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  1. Well, it may not of been announced at the confrence, but here is the latest bongo game: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n10/e3_2006/gc/index.html
  2. That's right folks! It's only 3 month until Christmas! Some people would say that it is far to early to think about Christmas, but I'm with Jonathon Ross in thinking that we should plan ahead! What is on your Christmas lists? This is mine! Video Camera Memory stick (512Mb prolly) MP3 watch Mario and Luigi 2 Animal Crossing Electroplankton With the power of eBay I should be able to get all of this for under £200! Good old Santa!
  3. December 31st '04 I beleive, so Cube-Europe. My only real memory of cube europe was when I said "I thrust my friend very much" accidentally, then got know as the thrust guy for a short period of time.
  4. Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2007

    1. Pokemon DP 2. Mario Galaxy 3. Cooking Mama Wii 4. Wario Ware (well... it's out now) 5. EBA That's all I want this year.
  5. Series

    Desperate Housewives <- Best thing ever House - Hilarious, love the characters, plots, medical crap etc. Lost - Meh... once you pop you can't stop.
  6. what would you do if....

    I think you'll find Shetland was the first place in Britain to be bombed during WW2 and: A lot of crap went on during WW2, many thought the German may of invaded Britain through Shetland so it was busy. I would not do anything, and go with the flow - see how things turn out.
  7. Time for Reflection

    Usually before I sleep, last night I spent about 2 hours before sleeping thinking. 'Twas fun.
  8. Valentine's day

    But what is Sephiroth sends you a valentines card... This year, my plan is to sex up some people using the cunning ploy of sending hundreds of valograms around our school. Pretty cunning.
  9. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    A video me and Letty made, there might be a special treat for any who watch. though I doubt it
  10. The Movie Making Thread

    Well, I went to Letty's house on Friday, and we made a movie. Please note that I have no idea what's going on at the start with the grey, but it doesn't make any difference to the video really and that we barely shot enough to cover the song, that's why some of the shots go on for what seems like far to long.
  11. MacOs X 10.5 Leopard

    How? I can't see how... Leopard looks nice, I love spaces - can't wait for that!
  12. Link the Obscurities!

    Transformers - electricity - lack of electricity - ye old England - Shakespeare Try: Pumbaa and Accountantcy
  13. Favourite Day of the Week

    I like Fridays due to a great timetable at school followed by Youth Club. Or Saturdays, as town is great and I relax and do nothing at night. Fun fun fun!
  14. When we are dead.

    I agree. It's like sleeping, with no dreams, resting or waking up.
  15. Most Annoying Video Games Fans?

    Yeah, the most annoying I always think are PC gamers, especially the terribly close minded ones, awful!
  16. The Movie Making Thread

    Oooh, don't you worry. They'll never end. There's a wealth of films that are nearly ready to be shown to the world, which include: Mhairi Returns Boarding School Nightmare (Part 1) Karaoke A Heart Bomb (working title) Crap Expectations Mhairi's Lament Best Friend, Worst Enemy (working title) Attack of the Lobsters The filmings complete for all of these... They'll be up soonish. Anyway, our media club is get £4k! Basically, it's a media club my friends made up so I'm heavily influential, we have to make a 5 minute film with the £4k, any ideas? Oh, and also we made this film on New Years Eve:
  17. Post Your Purchases

    I just bought these: Yay!
  18. Celebrity Big Brother

    To be honest, I doubt the Big Brother execs expected Jade to say some silly little racist things. That's really all that she's done. Accidentally (probably) said some slightly racist things and it's been blown out of the proportion. She is a horrible person though, she's bullied Shilpa terribly and deserves to go for sure on Friday. Oh, and also - Shilpa tells BB: "I don't feel there was any racial discrimination from Jade's end." I think this racist thing will blow over in a few days time I would think, especially if Jade goes tomorrow, fingers crossed or is there even an eviction tommorrow? What's going on? There is no need at all for the show to stop all because of this, it just shows human behaviour, and there is an underlying racism in Britain and I think it was fair of Shilpa to say about is this what British culture is. Three young British girls are horrible little bitches. They don't represent the country, but they do show a horrible piece of it. EDIT: Oh, also last night had 5.12million viewers which is the highest this series, just btw.
  19. Remarkable events of 2006

    Hmmm... 2006. Nothing particularly remarkable happened. I am trying to think of a morning where I woke up, my Mum said something and I went 'wow'. My biggest shock was when I discovered my love of House.
  20. Celebrity Big Brother

    Good God! There was no racism last night at all.
  21. Together Forever - From the Pokemon First Series Soundtrack For me, this symbolises my most important friendship ever. And it's so jolly.
  22. External HDD

    I have this hard drive and no problems so far. Seems nice.
  23. Spoke to Letty about members of an online gaming forum, wore a Mario t-shirt to school and got in an argument about bitrate...
  24. Black sheep [new "horror" movie]

    Looks hilarious. Though seems like a rip off of to me.
  25. 3D Modelling Thread

    Cad-damn, your all so good. I've just gotten into Blender, made a few simple things and I just made a wolf: Sure it's pretty crappy and head didn't go well when I SubSurfed it, but I'm happy with it. Better than my bull on page 5... Good God!