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  1. Channel Tunnel To Be Closed Forever

    Happy Birthday Eenuh! Hope you get spoiled thoroughly by Flink! And stay out of Ireland, lest you cause chaos here too
  2. bad stuff thread.

    Sudden onset of low mood led to accidental overeating, subsequent nausea, and ceased productivity (was studying). Attempting to remedy by listening to Be Your Own Pet and doing something with my sister's art supplies. Oh, and vintage clothes shops in Dublin are disappointingly boring and stupidly overpriced.
  3. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    It sounds like peaceful death.
  4. Snow!

    Radio says that there'll be 6 inches of snowfall in London tonight. In Dublin, it seems to have gotten a degree or two warmer compared to the past few days/nights, so hopefully no snow for us!
  5. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire

    The golden coin sounds like Meowth (or its evolutions)? I don't think I'm in the write-up, and I don't know anything about any of the happenings mentioned. Hopefully the ones who haven't posted yet have more info.
  6. Soundtrack to Moments In Your Life

    I tend to listen to ONE song or album constantly for a period of time, and it ends up cementing itself to my memory of said time of my life. Sample: Semester 2 exams 2008: Tegan and Sara - The Con - literally makes me smell the room I lived in at the time on campus, and feel the sun on my face and hair...and smell grass and peanut butter cups. Winter 2008: Amanda Palmer - Astronaut Almost-summer 2009: Splendora - You're Standing on My Neck - mainly because I watched a lot of Daria then. Winter 2009: Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward (album) Summer 2010: Super Junior - Bonamana - this one is horrible, brings me back to my internship which I didn't really achieve anything with at all. Summer 2011: Silly Fools - ผิดที่ไว้ใจ There are more, but I have to think really hard and I'm too tired for that right now I used to want a punk rock song played during my funeral, but that doesn't appeal to me anymore. Chopin's 19th nocturne (my favourite Chopin piece) seems a little dramatic and undeserved. Maybe this (below)? As a statement on the fleetingness and triviality of life?
  7. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire

    Vote: No lynch
  8. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    Yeah, I edited it...12 hours ago :p Anyway, they need to fix it up a bit, I got some wacky suggestions too, but it would be good to take as base ingredients and tweak it a bit, e.g. move the oats elsewhere.
  9. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    Scroll up
  10. Got a selection of good things on sale stranger!

    You have to pay insertion fees as a seller on eBay (for Buy It Now items, but not auction items - with a limit on the number per month), but they randomly have zero-insertion fees days, so use those. If you get e-mails from them, you'll know. You might as well use the selling board here on N-E, since you know everyone here and transactions should go smoother than on a site like eBay Hope you find something that works out! And what about sites like craigslist?
  11. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    Sounds like a result of Twitter's new censorship policies?
  12. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    Some interesting (not necessarily good - mobile network providers to raise prices) news: Netherlands makes net neutrality a law http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-13886440
  13. Moving House

    Serebii has his own agenda; it's his money to be spent or saved as he wishes, leave him alone everyone :p -- I currently live with my sister. However she's decide to defer this year, which throws my plans of continuing to live there for another year off. So...idk. I could advertise for a housemate, but I find living with people who aren't family horrendously inconvenient. This place is pretty much perfect too, the cleanest house I've lived in since I moved out :/ BUT this could be a good thing, as I can relocate closer to where I'll be working (rent in that area is less as well) without having to consider my sister.
  14. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    Not sure if this is truly helpful or practical, but I've been playing around with it for the past few minutes: http://swole.me/ - automatic diet plan generator, based on foods chosen (optional) and number of calories as an input. Edit: It's kind of broken in that it doesn't consider the context of what it suggests...it just told me to eat 10 eggs in one day :s Though I did choose a very small number of foods...
  15. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire SIGN UPs Thread

    Are you ever going to forget that? :p
  16. Funny Stuff Thread

    @heroicjanitor on rollerblading:
  17. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire SIGN UPs Thread

    Sign me up! For all future Pokémafias too please!
  18. Lana Del Ray

    Video Games, that's the song my friend sent me! Wow! She is completely colourless (almost literally) and her voice doesn't stand out at all :| That's kind of how I feel about her.
  19. Lana Del Ray

    She looks bored and her music (the extent of my knowledge does not extend beyond the one YouTube video my friend sent me yonks ago) is boring. Therefore I do not understand why she is apparently so popular and praised. Maybe I listened to the wrong song? The album cover looks like hipster fodder. I bet it turns out that everyone on N-E is a fan and I will be slayed for this post
  20. Gender Neutrality

    Good point, Dazz. Girly tops aren't gender neutral - they're feminine. Why doesn't she dress him in blank/unisex clothing instead?
  21. Pugsley & La Pin (Very Short Film)

    I should probably have asked how many hours exactly it took! But I get that it's hard to finely count the exact time that you put into it. I would have no clue how to put something like this together (unless I did like...stop motion...), but I know that a lot of work goes into even a few seconds of animation, so I was curious
  22. Pugsley & La Pin (Very Short Film)

    I really like how it zoomed in and out! Cute...but the ending isn't satisfying at all, hehe. Out of curiosity, how long would this have taken you?
  23. A Hipster Photography Experiment

    Use a more hipster font
  24. Windows Media Player question

    Try this:
  25. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

    A minister/idiot named Sean Sherlock is trying to pass SOPA in Ireland - apparently by the end of the month. However... -- EDIT: He's changed them and is now using icons from GNU GPL software.