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  1. Funny Stuff Thread

    Is that...real? Who published it???
  2. General Movie Thread

    Thanked for mentioning CJ7 and A Goofy Movie. Although...A GOOFY MOVIE IS WORTH MORE THAN A LOOK (my favourite Disney movie ever ever ever)
  3. *insert pun about sprouts and growing up*

    Happy Birthday, Detective Sprout!
  4. bad stuff thread.

    Was it the duckfa - oh, never mind. Surely if he made the move on you, you can't be blamed fully! In fact, he's the bad guy in the picture if he's already going out with someone :/
  5. General Movie Thread

    I love movies which get that across in a realistic and engaging manner. I'm no filmmaker, but it seems like a difficult thing to achieve. I hadn't taken any notice of Shame before, but now I almost want to watch it.
  6. Forum User Photos

    Cool! How did that happen?
  7. The 'To Do' List

    Yessss, Evernote is amazing. Before I started using it, I had about 10 million txt documents on my Desktop, and even more within my HD. Wesley, you should look into it :P
  8. Megaupload shuts down

    Not sure how twisted or hypocritical this is, but I am anti-piracy when it comes to independent or small companies/designers/musicians. Downloading songs by big, powerful, rich artists doesn't cause me any guilt - am I really hurting their earnings? If evidence proving that is presented to me, I will stop pirating and buy their stuff. I buy CDs and DVDs by one artist, which is my favourite band. I also buy songs when it's a "pay any amount" price (e.g. Amanda Palmer employs such a system). I would buy songs via iTunes if I didn't hate the program so much and lack an Apple device. I'm afraid I'm a broke student and can't afford to buy CDs and DVDs of every song or movie I want to experience, and I also can't deal with how much physical space that they would occupy - if it's available to me for free, why shouldn't I take it? It's not like I'm physically stealing something or causing a terrible inconvenience. I don't download huge amounts either. I also think that downloading *reasonable* amounts ~illegally~ is ok for sampling purposes. I'm eager to give deserving content publicity online, which should totally count for something according to the speed, breadth, and depth (imagine a tree of users) with which information is propagated online nowadays. I am way more anti-piracy/theft when it comes to small artists and designers. I don't pirate games because I don't game anymore. Amanda Palmer has written about her experiments with a business model involving letting fans pay what they think she deserves, and how the music industry should embrace downloading as a form of acquisition of music, and try to monetise it instead of fight it. It's an interesting read, and I think I agree with her. I can't find the link to her posts about it
  9. The 'To Do' List

    I almost rely on lists to live. I have lists of stuff to do, buy, post, pack, get, read, etc., and I take them seriously so that things rarely stay uncrossed (apart from long-term goals/bucket lists/future plans) - or else what's the point? Right now, the most important list pertains to an report I'm working on, to be handed in on Monday. I have a list of documents to read before continuing with writing, and have read 4/8 so far There are two items on my grocery list: oyster sauce and natto! I will refrain from describing the 10000000 other lists I maintain!
  10. Forum User Photos

    That's pretty cool. I love the slower spins, it looks so graceful!
  11. How were we supposed to deduce that solely from the picture without succumbing to insatiable curiosity generated by procrastinatory impulses and examining the image URL?
  12. I love youR POST. POST, NIGHTWOLF! I SAID POST!!! Anyway, @will&\#39;: try dating more weird/unconventional/exciting people? Or stop actively dating and let people/situations come to you! (I don't know what I'm talking about!) : peace:
  13. It's ok, thanks for letting me know :) Hope the process of the move goes/is going smoothly for both you and Flink!

  14. Eenuh! I have no idea whether or not this will sound really bratty, but...will you be designing any Valentine's Day cards? :) If I were a king, I would appoint you my official greeting card supplier!

  15. N-E Awards 2011 Results

    The chemistry cannot be denied : peace:
  16. I've been waiting to see a post like this by you for ages. GO SEREBII! Go forth into the world of dating! This world is inhabited by creatures called girls! For some people, girls are pets. Others use them for fights. ...wait a minute...
  17. N-E Awards 2011 Results

    FOOTBALL! DID I GET IT RIGHT ...jk. I suppose my main gripe is lack of visualisation in X11 - but aren't there football manager games like X11 by EA? In my mind, it would make more sense/seem more fun if the two were combined, somehow. Hey now, I don't do too badly in Fifa when heroicjanitor is coaching me through a match :p YES. You know you like it.
  18. N-E Awards 2011 Results

    I don't understand why anyone would go to X11 instead of like...Fifa, but that's just me :P I must be a category 2984030zknksdiw girl!
  19. @Charlie, my post wasn't directed at you. It's just that when you mentioned you had a theory, I was reminded of my dislike for past "theories" I've read (there are official sites for them). I absolutely did not mean to direct any of my annoyance at you, before you even posted your theory (and I'm not ignorant enough to pass judgement on people I don't even know)
  20. N-E Awards 2011 Results

    Yay! I didn't think I was a seasoned-enough member of N-E to win anything for at least another year or two! Thanks and congrats everyone, especially Goafer Also yay and /surprise @ the DS Game of the Year! Boo for X11 though, because I don't play it, and I watched herojan at it last week and it looked boring :p
  21. Megaupload shuts down

    My dad: "Do you use a site called Megadownload.com?"
  22. Was it your intention to succintly summarise my messy post? (If so, well done )
  23. I strongly believe that people who buy into the ladder theory/friend zone bs theories have the complete wrong mindset when it comes to ~*girls*~. Yes, girls and guys are different (physically, chemically, etc.), but they are still people. Read some Dale Carnegie, treat people (which includes subsets female people and male people) how you would like to be treated. Maybe I am just obliviously lucky in whatever way(s), but it really confuses me, how dramatic this subject can get - and the amount of theories that spin out of it, when it's just a question of dealing with people! To reiterate slightly, the comic Raining posted doesn't describe "friend zoning" - instead of latching on to the thinking of "that girl put me in the friend zone", you should think "that girl is clearly stupidly self-contradictory, or just doesn't like me. MOVING ON!". Ahem...I look forward to reviewing Charlie's theory :p
  24. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    Way to not-try to cooperate with other countries to develop new computer laws in response to issues that affect everyone!
  25. They were like...avocado in vegetable form. The taste was nice, but unremarkable. You need a new joke vegetable :/