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  1. Hey There!

    I love N-E. Oh! Welcome
  2. good stuff thread.

    Metric AND Tegan and Sara AND Regina Spektor are releasing new albums in the next few months! I've been waiting for so long for some good new music. Three of my favourites!
  3. Happy Birthday ( ^ A ^ ) v ~
  4. It's official I'm moving to Canada on July 30th

    Wow. Congrats on everything! Best of luck to you Anticipating a post in the Moving House thread in July! :p
  5. That's mean. Tell her that you understand that she worries about you, if she really wanted you to be happy, she wouldn't be hounding you about anything and causing stress.
  6. The Fruit Mafia

    Sounds the same as what happened to me on the first night. Where's Dohnut and Cube?
  7. The Fruit Mafia

    But I thought they targeted Smeagol, not the other way around?
  8. The Fruit Mafia

    Why are there so many "erotic" references in the write-up... heroic, what did you do? Posted too slowly...your power is so complicated XD
  9. The Fruit Mafia

    Makes sense as in you did it? Omg XD That's an awesome coincidence. I swear I didn't do it though, someone can check again for tomorrow. Also, the crazy-talking power is less destructive than the drunken one imo! Prrrobably. I was apparently attacked, and had to sit down for the rest of the night. No explicit mention of roleblock.
  10. The Fruit Mafia

    I didn't get any PM about this. Are you sure you have an information gathering role? And not a tampering role? Because someone attacked me on Night 1. Nope, you have the wrong person, I don't have that power at all. How could you say this without asking Rummy who he targeted last night? :p @Rummy, who was your target?
  11. April Fools

    I didn't agree to be responsible for it
  12. April Fools

  13. The Fruit Mafia

    I don't think so...unless something happened that I wasn't informed of. Why?
  14. The Fruit Mafia

    I just thought of something funny. What if there are blenders or juicers in the game... /unhelpful
  15. The Fruit Mafia

    Haha, I was about to say that. I wonder if the fact that two apples are gone is relevant? Some kind of...apple tracker/apple-affecting power? o__O Also, can't wait for the drunken posts to start...not :/ Also also, the killer is probably a big/heavy fruit, due to the crushing.
  16. Router or ISP issue?

    Do you have UPnP enabled? (Disable it.) Also disable the router firewall, your computer firewall is enough. ^Go to the router's browser interface to change those.
  17. I had no idea whether to post this in the good stuff thread, Android thread, or what, so it goes here. I managed to catch the postman before he gave up on delivering a box from my boyfriend this morning (it was early). Inside... His shirt that I wanted, the most hilarious earphones ever, something that will surely give me Invisible Woman powers, and... He gave me his phone charm ;_____; He got me a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 I've never owned a smartphone, smartphone-like device, or even an iPod before this (my MP3 player holds exactly 1GB...), so this is awesome. We can now Skype all over the place (provided there's a usable wireless network) without worrying about Skype/phone credit. And I can take pictures! And actually download all of the cool apps I find using my mum's iPhone! It's nice so far, the typing is so much better than the iPhone - every time I try to write on one, I feel like throwing it out of the window :| Even iPads.
  18. General Movie Thread

    Just watched Infernal Affairs. So awesome. It's quick-paced, which is good because I'm impatient and will start predicting the plot if it's too slow, or straight-up stop watching and read the plot on Wikipedia instead >__>; I was a bit annoyed at the ending, until they showed this quote:
  19. Router or ISP issue?

    Resetting the router one a week or so is something that should be done anyway How long does it go without disconnecting again, after you manually disconnect/reconnect?
  20. bad stuff thread.

    We'll get a big break one day! Hopefully?
  21. The Fruit Mafia

    It's probably either his role, or he got afflicted with something that forces yellow font last night. I completely do not understand the drunken fruits, so can someone summarise what's going on with Dohnut and the votes?
  22. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I have a longer-than usual weekend due to lack of classes, and want to do a juice fast. Any tips? Experiences?
  23. bad stuff thread.

    I don't even have a Tumblr
  24. bad stuff thread.

    I feel like I've spent way too much time in front of the computer screen, sitting down. That's no way to live. I want to travel and do stuff and meet people and create. (I'm a computer science postgrad student, not a Tumblr addict )
  25. Moving House

    I've been really suprised so far at the pictures. All of the places you guys found are furnished so nicely, with modern furniture. Is that normal, or N-Eers have good taste and high standards? Here, dirt-coloured floor tiles, rickety furniture, and highly uninspiring decor are standard, even in the "rich" places. At least, from all the places I've viewed...