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  1. Pokémafia 14 : DIY, Fate of the Omniverse SIGN UPs

    Sending a PM now!
  2. The Fruit Mafia

    Ok, so it's not a big fruit being the killer like heroic said, it's all 5 mafiosos crushing the fruit? And not a blender XD mr-paul - so you unintentionally stole/intercepted someone's PM? :s That would mean that the PM itself was rerouted...unless you copied someone's power...unintentionally? What. Also I believe that the majority of voters (for heroic) were idiots :p But maybe some are mafia. I was genuinely not around much yesterday because I got home from college late. By which I mean that I don't really see how he was bad/I should pay more attention :/ Has EEVIL said anything about himself before?
  3. Companion, Game or Ice?

    Happy Birthday, Cube
  4. The Fruit Mafia

    Thanks for info about the drunken posting, but what about the other type of posting, the crazy/hyper one? Can someone tell what they had to do then? -- Also who was responsible for the double-drunkenness on night one? It's weird that Dohnut and DuD's conditions match exactly. This could be the same case with Peeps and Diageo's powers? Someone should track Peeps and Diageo tonight, I guess?
  5. Funny Stuff Thread

  6. Funny Stuff Thread

    Reply to above:
  7. The Fruit Mafia

    I definitely don't find the drunkenness helpful at all, either. The crazyposting...I don't know. Are there are conditions for it? (@ everyone who has been inflicted with it before) Like...how exactly you talk crazy?
  8. Titanic 3D, Free novelty glasses and bath toy

    I was dragged along to this in the cinema when it came out in 1997, so I guess I was 7. I fell asleep near the end because that's what 7 year-olds do when it gets late; the other dude (Cal) scared me, but the iceberg scared me too. I can't watch disaster movies It would be kind of fun to watch this in 3D, but I've already watched it a few times on VCD after '97, so not overly interested. Also, see #5 for laughs
  9. You can choose the Imaginary option. It's located at the imaginary coordinates
  10. Awesome stuff thread

    HTML5 GameBoy emulator, with games ready to play! Tetris! http://gamecenter.grantgalitz.org/
  11. The Fruit Mafia

    I think EEVIL implied that he's the coconut, yesterday? I'm not a watermelon.
  12. I hope this won't be frowned upon, but please help me out and take this extremely short survey! --> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3PXGTKJ If you're not currently in a relationship, think of a past relationship when answering. Look, I'm giving everyone a break from Serebii's troubles, doing N-E a fine service! :p So...please repay the favour (jk, no offense to Serebii.)
  13. Forum User Photos

    @Goron_3, you have an awesome smile
  14. Weather Mafia Sign Ups

    Oh, sunny day! Me please!
  15. The Fruit Mafia

    Night 1 has still been my most exciting night so far (roleblocked). I guess that's a good thing? :|
  16. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    Genuinely wish she's still alive.
  17. Hey There!

    Yep, everyone take back their suggestions in the Love thread, for goodness' sake!
  18. Forum User Photos

    Thank you : peace: - Aw man. /replaces the photo >D
  19. Forum User Photos

    I am puking a plastic skeleton, wearing my awesome ear forks, and realising that the front camera on the Galaxy Player is kind of awful. I am supposed to be writing a report ( ._.)
  20. Best Headphones under £50?

    Do you listen to a lot of metal/rock/music with heavy bass, palm mute, and drums? If so, I recommend Skullcandy. If not, a friend keeps trying to push Shure on me but I've never tried them so I don't know. I've tried Urbanears before, they were mediocre and probably for looks, mainly. Excellent site with comprehensive reviews and comparisons: http://www.head-fi.org/products/category/headphones
  21. The Fruit Mafia

    @Yvonne, N1 I was attacked and roleblocked. So I don't believe I got to do anything. Your mafia game organisation skills scare me, my notes are all jumbled up in a txt file :p -- N1: My original target was Yvonne, if it helps. Anything happen to you on N1?
  22. The Fruit Mafia

    Passionfruits aren't purple inside :p And the juice isn't purple either! (Why was that brought up, again?) -- @Yvonne, why am I clearly mafia? I don't see any reason given for your vote? Also mr-paul only started posting in pictures today, must've been someone's power? :/
  23. Forum User Photos

    /joins in Wearing a children's faux leather jacket.
  24. Funny Stuff Thread

    -- Celebrities that Look Like Matresses
  25. Hey There!

    The story has been recounted many times to curious listeners on the IRC chat. /lets someone else tell it /unhelpful