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  1. Where are you going to pre-order?

    1500 for postage, and £110~ for the console =p
  2. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam: Rev EXCLUSIVE!!

    Whoops I made a mistake earlier, this is infact being developed by Toys For Bob, rather than Neversoft. TFB are responcible for such classics as Disneys Xtreme Skate Adventure and also for having one of the worst and unfunctional websites in the world.
  3. I feel that especially on the Virtual Console, if microtransactions are a real feature of the Wii, optional "graphic update packs" could work incrediably well for games on the N64, and possibly the SNES. Imagine Zelda: OOT in full Twilight Princess splendor? Or the older MegaMan games in the style of the recent Remake on the PSP?
  4. Its possible that they will take advantage of the higher clockspeed on the CPU and GPU, but they will not, unless coded to do so, take advantage of the extra VRAM or general system RAM.
  5. Top Gear new series

    Quite a good starting episode, maaan that carwash hahahahaha
  6. Where are you going to pre-order?

    I'm hoping NoE will run one of their GIVE US STARS AND YOU GET CONSOLE EARLY deals
  7. The 2006 GCSE Thread

    Although I'm in Year 9, I have 2 GCSEs this year, French and IT. I've already had the oral (oh ha ha =P), which went reasonably, and the others arn't too bad in French. IT should be a piece of cake, I got an A* in courswork, so need like 75/140 to keep that grade
  8. Top Gear new series

    Indeed, can't wait. I hope they have some more Jeremy vs Hammond and James races
  9. GameSpot streaming conferences free!!

    I'll be ripping the confrence live, and hopefully will be able to get it up before any of the big sites for download
  10. Rate the last film you saw

    Saw Silent Hill yesterday. Despite never having played the games, I thought it was a rather good film, although not at all scary for a horror film
  11. Virus Problem...

    Symantec's own website gives details and instructions on removal specifically for the Norton program you use, check it out here. Oh, hm, board restrictions on URLS, lemme figure something out. sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.alcra.b.html (copy and paste link)
  12. MSN Messenger freezes

    Hm. Are you running any sort of firewall? Depending on this answer, it could be a number of things
  13. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam: Rev EXCLUSIVE!!

    Shame its by the people who made the decidedly average Death Jr.
  14. How far off were you?

    I personaly think the 2 in this article are very close: http://www.britishgaming.co.uk/?p=23