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  1. " Mii becomes the hallmark with the monochrome." Awesome translation-o-tron. And yes, it is a nice present.
  2. Do my Penguin for me

    No. oppppppppppp
  3. Parental Control

    Illegal to buy, but legal to play, right?
  4. My Christmas Miracle

    Mate, Happy Christmas. All's well that ends well. Shitty ordeal, but a new outlook, maybe. Fucking excellent news.
  5. Sushi

    I've had some in Yo!Sushi, it was OK. I can't stand wasabi sauce though
  6. Hi guys, n00b here.

    I's from the weird painter guy from the Fast Show, you even put a picture of him up. "Where are we sleeping tonight daddy? IN MUMMYS GRAVE!?"
  7. Post Your Christmas Tree 06

    Awsome return of the thread. I still have no tree.
  8. Its happened again...

    Are you playing near a window? was the sun bright? THat confused me for a while.
  9. Where do I email to get replacement strap?

    Wriststrap replacement form Magical.
  10. Red Steel Thread

    It's crashed on me once, and I've had to reset because of poor collision detection (I got trapped inside a rock). Other than theat the game is excellent. It's just a pity they didn't test/debug it properly.
  11. Error Code: 51330

    The DS doesn't support WPA though, does it?
  12. Wii Disc Slot Light

    Yet to be launched? I've been getting miis and messages via wii connect 24...
  13. Wii firmware update notification thread

    BBC news is excellent. We are getting Assosciated Press, I believe. A good choice.
  14. Father turns son into Mario

    Finally: the point of kids.
  15. Woolworths UK pre-orders.

    I got mine at launch, just no wii play. Bought a copy anyway (it was worth it)
  16. Red Steel Thread

    I'm really enjoying the game- OK, it's not setting a new bar for FPS's but it's a nice FPS, enjoyable, and I LOVE the controls. My only problem is with the sword fighting- I definately enjoy it, I just thought the sword would match my motion more closely.
  17. New GC Freeloader works on PAL Wiis.

    But will a US wii boot a euro/jap WII game using the freeloader?
  18. Woolworths UK pre-orders.

    Mine is showing on 'Woolies Mainframe' as despatched and ready to pick up tomorrow lunchtime. Seems about right as woolies don't always get stuff in on time. Lordy Lordy!
  19. Woolworths UK pre-orders.

    Yeah, but i got my mate to preorder on the discount day. Magic.
  20. Woolworths UK pre-orders.

    I'm with woolies, got 20% off the console (or, technically, 19%) due to employee discount and a discount day. Apparently deliveries to store should be there on THURSDAY so the more charming members of the forum may be able to persuade staff to give them the wii on thursday... I know I'm gonna try.
  21. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    Kind of. Years are a coloured list. but yeah, next week looks a bit like a washing line with post-it notes on. One for each day. But surely everyone has something like that, to keep them organised in their own heads?
  22. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    Seirously, I didn't realise that my vey mild form wasn't just something that everyone had, but synaesthetics had more strongly. I've always seen number lines, especially for years (as in 1989,1990) and each year has a vague colour attatched to it. Feelings definately have colours, so I'll describe a bad lesson as a murky brown and my head of department just thinks I'm a weirdo!
  23. Mission In Snowdriftland!!

    I might try at some point, was going to say at the weekend but wii all know what I'll be doing then.
  24. Online gaming coming in......

    This does seem stupid. Surely online at launch wouldn't be impossible (especially if it wasn't in Japan). Does this mean than NO 3rd party titles could be online until nintendo say so? that's poo.
  25. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    I've got a very, very mild version of this. I generally 'experience' a colour with other thingsm but not strongly. I've also described tingly yellow feelings and people have no idea what I'm on about. But it's not hugely noticeable, as if the colours and assosciations are behind a veil. WIkipedia has got an intersting page on this