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  1. Awesome stuff thread

    I will kill myself/all of you if no one gets this. In the restaurant (canteen) of my university:
  2. What Have You Bought?

    Two awesome vintage shirt finds today. Not as good as the pizza shirt, but still QUITE AWESOME.
  3. All That Razz

    Happy Birthday Razz!
  4. Awesome stuff thread

    It's so horrible that it's awesome! : peace:
  5. Professional Photographers (Thrip)

  6. Awesome stuff thread

    I want this. It's a PIZZA shirt! Sometimes I live for ridiculousness.
  7. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I'm jealous you got to see them then, they were definitely at their best at that time/during that album. Celebrity Skin went platinum too, but I thought it was mediocre. The latest album has a few good songs, but yeah. Live Through This : peace:
  8. Professional Photographers (Thrip)

    I hate it when people complain about prices like this. It's like when my dad ran a takeaway and sometimes people complained about the price. It's like they think we conjured the food out of nowhere, not dependent on any COST PRICE. Think it's expensive? Go eat somewhere else/hire a cheaper wedding photographer. Not my fault you can't afford it/are too cheap. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. What the photographer charges is her business. If she wants to charge ridiculous prices, that's cool, her choice. It's her fault then if she goes out of business. But it is, imo, completely rude to go and complain about someone else's decisions about their business. The only time it's acceptable is when haggling, and even then you don't start ranting at the person. I have no doubt that the price could be lowered a bit if she cut some costs or whatever, but she didn't choose to.
  9. Photography.

    It's not in a very secluded place (it's the main street to the left), and the door looks locked so I don't want to try forcing my way in there :s Must look for more urban exploration-worthy places though! Thanks! Take your digicam, no film to worry about taking or replacing Looking forward to seeing what Prague is like through the Diana!
  10. Photography.

    Noob post. I thought this turned out kind of cool (the location more than the photo)...bearing in mind that I'm using a 6 year-old point and shoot...
  11. Whitney Houston R.I.P

    I really don't ever remember seeing her on magazines or the paper or anything, related to drugs :s BECAUSE MY ENTIRE WORLD VIEW COMES FROM THE MEDIA! (jk)
  12. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    The only other songs I really like on that album are Skinny Little Bitch and Pacific Coast Highway. I would enjoy a Hole garment very much. Therefore I enjoy your post.
  13. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    (Ignore the video.) Hole are just so great. Of course, this album is nothing compared to Live Through This, but still.
  14. Whitney Houston R.I.P

    My mum was a fan of her, played a tape with I Will Always Love You in her car when she drove me to primary school. I wasn't really aware of her drug problems either...
  15. The "Internet Phenom" turns a page

    Happy Birthday! Have some cakeS! Well, look at that - they forgot Ho-oh
  16. Hurpy durpy!

    Happy Birthday, Duckface II! Hope you had a great night out!
  17. bad stuff thread.

    What I would like to do most of all this weekend, is to stay in bed with chocolate cake and study (I am exciting). Or just stay in bed, simply. But I can't.
  18. ACTA - Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

  19. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire

    Where is everyone? It's like...the same 7 people posting all of the time (well, today) :|
  20. Happy birthday Mary-Kate!

    Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day, you'll be spending it with Ellmeister, of course
  21. bad stuff thread.

    That's good, sounds less troublesome than a virus I removed a few months back - Win 7 Security, or something. I had to mess around with changing file extensions and actively killing processes before I could open a browser. : peace: Whoa, that sounds like overkill :s
  22. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire

    I definitely wasn't roleblocked or redirected last night. I'm not convinced that the brown mist/mass was Nintendohnut...but you never know. Waiting to hear from Nintendohnut... herojan, willing to elaborate about your night? Seems like there was a lot of activity involving you, just wondering who or what you encountered rather than your specific actions.
  23. bad stuff thread.

    Use another computer/your phone/something to view this page and follow the instructions: http://www.spywareremove.com/removesecurityshield.html
  24. Pokémafia 12 : Ruby and Sapphire

    lol @ Ho-oh being in the game. The "dark purple and white Pokémon with glowing red eyes" could be Gengar or Ratata? The green, green, and red Pokemon produced a flash of light - doesn't seem like it was roleblocked? My night was uneventful...it appears Nintendohnut is either undetectable, untargetable, or was cloaked by the mafia last night.
  25. What Have You Bought?

    I want the plushies! That made me smile