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  1. Go to the file of which it mentions on your *Norton* Virus Detector and Try To Delete the EXE ( Executable ) If That Doesnt Work Try RE-naming the file and try again :) If None of them work Post another reply i will be happy to help

  2. Try Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete See If It Is Running In Any Process or Form ,

    If So termanate The Process/application and try deleting it again if still that doesnt work , try renameing the VIRUS file ( if you can find it ) then try again

  3. This is weird since im good at compuering anyway,

    When i first start my computer up when it comes up with SHOULD come up with the windows XP startup Bar , It doesnt appear and i just get a total black screen which sorta sucks !

    Any Ideas ?


    Much Appretiated


    Spelling mistake i Was tyring to say When " when it should come up "



  4. Right A Couple Of things


    1. Have you tried resarting the computer manually Over and Over again ? If not Try it

    2. What Graphics Card you got?

    3.your New Graphics Card Might of got to hot and Broke

    4.Is you CPU what you have got Enough TO stay in line with your new graphics card E.G you cant have a Voodo 3 Graphics card with a AMD4800+ So they need to be evenally Mached


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    Ninendofan 64

  5. I myself have searched far and wide and FINALLY found the X1900 all in wonder gpu. according to reviews it is the best card of its type around, should do me well for the next 2 years or so, untill DX10 is fully out.


    the problem is my x1900 hasnt arrived yet:'(


    That sucks !