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  1. Bad Game Covers

    Those freestyle metal X covers make me want to vomit my soul.
  2. St. Patrick's Day

    Guinness is cheap as fuck (in some cases FREE) in a select few places in major cities on march 18th. That was one hell of a piss up in south kensington.
  3. What are you becoming?

    Sextastic .
  4. What are you becoming?

    Get it done.It's worth sorting out. (says a maths teacher...)
  5. What are you becoming?

    I think the point he was making was that if something has a use, it exists for that function and cannot be seen as art. If something is beautiful and useful, it is well crafted, but not art. I might have a lovely cup, but it isn't art because I can drink out of it. The sentence I was referring to follows "The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely". I like a bit of art myself, it seems to enlighten and confuse at the same time, bypassing reason and speaking directly to the core of awareness. An appreciation for the aesthetic is instant, and clear. I'm a mathematician who fucked about something rotten in Art GCSE, but I would happily spend a day wandering around the Tate modern. Art can exist in many things and the feeling it provokes can be found in many places (including Maths, where a visual imagination is certainly useful in geometry (shapes on a page, anyone?) and topology (where there isn't even a page, and most 'shapes' are the same thing). Beauty doesn't have to be useless, but for something to be 'art' it must be 'art' to it's core- and nothing else. A soul that cannot appreciate art in some form or another is a poor soul, but, again, I'm sticking by Wildey with this one, "All art is quite useless".
  6. I am far more likely to want to kill something after listening to Jack Thompson harp on about 'violent computer games' than actually playing one. ****.
  7. What are you becoming?

    "All art is quite useless" Oscar Wilde. It wasn't necessarily meant as a bad thing.
  8. Momma, i want a baby!

    birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. It's not hard.
  9. I thought of a geeky one: "Torrent torrent torrents, torrent torrent torrent torrents!" then google google googles
  10. Bit of Thursday Next there? Jasper Fforde is awesome. Really enyoing the thread! The example above is about as confusing as any degree level maths book. There's an example similar to the buffalo one with badgers. Magic!
  11. Momma, i want a baby!

    yeah, I think a mandatory hysterectomy is in order. Get that shit out of the gene pool. What the fuck is she saying about 15 seconds in to that clip "If it has to temp out he posi-train of my body, then SO BE IT" ? really haven't got a clue what she it saying
  12. Am I a hero?

    Yeah, fucking well done. You did a very noble thing.
  13. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

    It's a grower.
  14. MP3 Radio Transmitters

    My old lift into work used to have one. It worked well. No problems at all. SOund quality is pretty good too. They used to be illegal but I think they aren't now, if their range is below a certain distance.
  15. Your instant swear word

    Fucksticks is a good one. As is fuckbeans. Or Johnny Fuck Banana.
  16. Shitloads of coffee. You might want to put a wee drop of touch in it (chuck whiskey in) unless you have something to do after the wakey-wake time. Goes down smooth. Cocaine works, too. As does STREETS OF RAGE, as I found out yesterday.
  17. boys tounge cut off by teacher

    I like it More realistic: a sterilization policy. Fuck excluding them, eradicate them from the gene pool.
  18. Creationism vs. Evolution

    Jasper, what I understand from your post is that because human beings are the only animals which have culture, concepts like intelligence, etc, then they are the pinnacle of evolution? I see what you are getting at. They are the pinnacle of HUMAN evolution. Wolves probably think the entire point of evolution is to develop a good sense of smell and a pack mentality. Giraffes probably think the point of evolution is to develop a particularly long neck. You see where I'm coming from? If noah's boat had 2 of every species, it'd be full of beetles. Theres fucking millions of beetle species.
  19. Tired. Thankyou and goodnight
  20. boys tounge cut off by teacher

    I'm going to push to have it added into our Behaviour and Motivation policy as a standard punishment.
  21. Creationism vs. Evolution

    There is no catching up to be done. A dolphin is just as evolved as a human. More so, if you are in the sea. Evolution isn't about becoming more intelligent. It's about progressive adaptation brought about my random mutations and the survival to reproduce by the most able members of a species. Everything has been evolving for pretty much the same amount of time (how could it not be?). Humans didn't evolve from modern-day apes. Humans evolved from ape-like creatures in the past. As did modern day apes.
  22. Heroes hath returned! *SPOILERS!*

    Episode 17 was fucking awesome. I'm feeling really shocked
  23. Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.

    raa raa raa phone the daily mail.
  24. Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.

    I haven't killed an animal to eat. But I think I should be able to, because I do eat meat. One lent (by which time I was already a heavily lapsed Catholic, I did it for the challenge rather than the 'penance'!) gave up meat for 6 weeks, it was hard- AND I allowed myself fish too. Meat fest at easter. It proved to me that I love meat and couldn't really go without it. My mate works at a nature-reserve thing (basically, his job is to look after the woods) and he has killed animals to eat before (if I didn't have so much work to do last Sunday, I would have been chowing down on a bit of rabbit stew, he'd killed the rabbit earlier) and I'm hoping to go up there and kill and eat something wild. It WILL be hard work for me, but I think it's something I have to do, almost to justify eating meat, or a rite of passage sort of thing. The main point I am (rather amateurishly) making is that if you eat meat i think that you should be prepared to kill an animal and eat it. Earn your meat-stripes.