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  1. would anyone like to help me? the question is "is metaphysical poetry centrally concerned with self-expression or persuasion?"





























  2. I'm really enjoying the game- OK, it's not setting a new bar for FPS's but it's a nice FPS, enjoyable, and I LOVE the controls. My only problem is with the sword fighting- I definately enjoy it, I just thought the sword would match my motion more closely.

  3. I'm with woolies, got 20% off the console (or, technically, 19%) due to employee discount and a discount day. Apparently deliveries to store should be there on THURSDAY so the more charming members of the forum may be able to persuade staff to give them the wii on thursday...

    I know I'm gonna try.

  4. Seirously, I didn't realise that my vey mild form wasn't just something that everyone had, but synaesthetics had more strongly. I've always seen number lines, especially for years (as in 1989,1990) and each year has a vague colour attatched to it. Feelings definately have colours, so I'll describe a bad lesson as a murky brown and my head of department just thinks I'm a weirdo!

  5. I've got a very, very mild version of this. I generally 'experience' a colour with other thingsm but not strongly. I've also described tingly yellow feelings and people have no idea what I'm on about. But it's not hugely noticeable, as if the colours and assosciations are behind a veil. WIkipedia has got an intersting page on this