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  1. the movie screenshot game!

    It's not Dogma, is it?
  2. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    not hardcore. stupid.
  3. Doctor Who

    wasn't K9 in the TARDIS in the xmas special? and wasn't the doc chuffed to find him in the tardis? or was that a preview for the next series? I prefer Eccleson to Tennant- but I'm just living in the past. esit: and isn't it an act of utter idiocy to have both cliffhangers and trailers for the next show- it spoiled a few episodes of the last series. One or the other, chaps. Have the cake or eat it.
  4. the NEW popworld

    The advert is amusing. I haven't seen the show.
  5. Doctor Who

    I could get through a doctor who thread without talking about my sexuality. Why don't the rest of us give it a try.
  6. Lucas Arts.

    Words marked.
  7. Lucas Arts.

    unlike TV remotes which are the elitist accesories of the priviledged few?
  8. Lucas Arts.

    I think a 3rd person lightsabre game would be brilliant. I've just pretended to play it now, making all the noises and stuff. Good job I'm on my own. There would need to be a long lead to the analogue stick for genuine whirling action. Or no stick. This is all speculation. But, the first application of the 'FHC' (it's a bloody remote) I though of was a lightsabre game. Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm kshhhhhsk rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm rummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ahem

    I dont think that Jews would agree with calling them 'pagan'. The early Christians had SOME idea that Jesus died during the passover (it's in the bible). Easter changes date because Easter Sunday is the Sunday after the first day of the passover (which happens to be Good Friday). The passover is celebrated on 15th Nissan every year in the LUNAR Jewish calendar, which is slightly different to our solar calendar. So the passover changes date by our reckoning, which means that Good Friday changes date and that Easter Sunday changes date. Also: the fact that Easter Sunday is on a Sunday means it would have to change date each year anyway...
  10. So Matt Casamassina knows?

    not this one:
  11. Things you have always wondered

    We have been 'dominant' (what does that actually mean in this context, there are more ants than people...) for the blink of an eye. Our environment is constantly changing and so are the conditions for breeding. There could always be a freak mutation that would be of an avantage in our environment, and the sheer number of migrating people means that genes that were forged in , for example, Sweden are now in Australia. There's a lot of potential adaption there!
  12. Things you have always wondered

    Because evolution is an ongoing, continuous process. Today's monkeys and apes evolved from monkey-like and ape-like creatures too.
  13. Anyone got there Leeds or Reading festival tickets yet?

    I think it's good to have bands who haven't got an album out- this is about LIVE MUSIC after all.So booking a band on the strength of their live stuff is arguably better than on the strength of an album. The police seem to enjoy the last nightof Leeds festival, full on riot squad every time I've gone there, only the biggest aresholes in the force need apply. It's like braveheart or something, this wave of attacking police legging it through all the tents twatting anyone that looks a it 'rowdy'. And a police dog bit my mate's bum. The price increases are fucking ridiculous, nuff said. It's getting to the stage where a day ticket now costs the same as a weekend ticket a few years ago. And it feels weird having the lineup on the same day as tickets go on sale (or at least, sell out). I remember comparing festival lineups, watching them develop and deciding on a festival wel into the summer. Ah, well, it aint like the good old days.
  14. Things you have always wondered

    Wikipedia: "The original Easter Bunny myth comes from a pagan holiday which was celebrated on the Vernal Equinox. According to Pagan legend, Ostara, the goddess of spring, turned a bird into a rabbit. The rabbit was supposedly able to fly as fast as the bird could fly, but it was still disappointed that it was a rabbit and not a bird. Ostara had pity on the creature, and one day out of every year, on the Vernal Equinox, she allowed the rabbit to lay eggs like a bird. Due to the proximity of Easter and the Vernal Equinox, converted pagans continued to associate the myth with their new holiday, and the idea has been passed down ever since."
  15. Things you have always wondered

    A) it's 8 minutes B) if something was setup 8 seconds/minutes away, then we would see ourselves 16 seconds/minutes in the past C) I am a pedantic wanker
  16. Anyone got there Leeds or Reading festival tickets yet?

    I'm annoyed. It's not meant to happen like this. If anyone has accidentally bought extra tickets, and fancies shifting them without dirtying themselves an lowering themselve to the level of a tout, then I would be very interested.
  17. Anyone got there Leeds or Reading festival tickets yet?

    The first year I went to Leeds was 2000.
  18. Anyone got there Leeds or Reading festival tickets yet?

    The first year I went to Leeds, there were still weekend tickets on he day we went. Every year they seem to sell out faster. I'm not buying them while so little of the lineup has been announced. Fecking stupid.
  19. Take the IQ test

    How do you know it was random?
  20. what's all this then l51.4997468672 N, 0.344180967087 W ?
  21. Apology accepted! I actually wasn't sure what you meant, wasn't trying to pull you up. Promise.
  22. Take the IQ test

    Nice, but nonsense.
  23. The Cold War In Vietnam

    I had to do coursework before the time of google and wikipedia. Harumph.
  24. Because then the devil would be Kronenburg. The Dev could be called Clive Dixon what do youmean by 'sic'?