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  1. Ditto! I don't feel so bad about waiting for it now.
  2. If Dead Rising is region free i am just going to import it. I can't wait another freaking month for it.
  3. This is great news for 360 owner's! I can see myself buying this game around christmas time "IF" they can pull off Online right this time. I couldn't handle another Wrestlemania game :horse: .
  4. TBH i don't like Starwars that much but this game is looking really impressive!
  5. Try Pc world or Argos! Setting up a router takes less than 10 mins and once it's set up, It makes life so much better. I highly recommend getting either a Linksys or Netgear router! As for having your 360 hooked up to the net in my eye's it's a must.
  6. I disgree ! Aberdeen is a hole to live in.
  7. I have that Halo 2 headset and it was f**king magic headset!
  8. Cheers man! I phoned them today and they said it would get picked up either Monday or Tueasday. I hope to God they don't take too long to fix it .
  9. I totally agree with ya man! I have been playing it for a while now and this game really shines online. There was problems with the voice com's but they have patched it now. Just a quick question for Rokhead!? Do you know the phone number for M$'s tech suppport? (My 360 is on it's last legs )
  10. What happened to Contra !?!?! They better release that soon .
  11. Christ i didn't think it would score so high !? If i can pick it up cheap from work i think i might get it.
  12. That's a freaking deal! When i play StreetFighter 3 Max i have a very hard time pulling dragon-punches off, so what i did was make it a "one button" move. I can pull it off on almost any d-pad except the PSP's. Personaly i don't mind the analog stick on the PSP but it could be better.
  13. It's £24 at Gamestation...... And i know that for a fact cause i work there!
  14. LOL It was that demo that has convinced me to pick up a copy of Hitman. I used to be a pretty big fan untill number 3 came out.
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