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  1. Well there was an incident at my school bathroom too today.

    My friend josh had went for a number 2, and whilst he was doing his thing, 2 really cool* sneaky bastards came in and threw water into the toilet cubicle, getting him wet as fuck. The school had to be evacuated, there was only 5 casualties.


    *Me and my friend danny


    That's a bit nobbish.

  2. Man, I wish I was back at uni.

    Get there and stay there as long as you can.

    I did a year in London (imperial), 2 in manchester (the proper uni) and one in Nottingham uni. And I would dearly love to go back, but not many places let you do a masters when you get a 3rd! Might think about anouther undergrad, that'd be sweet.

  3. Christ alive... is there going to be a bloke on Ramsay Street who hasn't slammed Sky in the next month?!

    ..well.. there goes the sheep..


    ..hopefully it's Lynne Scully to follow.


    It amused ME.

    What a fucking awesome episode that was. Although didgital apy has made me see what happens next week. i shouldn't oughta have done that, jimmy.

  4. I disagree with censorship of all kinds*, and that 'entertainment' has to be enjoyable. Maybe in the context of the film, a brutal act is needed to disorient the audience, or for many other reasons of pure story-telling. So I'm thinking the scene is defensible, and perhaps we should all wait and see before demaning that cinema fits in with our ideas of taste and decency.


    edit: except the censorship of spelling mistakes, obviously. And I suppose age restrictions are a fairly good idea.

  5. LSD isn't going to help you do your coursework.

    Get some fucking sleep.

    I've been down 'no sleep' road in Uni and it's fucking terrible. I've had full blown hallucinations and general short-torm insanity.

    If you have that much coursework that you can't cope, speak to your form tutor or some of your subject teachers. The reason teachers ask for coursework now is so that they can mark it over the summer (being a teacher, I know) and they won't want you acting like a fool and depriving yourself of sleep to get it done, especially as it will be substandard. Plan your time, and talk to someone.

  6. Don't let regrets cloud your present. Make mistakes, learn from them, but always focus on the present- you can't cange the past but constanly living in the past will drain you. The best thing to do is embrace the feeling of guilt as a necessary part of moving on and consider yourself extremely lucky to have met this woman. The good times are worth putting up with the bad times for. People have to die, there's nothing you can do about it, you have to accept it.

    To add to the cheesy quote quotient, "regrets, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention"

  7. I watched about half an hour today and I just wanted to go in there and unleash pain. I genuinely sickened me the way that these adults were behaving like idiotic, spoiled children. I really wanted to hold a mirror up to them. Yes, Shebaz was behaving like a tosser but that's absolutely no reason for the rest of them to behave like pack of hyenas. Fucking discusting. I can't believe that, despite the fact that the guy obviously had some shit going on that he felt he had to hide by being all theatrical, that they decided the best thing to do was use him as an emotional punchbag. "I won't let you bully the weak" cries the despicable, bullying voice of Leah. Fucking bunch of self-obsessed, childish wankers with no sense of nobility among them. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    (but yeah, I've only seen about half an hour of it!)