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  1. Hi guys,


    I'm wanting Maths Training for the DS - play.com has it for £17 and I was wondering if anyone here has it and have gotten tired of it? Sounds like the kind of game you'd be bored of pretty quickly. If anyone has it and is willing to sell it for say... £14 (including p&p), that'd be awesome.


    I have lots of good feedback here from a while ago, and would pay using paypal if that's ok.


    So, any offers?

  2. Hullo,


    I'm looking for a phone. I don't care about music, or internet stuff. I would like just a small phone with good contacts and calendar (what an exciting thing to be looking for!) - I was hoping I'd nab some sort of Smartphone cheap off eBay - but most cheap ones (£80 or less) seem pretty old. I loved my P800 what I had it many moons ago, I was considering the P990i, but I think it's a tad chunky.


    Any suggestions?

  3. It's not true. Draw an equilateral triangle with side 9 and all of those criteria will be met but BC won't be even.


    Sorry. I'm an idiot.


    All the sides and d are natural numbers.


    I must have been drunk or something that night. Getting my inequalities mixed up and forgetting essential information. Oops...

  4. That's not possible. If M is on BC and d is greater than AB and AC then ABC can't be a triangle. The furthest point from A has to be one of the corners.


    Unless I've read it wrong.


    Oops... sorry. I put the wrong crocodile.


    Way to go, me...


    Also, I'm pretty sure it's posible. If I get a proof I'll post it here.

  5. This is from a set of problems we were given by an exchange school. The maths teachers can't do it, so any maths enthusiasts - knock yourselves out!


    You are given a triangle ABC. The point M is the mid-point of BC. The length of MA is d. Prove that, given d < AB and d < AC, BC is always an even integer.


    Have fun!

  6. Standard Grade is easier than GCSE, but not by much. Alot of the girls who came to my school this year (my school just went co-ed) did Standard Grades and they said the leap from Standard Grade to Higher is massive - whereas the leap from GCSE to Higher isn't that big.


    Higher is equivalent to AS level.


    Is accounts the same as Statistics? (I would have done Higher maths, but I had to do A-Level in order to do Further Maths)


    I'm kinda jealous, because if you do get 5 As, its basically a cruise into any Scottish uni (English ones are harder to get into though - since they don't as readily recognise Highers). My sister got 5As in 5th year, then spent every night of 6th year getting drunk with her 3 unconditional offers in hand.


    Oh, ok. Any idea what advanced higher is equivalent to? I was thinking of trying for Cambridge for maths - but it seems impossible to get in. I'd need to do three good Advanced Highers and do well in an entrace exam which by the looks of the pasts papers is for people who dedicate their lives to maths and learn extra stuff every night. Ugh...


    Accounts is not stats, it's Accountancy and Finance. Preparing Balance Sheets, cash budgts, profit maximisation etc. Really easy... I didn't find the jump from SG to Higher hard. In fact, I'd say Maths, Physics and Accounts are all easier for me in higher (mainly due to teaching for Phy and Acc though...). Just bloody English! That was a horrific leap of standard for me.


    Most people seem to do nothing in 6th year, I want to do four advanced highers (and get all As...)

  7. For my standard grades (GCSE Scottish equiv), I got seven 1s (A*) and one 2 (A, at least I think that's the equiv grades... not sure).


    For my Higher (A level equiv?) prelims I got four As and a B. Kinda pissed by my B, but in all my others I got top in year (98.5% for maths, 97% for Accounts, 95% for Physics and 87% for Computing). In English I missed out on an A by four marks, but considering I got a 2 at English at Standard Grade level, I'm pretty happy with that.


    Hope to get five As for the real things though!

  8. I was wondering if anyone had any old graphic tablet's lying around that they didn't want to use anymore. I need a cheap-as-chips (don't hurt me) tablet for not a whole lot, some scribbles but an old one will do. I'm only willing to pay around £15, as that's how much I could get a cheap one form eBay.


    I have good feedback here, and would pay preferrably through PayPal, but also through postal cash.



  9. 1 Do you play videogames?



    2 In your own words, please describe your definition of a 'gamer'

    Someone who spends time and money on games.


    3 Would you consider yourself any of the following: [multi]

    - Hardcore gamer

    - Console gamer [only playing games consoles as opposed to using a PC]

    - Handheld gamer [only playing handheld consoles like the Game Boy]

    - Import gamer [importing games from Japan/America]


    4 Describe your use of videogames? [multi]

    - Relaxation

    - Social interaction


    5 How much time do you spend playing video games?

    - Less than an hour a day


    6 What is/are your preferred genre/s? [multi]

    - RPG

    - Platformers


    7 Where do you mainly play videogames?

    In my living room, or at my friends house.


    8 What consoles do you own?

    - Nintendo Wii

    - Nintendo DS

    - Nintendo Gamecube

    - Sony Playstation 2

    - PC

    - Other: GB, GBA, Dreamcast, PS1, N64, SNES and NES.


    9 Do you engage in other forms of media, if so what are they? [multi]

    - TV

    - Film

    - Books


    10 What is/are your preferred genre/s? [multi]

    - Comedy (For TV and Film)

    - Other: Factual (For books)


    11 Are you male or female? [M/F]



    12 How old are you?



    13 What is your ethnic background?

    - CaucasiAn

  10. Absaloutly love DKC2! I'll be purchasing it when I can buy some more wii points from NoE. I have 500 points, so just another 300...


    I always prefered DKC 1 and 3 more than two for some reason. Even though two has the amazing theme park world! I didn't really like the second world, especially the floating balloons with Rambi level - dunno why, but I just sucked at it. Though I think the game just got better and better, toxic tower was fanastic! And the final boss fight is very epic! Can't wait to play it again (try and get all the coins this time...).

  11. I'd say it depends on how good you are at making good looking sites. Most businesses won't trust young people, especially with little experience. And if you're just using a template, I doubt you'll get very much at all.


    However, if you make good sites which you make from scratch - £100 to begin with. If people are satisfied and you can get a good portfolio up then you can probably charge more and more.

  12. Drats, yeah I'll tell the lads that they should get a camcorder and always carry it... get real, there isn't always a £1000 camera at hand when you feel the need to do a little improv.




    You can get nice little pocket camcorders for not a whole lotta money.


    Eg: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sanyo-Xacti-VPC-C40-Digital-Camera-camcorder-video_W0QQitemZ280173260132QQihZ018QQcategoryZ31388QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

  13. Musical-wise I'd seen Wicked and The King and I. Both were amazing, going down next year with my mother to watch two more. Hairspray and something else I believe. Possibly Mama Mia or Phantom.


    Play-wise I've not seen much. Got 'into' theatre about a year ago, and was down in Edinburgh for a Youth Theatre festival where I saw some excellent plays! I was also in Edinbrugh this weekend, where I saw The Pearlfish at the Traverse - it was also fantastic!

  14. Currently reading Big Bang by Simon Singh. It's really good, so far about the history of astronomy - getting onto reletivity. Also, Fermat's Last Theorum by the same author is my favorite book ever. It's completely inspired by Maths side.


    Can't wait to do some more advanced maths - at the moment it's a bit dull.