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  1. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Nope, the second line is about a "structure" (what is that?), not a Pokemon. Peeps says he targeted Jimbob, too...and I don't think he triggers evolution? Anyway, someone please check out references to glowing in past write-ups!
  2. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Well, none of my targets or posts are overly suspicious, are they? I'm not going to spend a lot of effort trying to pin things onto myself :p My target list again: Night 1: SPAMBOT 4000 - random Night 2: Jonnas - thought he sounded townie-ish Night 3: Nintendohnut - known investigator. Stopped targeting him after this because he couldn't be supercharged anymore. Night 4: Yvonne. - uhhhh...can't remember my reason... Night 5: no one - forgot Night 6: The Peeps - known power cop Night 7: SPAMBOT4000 - known redirection/hiding/roleblocking preventer
  3. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Night 7: The first line was Peeps targeting Jimbob...there are other mentions of glowing in previous write-ups right? Someone check, I have to leave for class now :p
  4. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Peeps confirmed you, Jimbob, not Dohnut. Yvonne's protection power makes sense, I suppose. Me: supercharge and protect from redirection Yvonne: supercharge and protect Tales: supercharge and protect from roleblock Is it possible that all of us are town?
  5. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I don't really understand this part...Zell would've been able to communicate with ALL of the mafia, not just two of them, surely? This sounds more like the Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie trio? Is it possible you were redirected this night?
  6. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    How come Peeps didn't get the protector part of your power?
  7. Netflix

    Hadn't bothered to checked out the Kids section on Netflix until today...Hey Arnold!, Ned's Declassified Guide, Spongebob, The Wild Thornberries... /becomes a shut-in
  8. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Looking at Peeps' targets again: he hadn't divulged his actual results, and note Night 4 - Zell; we were all looking for a redirector, why didn't he tell us then? Also note that he said he knew of a roleblocker, which was Diageo, because I think heroic was dead already by then. And apparently that was "obviously town", yet he went after Diageo with a vote. Holes in argument, or unreasonable?
  9. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I boosted SPAMBOT. Just putting it out there before I actually read everything... He's said this:
  10. Funny Stuff Thread

  11. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Jimbob is neutral, but imo finding a mafioso takes precedence over lynching him. I don't believe SPAMBOT could be mafia, since he did help Dohnut find EEVIL. Yvonne...sounds a bit garbled on the previous page...now that Peeps has claimed he's not Psychic, who I believe to be town, I guess being Palkia isn't that notable? Peeps, what Pokemon are you? I never thought Diageo acted like mafia before, in fact I remember thinking that he was helpful (in finding EEVIL to be...evil). Zell has four posts in his name, with no info about results, role, targets, etc. given. Willing to lynch if the chances of him being mafia are significant...
  12. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    In many Pokemafia games, the mafia usually has a hiding/obscuring power, so are we looking at the people not mentioned as possible mafiosos? As for me being mentioned, I didn't spot that, and your guess is as good as mine. I don't think I've EVER been mentioned by colour. If that is me, then Peeps is the "towering Pokemon"? Anyone been keeping track of the vote count?
  13. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I'm very close to voting for Yvonne right now. @Zell - role/Pokemon claim and targets, please.
  14. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Also, Bronzong fits - it's Steel/Psychic. I am STILL suspicious of Yvonne claiming Palkia, as it's not Psychic type at all. Ok sorry, I went back to look for it You posted it in such as inconspicuous way, without any labelling, that it was easily missed :p
  15. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I posted my target list a little while ago. I targeted you on Night 1. Were you sent a PM about it? And come on Diageo, almost everyone's told their target list by now :| Not revealing yourself is making you very suspicious - we have investigators and stuff out in the open, do you have something to hide?
  16. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I protected you from redirections on night 6. I supercharge for the following night, and protect from redirections on the night I target. What...exactly have you been doing? XD
  17. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    The truth is, I...forgot to send in a target on night 5 =__= I am Xatu! Also Palkia is Water/Dragon...where did the Psychic theme go? Night 4: Is that you, Yvonne? Or was it Jonnas? Can you identify yourself in the Night 4 write-up?
  18. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Ok, actually three isn't that excessive in a game that started with so many players, I guess.
  19. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Jimbob's info is definitely hella confused (neutral, then town...what), but since we have until Tuesday I'd rather find a mafioso... Yvonne, Tales, and I being superchargers...we can't all be town? Yvonne and Tales, are you pure superchargers or do you do something else?
  20. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Your results...does it contradict anyone's claims so far? Or does anything stand out as bad?
  21. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Sometimes it lets you choose two or more targets instead of one after being charged, depends on the power of the player charged. It kind of makes sense I suppose, no supercharger roles have died yet so 2 town, 2 mafia.
  22. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Dohnut, you weren't double-supercharged by one player, it was Tales and I charging you on the same night (Night 3). That leaves...Peeps. Who apparently charged Tales and I, but we weren't notified of it.
  23. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    So The Peeps AND Tales are superchargers? Because I also supercharge... -- Night 1 SPAMBOT4000. Night 2 Jonnas Night 3 Nintendohnut Night 4 Yvonne Night 5 No one. Night 6 The Peeps -- Peeps, did you really charge me on Night 5? Because I got no indication that I was supercharged...
  24. Same-Sex Marriage

    No one says you have to get married I think the perfect arrangement would be to end up with someone with the same views on marriage - in your case, a lady who doesn't feel like she needs to be married. It's sad when I read about imbalances in relationships, when people end up using marriage to keep the relationship together, or when one person senselessly wants it more than the other. I feel like I should rephrase my original post...what I mean is, you might just feel like it someday, it might just feel like something that you really want to do. I used to be vehemently against the whole idea of marriage, but recently I've found myself thinking of it as a nice thing (only in the right circumstances, mind)...or at least, not a completely horrible thing which ruins lives (I was very dramatic) :p
  25. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    @Zell has made exactly 3 posts so far. Got any info or discussion? Unfortunately, nothing in the write-up means anything to me. Don't know why Cybernetic Mewtwo is suddenly town :s