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  1. It looks very nice. It seems like it was designed for a 800x600 monitor though. I'd say the main problem is the fixed width, and the huge amount of pictures you use in the site. However, most sites are fixed width. It's just really a pet hate of mine. Also, I suggest you go to HTML forums. These are really lovely forums with really kind folk. They'll give you lots of suggestions on how to improve it.
  2. Wii sales figures

    Check out http://www.vgcharts.org (quite possibly one of AMN's sites... maybe) They use real data, and have these are the figures: 360: 9.66m 0.38m Japan 5.88m Americas 3.40m Others Wii - 6.03m 1.98m Japan 2.37m Americas 1.68m Others PS3 - 2.15m 0.83m Japan 1.32m Americas 0.00m Others
  3. IGN: The Top 25 Games Of All Time

    I've never played SotC, shameful I know. But I had ICO and thought it was awful - so I decided to invest the money in other stuff. And yeah, pick up Disgaea - it's been the only game this gen to have me staying up late, and playing it in every single last moment of my life. I didn't go online for a week!
  4. IGN: The Top 25 Games Of All Time

    You'd be surprised. Disgaea is the most addictive, funniest, character developing, superb gameplay---ing game I've ever played! Just check some of the reviews at GameFAQs, many people absolutely adore Disgaea.
  5. The Music Thread.

    Your right! I love Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Killers, Scissor Sisters, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Kooks, Good Charlotte, Credence Clearwater Revival. w00p! edit: I also really like my brother's kind of rap music. It's really great - no one will believe me (except Letty). It's Big L, Diamond D, some of Wu Tang etc. Oooh, and old pop. Like Aqua, Abba, MJ etc.
  6. IGN: The Top 25 Games Of All Time

    I think the lists are pretty accurate. Apart from one TERRIBLE mistake. There is no Disgaea on the PS2 list. NO DISGAEA? Disgaea is the best game on the PS2, the BEST!
  7. Most defiantly, also you could aim very precisely and easily.
  8. D/Generation The favourite game of my youth, but I can't remember it anymore, as it no longer runs on my computer.
  9. Your instant swear word

    Crap, always crap!
  10. Me too! I love High School Musical! Infact, I know all the words to almost all the songs as they are ALL SO CATCHY! Oooh, I can't wait for this!
  11. Video Editting - Any good programs?

    Pinnacle isn't that expensive. £63 here There is also Avid Free which is meant to be pretty damn good, especially considering that is is free, check it out here I personally bought a Mac and got Final Cut. Woop!
  12. The Movie Making Thread

    Yeah, it's complete overkill - I don't think anyone expected to get so much stuff. I hope we can live up to it. Oh, and also - it's not a school media club, it's a Shetland wide club. Anyway, here I have two films. Sorry, another music video - this was the first video we ever made. The tape was skippy so I thought I wouldn't make it, but I did! So here it is. This ones mostly not a music video! 10 minutes of joy! Criminals, a rich man, a hilarious corridor scene () and some brownie/blondies. What more could you want?
  13. What are you becoming?

    Next year I'll be doing Maths, English, Physics, Computing and Economics at Higher (A Level, though we do it in a year) and next year probably Maths and Physics at Advanced Higher and Chemistry/Business Management or something like that at Higher. Then go to Uni to study Maths + Something, depending how my Highers go. Then I'd like to go into banks/business through the maths route. If that goes well and I have loads of money when I'm 40ish or so, I'll retrain as a maths teacher and settle down until I die. If I don't become very rich in business I'll just keep doing it. Oh, and I'll also do lots of media crap on the side!
  14. The Movie Making Thread

    Yeah, we've made an awful lot of music videos. Thanks for the advice, and we shall start doing more scripted stuff - but currently the main problem is that we just make films on the spur of the moment. Me and Mhairi are going to be planning some short movies soon, which should be interesting. While we plan them we'll look into cinematography, and now when I watch TV I've started looking at how things are done. It's really quite exciting as I've never thought of it before. Oooh, and here is the list of equipment bought for the MEDIA CLUB: Apple Mac Pro: 2x Dual Core 3GHz Quad Xeon CPU 16GB RAM 2 x 500GB Hard drives 2 x 30" Apple screens Nvidia Quadro Graphics Processor Secondary computer, iMac 24" 2.33GHz Intel Core'2' Duo 3GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 500GB Hard drive Field Editing Machine, MacBook Pro: 2.33GHz Intel Core'2' Duo 3GB RAM 200GB Hard drive And each has Final Cut Pro Studio and Shake. Then camera wise we have gotten a Canon XL-2 (with wide angle Lens) and a Canon CM-2. We also got mounts, dollies, cranes, jibs, radio microphones, microphone booms (with dead cats), tracking dolly and lighting kit. I hope we can put it to good use...
  15. The Movie Making Thread

    Well, we have the first normal media club meeting tomorrow. We shall probably use it for props, costumes, hall hire etc. for our first production (which has to be about local community, as it's for a competition, arg (though it will still be exciting!)). I shall update you all with news of the excitement of media club *stands up*
  16. Whats your real name?

    Chris(topher) Halcrow I don't really like Chris, as there seem to be so many of us. I'd like a nickname, but can't think of one... some people call me dancing Chris. That kinda has a feel to it.
  17. Do my Penguin for me

    Can any German speakers help me? How do you say something like: "I hope to hear back from you soon" Or something similar. Thanks for any help!
  18. The Movie Making Thread

    I made more movies! At my friends birthday, we made a happy happy movie, filled with joy and partiness! It is: Also, at the start of the year me and my good friend, Ruth, made a wondrous film about an evil doctor. This is kinda different and kinda sucky for most people I would assume, we found it amusing though. Enjoy!
  19. Pancake Day!

    My Mother bought microwave pancakes as she can't be bothered to make any. Their quite nice actually. There's also a cafe in town which makes delicious pancakes with excellent fillings.
  20. User Image Gallery

    Pfft, why not. Just for you retro-lover! More pics of the joyous day of fun! Cara + Jenny Me + Jenny Jenny + Ellen + Rocket = Innuendo! We also look sexy in all our videos(!) which can be found here!
  21. User Image Gallery

    Jenny, Cara, me and Mhairi Everyone looks kinda crap in one way or another, but all in all - I love this photo!
  22. Whos out tonight then?

    Youth Club! Oooh, the joys of Youth Club. My friends want me to dress up for it, but alas - I have no fancy dress clothes. There shall be much fun - probably including... DEATHBALL... ewww.
  23. What do you Collect?

    I used to collect 20p's, but then I spent them on a (new at the time) Aqua PS2, FFX, Tekken Tag Tournament and a new phone. I had a lot.
  24. Leggings and Footless Tights

    I think leggings are great! I wish I was a woman.