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  1. Young Enterprise

    where abouts in North Wales is your school? I teach in North Wales.
  2. Tom Jones Knighthood Get!

    yeah, theyre not unusual anymore. ahahahahahahaha
  3. Young Enterprise

    sell crack off the back of a bike. Easy money. Pretend you sold ties with pictures of tramps knitting on them. Win the competition. Get hired by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Keep up the ruse. Job done and 100k a year MINIMUM. Guaranteed.
  4. Best Movie Reviews Ever

    Logical fallacy. Everyone who enjoys thefilm is gay, not everyone who is gay enjoys the film. Compare everyone who is gay has sexual feelings. This is true. However, everyone who has sexual feelings is not gay. Which is what I keep telling the strange man at the bus stop with the funny hat.
  5. Tea versus Coffee

    Tea is the best thing ever. it just is.
  6. 4d perspective lesson: Brief summary

    flatland is available here. This topic has awakened my dormant interest in higher dimensional and non-euclidean geometries. Well done!
  7. 4d perspective lesson: Brief summary

    Is this thread just designed to confuse people? It seems it. There seems to be a lot of throwing down of information without any real attempt to explain what people are talking about. Firstly you have to accept the idea that other than the 6 directions we have in 3-d space (imagine the 4 compass points and add 'up and down' to them). There is another space direction that is at 90 degrees to all of these (in the same way that North is at 90 degrees to both 'up/down' and 'east/west'). This can't be achieved in 3-d so we add another dimension, call it 'in/out'. Note how we haven't mentioned time yet, we are talking about 4-d space not 4-d space-time. The easiest thing is to start with a circle. In 2-d space a circle is all the points (x,y) that are a fixed distance from the centre. Let that representation sink in. A sphere is all the points that are the same distance away from a central point in 3-d space. Imagine a fly tethered to a fixed pea in space by an invisible string. As the fly, well, flies, it stayed the same distance away from the pea. This is a sphere, the set of points (x,y,z) in 3-d space that are the smae distance from a central point. Let this idea settle. Now imagine a sort of ghost-fly tied to the same pea. It can't escape it's bonds but it can escape 3-d space by fading out. The 'distance' it can fade out is the same as the length of the string. It is moving 'in' and 'out' All the points that the ghost-fly can reach are the same distance away from the central point in 4-d space (x,y,z,w). This is a hypersphere. that's the best i can do. A good book to look at about this sort of stuff is 'the knot book' by colin c adams. But it is pretty high-level maths and I only touched upon it briefly in a 3rd year and 4th year uni course in maths. The hypercube can be projected into 3-d spcae where it's shadow looks like a pair of cubes with every corner on cube 1 joined to a corner on cube 2.
  8. There are 2 very scary changes going on, this new bill and a weakening of the power of the house of lords. Now, idealogically, I'm generally against an unelected mass deciding matters of state. But the Lords seem to serve a useful purpose: the fact that they are not elected means that they don't have to pander to vogue or current feelings (cf the spate of anti-terror laws rejected by the lords after 911) meaning they get to veto stupid laws based on tabloid 'opinion'. The Lords rejected the foxhunting ban. The govenment used a handy piece of legislation to bypass the lords (the Parliament Act), s) for this sort of thing. Too much power in the hands of the government. Laws should be made in open parliament. That is all.
  9. Official Neighbours Topic

    I only caught the titles today, is Izzy not in them? does that mean she's leaving? nobbish.
  10. Official Neighbours Topic

    Agreed. Evil Harold's return. I'm trying to work out what Harry's 'Walk to Robbo's' scene reminded me of. It may be texas chainsaw massacre- he was a bit leatherface, wasn't he?
  11. I bought it for £3.99 in the summer. Fantastic game, really enjoyed it. Definately worth the money.
  12. This is bollocks. The right to privacy is a fundamental human right. I don't want the train driver having a copy of my DNA on record. We don't need these things to combat terrorism. And the argument that "if you've done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear" is fucking scary. I can't believe that rational people are posing that as an argument. Isn't that what witchhunters, the Spanish Inquisition and plenty of facist organisations have to say. The government has NO RIGHT to know what I get up to. We are ruled by consent. The government serves the people in a democracy, not the other way around. The government should not be able to check up on me. If they can prove that there is a need then they can get a warrant. Power to the people. No police state. Innocent until PROVEN guilty.
  13. So what are your plans this valentines day?

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I ain't doin shit. Once again forgot to get a girlfriend.
  14. No masturbating in the showers!

    Maybe they should stop laminating porn, then.
  15. Moral dilemma

    I'd feel better if I sent it back. I like to think I'd do it. I probably wouldn't, though. I'm too lazy. It's probably just gather dust on a shelf while I was to lazy to sell it.
  16. Robbie Fowler

    magical. good stuff. I shall raise a glass to the man himself.
  17. Universities Universities...

    Goldsmiths isn't in a massively expensive area. I was a London student (at IC) for a while, I decided that London is an awesome place to live, but not the best place to be a student. It does get expensive if you're out all the time. If you're (or your family is) loaded, then London could be pretty good.
  18. Need some help with my theory

  19. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

    This programme was utterly fantastic. I think I'll have a squint on eBay for it.
  20. English doesn't matter! Here's what's happening: Your school doesn't want to be a private school. It's a technology college, it gets a shedload of government funding for that. Technology College status requires that there are a fixed number of exam entries for technology subjects. School policy is most likely that every pupil does a technology subject. Every school in England and Wales has a legal requirement to ensure that their is a 'daily act of worship' so going to chapel isn't such a big deal. Here are your options: 1. Have a paddy 2. fuck about in food tech, and scrape though 3. Get a decent grade in food tech. 4. Get your parents to convince the school to let you drop food tech.
  21. A Nintendo Christmas Carol

    That's freaky. I've just spent about an hour on the chuck norris fact generator...
  22. Favourite Christmas Track

    Undoubtably Fairytale of New York. ANyone that disagrees is a communist
  23. Why Play.com are complete bastards.

    I'm very pro-play.com They're fast enough fo me, and the one time a CD got 'lost' in the mail (I have suspicions that an old flat mate nicked it though) they sent another out pronto, no fuss. Good old play.
  24. Make tha cool Revolution name!