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  1. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    You claimed Aggron, right? How can Aggron be described as helpless /reading too much into it, probably Are people even going to explore other possiblities or press others for info, instead of pressing me and developing this day into Smeagol #2, except worse? <-- why I'm not going to Poké/roleclaim just yet. I am town, and a role that would be missed greatly. Just don't lynch me before letting me post.
  2. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    [quote name=Rummy;1447845I think Tales was a viable source of interest' date=' and I can buy that Peeps was roleblocked. (by roleblocked, I mean stopped from getting to his target, I don't know if it's a roleblock or not)[/quote] Surely the mafia would be blocking Tales if he was an (accurate) investigator. Obviously Peeps and I were roleblocked after yesterday, as we were seen to cause Smeagol to be lynched (even though I didn't even vote~~~). We talked the most, in any case. And anyway, why do you believe that Peeps was roleblocked but not me? ^How did I mess that up?
  3. The Weather Mafia

    What do you even do? Find out people's weather? So then how do you know Aqui1a is lying?
  4. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    I was roleblocker by the large Pokemon that roleblocked Peeps the night before (or whoever mentioned it). If the people voting for me go back and read the last day, you will see that a) I didn't vote for Smeagol b) I was attacked by heroic for delaying the lynch c) I said multiple times that we should wait for everyone else to speak before lynching Smeagol d) I merely gave information about Smeagol very unbiasedly e) Peeps was the one pushing the lynch. Bonus information!: Peeps was mostly telling the truth yesterday, but I don't understand why he wouldn't call himself an ability cop :| I won't press further as it got nowhere yesterday, and he might be trying to hide himself or something. How do you know you weren't redirected How did you find this info How do you know multiple people didn't target Tales : peace:
  5. The Weather Mafia

    I'm not heat, nor am I a roleblocker? idk why you're so sure, but you're wrong :p So Aqui1a, who did you send me to/send to me last night? Vote: Aqui1a
  6. What Have You Bought?

    *this DVD :p (jk)
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Oh my god. I was not aware that this existed. I must watch sometime.
  8. bad stuff thread.

    You are so sweet, and that sounds awesome. We will hang out soon (after this weekend, when I get back from home???) Oh no Is it the people? Or just apprehension? If it does turn out to be terrible, it'll give you something to compare things to, I guess D: idk...I hope it turns around!
  9. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    I'm not a rolecop. Peeps, are you perhaps an ability cop, then?
  10. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Wasn't Nintendohnut/Tentacruel town in one of the Pokemafias in which he used his device/Pokedex? It wasn't exclusively mafia every time it appeared, iirc? (Can anyone else remember?) Smeagol...what have you got to say about being immune to tracking and redirecting? Seems a bit powerful for an innocent townie? And is Peeps still around? He hasn't responded to my previous post about his rolecopness.
  11. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Are you talking about me? If Smeagol is town, either: a) He is a dumb cop, and I am mafia because he found me to be town. or b) He is lying, and making things up and my alignment is unknown. (Well, I'm town, but I can hardly expect people to just believe that :p) Though it's in the write-up that Tales targeted Smeagol (Chandelure), so idk.
  12. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    (I know it's kind of dodgy to dig up an old post, but it didn't register until all of the rolecop talk above.) Nope, that's not all I know about him. I'm just conscious of flavour/red herrings/people playing dumb/aggressive to get info out of people. Since the votes are getting close, how about this to help with decision-making: Smeagol is also immune to tracking and redirecting. If he's lynched, I hope to be trusted because I tell the truth (hopefully you'll all find out then and not have to rely on this post).
  13. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Whoa. Are you sure you're not a rolecop? Perhaps an unconventional one?
  14. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Sudden thought: if Smeagol is mafia, surely there would be a few mafiosos trying to make distractions and saving him from being lynched?
  15. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    There can't be two mafia roleblockers. And if the other roleblocker also roleblocks aggressively, then it means that the aggressiveness is flavour and doesn't mean anything. Without the second roleblocker or more people coming forward, Smegol shouldn't be lynched.
  16. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    These people have yet to post. Cube Diageo EEVILMURRAY Frag Grimes Jimbob Jonnas Nintendohnut Rummy Yvonne They don't appear to be online, so I won't annoy them with the "@". Would really like to hear from the second roleblocker.
  17. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Hold up, we need to hear from this second roleblocker :/
  18. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    How do you know I don't already know that before? P.S. I still haven't even voted for you :p
  19. bad stuff thread.

    I am so ready to exit academia. I feel like I need a massage or something to chill But I am broke as heck! Also bored tired headache-y dissatisfied...insane due to too much studying and too little exercise...whine whine whine...
  20. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Well, if Sméagol is mafia, then Peeps and I are town. I would be more concerned about accidentally lynching a townie investigator or protector than a roleblocker, tbh. But yeah, still waiting for more people to post.
  21. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Can we hear from the rest of the people who appeared in the write-up before Smeagol is potentially lynched, please?
  22. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Not even gonna address this because you're voting for me because of a vibe :p Are you trying to offload attention onto me? I'm not even going against you, I'm trying to clarify things (is Tales accurate, roleblockers post) so you don't get lynched quickly and possibly be a townie.
  23. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Tales, that doesn't prove your power is accurate, you're supposed to target yourself to see if you're an opposite cop or not.
  24. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    People with good memories: remember before there was a Pokemafia in which someone performed their power very violently...was that person town or mafia? I think it was heroic? There was a big discussion about how they're clearly evil because they did it violently and I think they got lynched...but I think they turned out to be town?
  25. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    I'm not trying to out anyone. Just impatient for decisive info Whoa. Tales, how do you know your power is accurate?