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  1. Should I download the homebrew channel?

    I have HBC running nicely on my Japanese wii. It means I can play UK games without any fuss at all. It doesn't affect me in any other way - I can still go on the shop chanel etc, but I can also play games in English. Nintendo Japan aren't really into English-language options "this is a Japanese system for Japanese people..." I recommend the HBC.
  2. The New World

    My Nokia did that in 2005. Haven't seen much video calling going on in Japan, don't see the point really.
  3. Taxes

    £1600 per year , about £30 per week. Do you have an education? Paid for by taxes. Do you get rubbish removed from your street? Paid for by taxes. Have you ever been treated for an illness or disease? Paid for by taxes. Do you live in a relatively safe country, where you are allowed to pursue your own goals? Paid for by taxes. Do your relatives get looked after if they are sick? Paid for by taxes. Would you be able to survive if you were suddely struck ill and unable to work? Paid for by taxes. You are entitled to a fair bit. Black people don't get extra money for being black. Women don't get extra money for being women. Anyone who thinks that single, white males in Britain are an oppressed, voiceless underclass is wrong. At best.
  4. Ubiquity

    Anyone else having trouble with the email command? I can't get it to recognise the 'to contact' field. Do I need to tell it where my contacts are?
  5. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    My desktop. I'm using Rocket dock at the top for my minimised windows and object dock at the bottom for all other dock functions. I like it. It's pretty. I need to remove some icons though.
  6. Alternative way to check my bank balance?

    I'm guessing Natwest online doesn't work for that kind of account...?
  7. First film you saw at the cinema?

    We used to go to a cinema near us, it was pretty small. We used to be the only ones in there (other than the owner). It was pretty cool. Until the owner was discovered to be a serial killer. (http://www.rhyljournal.co.uk/news/Serial-killer-told-he-will.4197910.jp)
  8. How was your day?

    Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko... Did it have subs in the cinema ( I realise it probably wouldn't)? How good is your Japanese?
  9. Doctor Who

    cheers for posting that.interesting little snippet.
  10. House M.D is Back - Season 4

    Has the last ep not been shown yet? It is fantastic.
  11. Akihabara Stabbing

    yeah, both
  12. RANT: Bastard car parking fines

    Yeah, was going to chime in and say the burden of proof lies with them, and that if they are a private company, fuck that.
  13. I got offered a job too!

    WHAT!!!? That place had the best Sunday lunches in the whole of Nottingham. Sunday afternoons were always spent recovering from them. For £6!!!!!!! The Victoria is the one near the railway station will the huge collection of whiskies? I saw two dogs fighting in there once, and may have stolen something. The white lion was close to our house for the footy. And I sang Karaoke in there once, The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love. Mid day, wearing a deerstalker and stroking my nipples. I hope co-op is still there. Genuinely gutted about The Cow.
  14. The Apprentice

    Lee was a berk. A likeable berk. I'm embarrassed to say that I started to fancy Clair a little bit towards the end. Shock! Horror! Glad it's over, so I can stop.
  15. Every Day Tips 'n' Tricks

    what what what?
  16. I got offered a job too!

    White lion or Victoria. Please be The Cow. You do live in Beeston, don't you? I've just got a second job too, teaching Brazilian kids English in Japan. Bizzarded
  17. Akihabara Stabbing

    Ha ha. I saw a guy park up his car in wondergoo (videogames/music/dvd/book.etc shop) car par, recline his seat and pull out a porno mag yesterday. Quality. I don't think the police in Ibaraki carry guns. I'm not sure if they could carry a truncheon. The security guards at the bank have guns, but they are made of cardboard.
  18. Akihabara Stabbing

    They do have women only carriages, yes. Sexual harrassment is pretty bad for women here. Not so much for men. It is weird to hear rape referred to as 'sexuhara' though, the term doesn't seem strong enough. I've heard stories, and know of one person who left Japan after some weirdo guy was stalking her, and she couldn't get help from the locals. Nobody really wants to stand out here, and that inludes standing out as the guy who stopped the weirdo from groping a woman on the train.
  19. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

    Hide from stuff. Kill stuff. Use the meter that tells you how far away from stuff you are. Kill stuff. Throw poison rice.
  20. Akihabara Stabbing

    None of the news coverage in Japan seems to be blaming video games. Apparently the guy was 'tired of life'. As bad as this is (and it is horrible), Japan is a mazingly safe with a tiny, tiny crime rate (unless you are an umbrella or a bicycle, in which case you are fucked). There are total nutjobs everywhere, and there probably always will be. Tokyo is the safest-feeling city I have been in I also live in Japan, and was in Tokyo on Saturday, but you can be forgiven for not enquiring after my health, given how little I post on here...
  21. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

    I loved the original tenchu. Tenchu 2 was pretty amazing too. Everything else in the series has been a let down but (as has already been mentioned) this is by the original team. I'm excited.
  22. Mosquitos

    Midges=gnats=mosquitoes=pure fucking evil never heard about the marmite remedy though, and I do have a lot of marmite about the place. Good work.
  23. Doctor Who

    I am capable of supplying both hot men and britishness, but I'm already contracted to my girlfriend for the excluive supply of both. Of them. I originally though the "Downloading from Japan" comment was to me, as I am doing the same thing. Are you actually in Tokyo proper or outlying? I'm about 2 hours out of the Toke.
  24. Doctor Who

    Who said they were dating? I missed that part. I heard her calling him "sweetie". Also the song, river by Joni Mitchell is ace. On a related topic, I was thinking about Dr. Who in one of my more boring lessons in school (I work as an assistant teacher nowadays), and noticed that someone had written Bad Wolf on the window. This would have freaked me out less if I wasn't working in a school in Japan.
  25. Doctor Who

    I was thinking daughter. Probably wrong though.