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  1. I reckon there is a responsibility to contact these people, and have a chat. Let 'em do what they want, but let's not hide from them to preserve their way of life like a museum piece. They are human beings, let's allow them to join the party instead of dicking about in the garden all day.

  2. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I live in Japan, I'm supposed to be able to show off now!

    Bought it today, hot dawg it is awesome. I got leathered by some Jappos earlier, the steering wheel is definitely both more difficult and more fun.

  3. This game is brilliant. I bought it despite my lack of a wii so I can only play it round at my friend's house (this makes me sound about 12 when I am, in fact, 25). There is a story but I won't bore you with it. I have only managed to play multiplayer, and I went out and bought a GC controller for it too, the local Wondergoo shop has just got loads in, presumably for smash bros. It plays a lot like melee, but I'm not an expert so if you are linking, waveriding or anything like that then maybe it will play differently. Luigi's "let's go" makes him sound like a paedophile.

  4. To Haden:

    I didn't miss the point, I agree with him. I'm not quite sure how I demonstrated his point though.

    Just to clarify: I'm not a teenager, I was brought up Catholic, lapsed, lapsed further and then gave up on Catholicism totally. I used to firmly believe in a God (that is, a benevolent, omnipresent consciousness) but now I don't. To me, and many others, a personified God just doesn't fit. I don't believe in things that I have not seen evidence of. I cannot see how this could be interpreted as unintelligent behaviour.

  5. Religion doesn't cause wars and brainwash people: humans do. Religion is just an excuse. What if I killed someone for having a PS2 when I like ninty? I'm sure nintendo wouldn't like it. It's the same with religion.


    except nintendo exist...

  6. I quite enjoyed the episode, but it was a bit rubbish too.

    I hated the 'Voodoo Child' bit, far too silly and self-indulgent.

    I've just found myself tapping out drum beat on my mouse, it's mind control!

  7. Murray, I usually find your posts hilarious, but Jeff is a step too far.

    There's a load of stuff about Jeff on 6 music and I reckon a fair portion of tomorrow will be spent listening again on t'internet while I do some computery work.

    And hallelujah is possibly the closest thing to a perfect song I have ever heard.

  8. i

    (btw i dont get to do my exam because its too late, i've failed it, the exam board wont do anything to help)


    The exam board should award you a grade based on any other exams/coursework you've done for the subject and predicted grades. Shouldn't be a problem and the school should sort it out for you. Your teacher peobably spoke to a fuckwit at the board (and not the head fuckwit). I've seen estimated grades handed out to people in far less serious situations (i.e. a mate who fell asleep in the middle of the exam!). If they are utter nobjockeys, there's always appeals or resits.