix

    No wonder it worked when I spontaneously tried it today. I'm sharing someone's account with permission, but the price seems good for what you get. It's so great for iPads.
  20. Thanks guys. I started doing some coursework which was a good distraction. Sympathy and input appreciated And Magnus, that helped. 7 months is better than...idk, a year, I suppose. We've been talking for 9 months before this anyway, and it wasn't too bad!
  21. You Drive Me Crazy!

    Yay, go Ine! Was supposed to be studying for my theory test this break...
  22. 7 months until I see my love again That emoticon is literal because I cried my eyes out in the airport bathrooms after he called out "I love you" and disappeared through the screen to the departure gates. Now I am wearing his warm jacket and waiting for him to land (tonight) and call. I feel ridiculous for being so sad right now, when I've been blessed with him. Oh well. COUPLE PICTURE TIME!
  23. I will be in the city centre in the evening. @herojanitor, keep me updated if you go to the mini-meet