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    Monkey Island
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  1. Madden for Revolution

  2. Lucas Arts.

    I want Monkey Island.
  3. Raid over the River and Sadness (rev games)

    yes! i'm so hyped for E3 this year
  4. So what are your plans this valentines day?

    get my girl something nice...other than that, ill just do somthing spontaneous.
  5. User Image Gallery

    man, i look friggin high :p
  6. Could it be...

    yeah i guess. but who the hell were they trying to impress with that album? not metal fans not me. but i love the old stuff, it takes me to my happy place
  7. Could it be...

    watch the video http://www.metallica.com/index.asp?item=13973 . done? okay. when Kirk said "Jurassic Metal", I really hope they mean Real metal not that ST. Anger crap ...they better come with something good, or else...
  8. revolution has gone gold

    +rep __________________
  9. Rap music used as torture

    i find that they (NWA) are really like RATM in the message (sort of).
  10. Fort Minor - Rising Tide

    awesome! still havent picked up the album. now i must. btw im part of the street team.
  11. U gotta see this!! simply FANTASTIC

    that was so touching
  12. Why aren't you in bed?

    Im a dumb ass. i have to get to school early tomorrow and i have wrestling pratice edit- its offically tomorrow today.