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  1. I have had to pass A-level maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Zoology and Physics to get where I am today. And i still have to stay at uni for five years. With shit loads of studying to do...


    Which exam board did you do A-level zoology with...?

    What uni course are you on?

  2. Creationism is NOT a scientific theory because it does not have TESTABLE CONSEQUENCES. A 'theory' isn't just 'something that I think might be true'.


    I, quite rightly, have the fundamental right to call your beliefs stupid, illogical, backwards, out of date or immoral. Everyone has the right to hate concepts.

    To hate a group of people because of an aspect of their shared belief is stupid.

    Hate Christianity but not Christians.


    The Jewish question is complicated. There is a Jewish race, religion and country and all 3 kind of intermingle. There aren't totally separate boundaries. An amusing consequence is that if you wanted to CONVERT to Judaism, you'd have to prove you weren't already a Jew by ancestry. Shmickle.

  3. Whenever I'm playing on my Wii, little black dots start coming up on the screen display, and I mean millions of them, when I was playing it on my LCD, I thought they were dead pixels or something, but then I moved it to my standard def TV and the same things happening. It doesn't seem to happen on Virtual console games though, but when I pause it by pressing the home button, they pop up in their hundreds, all over the display. I noticed this while playing Zelda (again)...I reckon my Wii is well and truly fucked, can ya'll help me out here?


    I had exactly the same problem. Send it to the nintendo service centre, but put Wii dept on the address. Took me an hour of phone calls to get them to tell me this. Oh - and send it recorded delivery, the address is on nintendo's website.

  4. Also, the way the system is designed, all schools do is teach you how to pass exams. It doesn't do anything about community or social upbringing. Not so much needed at A level or even GCSE stage, but certainly should be lower down in schools. Afterall, as far as I'm aware, that's the reason why schools and an education system exist.


    And also, does, or did you're school do anything about anti-social behaviour within school? IMO, school should really have a no tolerance policy on things like bullying, vandalism etc.


    Every school I've been in has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and vandalism.

    It is mandatory in England and Wales (and probably Scotland- I just haven't seen their National Curriculum) that pupils receive an education that encompasses personal, social and health education. Citizenship education is also a requirement, and in England this is taught as a discrete subject in its own right.

    Schools are not exam factories. This is a cultural/social issue far more than a educational issue. The problem I have seen is parents shirking their responsibilities, and kids suffering for it.

  5. I like my wii, but it's not quite as good as I expected.

    The motion sensing controller doesn't seem to work as well as it should. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea and adore wii tennis, it just doesn't feel like the guy on the telly is doing exactly what I am. Next gen, or even next batch of games, might get it right.

    I'm also pissed off because the GPU on my wii has gone weird and I need to send it back, delaying my Wario Ware purchase.

  6. Ian Stewart = win. Have you read Life's Other Secret?


    Noppers. Need to get back into some serious maths literature though, been reading a bit too much pop-sci and not enough proper maths. I'm much more interested in pschology at the moment though, and it's easier to understand!

  7. I think I first read about that 'theory' in a discworld book. It says that all the gods took it in turns to fry the bloke who came up with the theory with thunderbolts for being a smart-arse. It does kind of make sense. Ish. In (albeit non-monotonic) logic, we could write:


    If there is a God, he'll be pissed off if I don't worship him.

    There could be a god.

    I should worship God.


    Of course, both of the propositions require a degree of belief, and God ain't a logician, he's geometer.


    (I promise that's the end of the God-maths- apart from this: "If god did play dice, he'd win"- Ian Stewart)


    [/math's geek]

  8. true.


    Also, a probabilistic assessment of religion would lead you to the conclusion that you should, logically, believe in God. Basically, it's worth betting a tenner to win another tenner on the flip of a coin, right? So it's definitely worth betting a tenner to win another twenty, or thirty on the flip of a coin. It's about risk vs reward. Well, nobody is certain that God does not exist. Therefore there is some probability (higher than 0) that God exists. You are betting 80years (roughly) of servitude against finite odds, and the reward is infinite bliss for an infinite period. This is a much more sensible bet than betting your last penny on a coin toss to win 8 billion pounds.


    But statistics/probability is guff anyway.

  9. I keep wanting to add something to this thread, but I'm always too late and someone else has already said it!

    I think it's good that people are asking the questions, the questions are more important than the answer. Anyone who tells you they can explain everything is a liar. I don't see a conflict between evolution and Christianity. I believe in some of the ethics of Christianity, but not necessarily the religious side. Books are written by men. I'm agnostic, but I'm probably Theo-Curious. If there was an answer that people just 'knew' then this thread wouldn't exist. I was about to say that I believe in evolution, but 'Belief' isn't needed, really. Evolution is as real as fire.


    ^That there is an unconnected set of sentences which isn't illogical.

    Whoever was critcising someone else for spelling 'criticize' wrong should look it up in an English Dictionary (British Edition).