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  1. Forum User Photos

    Omg. The second gif killed me XDDDD
  2. 'Racist Cake' Controversy

    How can it be, it cries! The Peeps beat you to it already :p
  3. The Weather Mafia

    MadDog has made exactly 2 posts, both of which were questions/uninformative.
  4. 'Racist Cake' Controversy

    I think it's kind of gross...and I would be put off regardless of the race depicted. Am I the only one who thinks it's slightly distasteful (not in terms of racism, I don't find this racist due to what Bard said - P.S. I love Ghost World:heart:)? It just seems...not extreme enough for the message the artist is trying to get across. The facepaint looks too comedic/like a Chain Chomp.
  5. The Weather Mafia

    Extreme apologies for my absence yesterday, the epic players will notice that I hadn't been checking the thread (busy/tired) and wasn't avoiding or ignoring. Have to step it up!! Yesterday: Correction: though I haven't been roleblocked so far, my N2 was not successful. Lol at the voting mess... -- So far we know that there are multiple winds, at least one of which has to be mafia. Aqui1a and Diageo, what did you do last night? Also, multiple roleblockers = at least one is mafia. EEVIL vs. Dohnut, then? Or there could be four, apparently? (Rummy was Thunder.) I know that there is at least one charger/booster in the game, and I'm mentioning this because I don't know whether they could be good or bad. Rez, are you sure you weren't redirected?
  6. Not this one... Nor this one... Definitely not this one ... ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ HAPPY BIRTHDAY @heroicjanitor! ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★
  7. Job advice

    Good luck!
  8. The Weather Mafia

    So many pages @[email protected] Discussion has moved on already, so I won't comment on Rez, etc. All the info I can give is: - I never got roleblocked any night. - If there are 3 (claimed) roleblockers, there could be 3 winds? I am not a roleblocker or a wind. Diageo, did something bad happen to you? You are very adamant about finding whoever's Wind.
  9. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    No, no, you mean vote Rez! :p Also Vote: No lynch
  10. Hey There!

    Hey now, you have the army of N-E to support you And make fun of your troubles
  11. The Hunger Games

    Oh, that matches nicely then. The Hunger Games book is a rip-off of the Battle Royale novel! Just kidding, I don't care enough to research these arguments :p I've read and watched neither (well, watched a bit of BRII), but it sounds like they explore different themes within the unifying pit-kids-against-each-other plot.
  12. The Weather Mafia

    Not I. Good point...unless Rez was boosted last night/somehow/idk and could target 2 at once? Somehow?
  13. Do you act in a way that threatens her trust in you, when you're with female friends? Or does she just lack trust completely? She needs to change and trust you more No one should be allowed to make people choose relationships like that. (P.S. The picture isn't serious, you should have a discussion with your girlfriend instead of running )
  14. The Hunger Games

    WARNING: SPOILERS IN LINK BELOW. Sick of everyone talking about it and want to know what it's about, but don't want to succumb to reading/watching it? If Hunger Games Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Percent Honest
  15. General Movie Thread

    I don't know why I'm watching this. But hey, I'm halfway through and it's mildly entertaining. Think I'll switch to Infernal Affairs III soon though.
  16. The Weather Mafia

    Vote: No Lynch? Does that help? :p I have no information from last night, anyway.
  17. The Fruit Mafia

    Thank goodness for my double vote Thanks Rez, the write-ups were fun! Please never impose yellow text on anyone again though :p
  18. The Weather Mafia

    Is everyone trying to give Peeps a headache with all of the vote changing? :p
  19. The Fruit Mafia

    Vote: Spambot, I guess.
  20. The Fruit Mafia

    Well, forcing people to tell the truth is unlikely to be mafia...is it? I still don't like the drunken posting though.
  21. The Weather Mafia

    You saved a modicum of energy! :p
  22. The Fruit Mafia

    Not yet :p Hang on, two bananas? Well...I suppose there were a few apples.
  23. The Fruit Mafia

    Congratulations, DuD!! So you don't have investigative powers, but you managed to investigate someone. That's...bizarre. I have nothing to do with it, so I really have no idea. And yeah, I went for someone in the vote list last night too, I think (no idea about redirection etc.). I think I will have to read back over everything, drunk/yellow posts and all SPAMBOT told us himself that he's a Vodka Watermelon.
  24. Hey!

    For the second time: I love N-E. But I don't love Max. Welcome, Frag Grimes See you in the Weather Mafia!