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  1. Back to college/school/uni/work etc

    Until February of S3 Accounts was my best subject... then my teacher left, we moved on to other stuff, we missed out bits and I'm not very good at it now. I got a 2 in my prelim though, and I've got a 1 in my project. So hopefully it won't take too much revision to get a 1.
  2. Do my Penguin for me

    Thanks a lot! You really helped! Yeah, first work it out (x - 1)(x + 4) = 0 Then see the two values for x. x = 1 or x = -4 Then using that, put it into one of your y equations. y = 4 - x y = 4 - 1 y = 3 And the other x value y = 4 - x y = 8 So they intersect at points (1, 3) and (-4, 8) That may make no sense... sorry.
  3. Back to college/school/uni/work etc

    I have 4 on my first week, none on my second, two on my third and then Accounts on the fourth (along with German, urgh!) I suck so much at Accounts due to a lack of a teacher. When our old Accounts teacher left I had just finished Unit 3 (Not For Profit Organisations) and now I've forgotten everything we have ever done. I just get so confused with so many different final accounts. And how a balance sheet could be financed by so many things! However, though Accounts is my weakest subject I've not done any revision for it, I'm going to wait until I've finished my first four exams on the first week.
  4. Back to college/school/uni/work etc

    Depends on the school. We have an odd policy, it's kind of like "we don't give study leave, but you can stay off if you think it's ok." Yeah, that's what I'm hoping. I am really looking forward to school and I want to be under pressure, so I have lots of exciting revision to do. That'll be great!
  5. Anime and manga discussion

    Just saw episode 1 of Death Note, woah! It was great, can't wait to get up to speed with the rest of the series.
  6. The Movie Making Thread

    Sweet! Looks lovely. I'm hoping to be able to afford one around Septemberish... so for the moment I will stick to the joy () of my £200 Canon. Oooh, thanks. I am thinking of getting it cut pretty short - not sure though... had it like this for around 3 years now. Presenting my newest video! The almighty "Cake?". Me and my friend Mhairi decided to make a short video, and here it is: (YouTube)http://www.greatmaddrin.com/?q=node/19 (GreatMaddrin.com)
  7. Do my Penguin for me

    Physics question! I'm pretty sure I know this, since it's pretty basic - but I just want to make sure. In a circuit, when the voltage increases - the current does too, but the resistance stays the same. Correct? And in this same circuit, when the voltage is increased the power is increased too? Also, why is the total resistance in a parallel circuit generally lower than the resistance that is actually there, if that makes sense. Thanks
  8. Post your Egg

    Oooh, I had one of those. Though were your malteasers actually in the egg? Like a part of the egg? Cause they are great!
  9. Cheating - The Great N-E Debate

    I suppose... oh well. Then I disapprove of cheating, but approve of sleeping with people your not going out with.
  10. Cheating - The Great N-E Debate

    I wouldn't mind being cheated on. I think that cheating is fine - though you should tell your partner before you do it. Being with one person for so long without any other sexual companionship is very hard and probably makes peopel drift apart. Sleeping with others keeps things fresh imo.
  11. The Movie Making Thread

    Uhhh, that seems more of a techy question, ask at the tech board. I hope that wasn't sarcastic, if it wasn't. Thanks! Hehe, that was cool. How did you do that? Holes in the cups? Or were the cups glued down and someone tipped up the table a lot? Equipment only really gets important when there is speech (most camcorders seem to try and make speech impossible to hear!), or when you want a nice bright picture. And I love bright pictures! I want a panasonic gs320, but I have no where near the £400 I need. I'm hoping to do some work soon though...
  12. Post Your Purchases

    Please... stop... tempting me... I have so little money - but House... House must be bought.
  13. Super Paper Mario

    I can't wait for this! The first must have Wii game (bar Zelda) imo, and I love Paper Mario, I love platforming puzzles, I love huge funny dialogues. This game sounds amazing!
  14. Mac Thread

    Well, my MacMini is fine with my WD HDD, though it doesn't show up on the Mac until it's looked through all it's contents. You know on windows when it comes up looking through all the data and you can cancel it? Well, the Mac forces you to wait - but it ain't bad.
  15. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Is it coincidence that you have a Nazi cat and window about Franz von Papen at the same time? You can see I put a lot of effort into my background... Also note, an exciting folder called 'Scandal'.
  16. User Image Gallery

    A pic of me and my friends (from left to right: Mhairi, Me(!), Cara) Shot during the filming of our Latest film.
  17. I think that anyone Scottish person who wants independents is a complete idiot. We benefit so much from it, money, connections, trade etc. Economically we need this link. From an English perspective though, you should throw us dirty Scots out.
  18. The cost of going to the Cinema.

    The Garrison is kinda a cinema. Every months we have about 4 films that come up. Adult tickets are a fiver and kids are £3.50. Not bad, and the snacks don't include popcorn - just kitkats and the like.
  19. The Movie Making Thread

    Luckily for you, it's also on YouTube!
  20. The Movie Making Thread

    Woah, that was really great - and quite scary. I loved it. We just made The House of Fun.
  21. God hates fags

    That was... interesting. It was really sad to see the kids being completely brainwashed. And if you think about it, the lady would have been brainwashed by her Dad however many years ago. She didn't start off weird. Stuff like that just makes me so angry at religion. After a Christian youth camp I went kinda crazy and believed in damnation and hellfire. That took years to get over and I used to spend ages crying and worrying and hating everything. Sin is a scary thing when you think you will go to hell for anything you do. Now though, I completely dismiss all Christian beliefs. Phew.
  22. Post Your Purchases

    I bought http://www.greatmaddrin.com I have this appealing picture of Letty (with poor photoshop) to model it:
  23. Ooooh, I hope they bring some SRPG action! Disgaea is so great. Though of course these are just rumours and chances are if anything comes from them, it won't be a big, several hundred hour, RPG.
  24. N-Europe meet up.

    Ha! Do's na'er seen ae kilt til de sees a Hjatland wan*, aye! Me, Moria and Letty were going to meet up once upon a time - never happened though. Someday we will I'm sure. Maybe. And if you guys all meet up you should just go to London, some can stay with some other members and some can go to a Travel Lodge. * My Shetland accent is not good. And we don't have kilts...
  25. The "Education/Career" Thread

    I'm at the end of my Standard Grades (GCSE equivalent in Scotland). We do things a little differently. We do 8 Standard Grades in 4th Year (we start our counting again after Primary 7) but there is only one subject to cover all of English and stuff like that. Then in S5 we do Highers which are the University deciders. In S6 most people piss around and do nothing as you should have already gotten all your qualifications in 5th year. Though you can do Advance Highers which are similar to the first year of University. So, I've almost finished my Standard Grade. I'm my prelims I got 7 1's and a 2, which was quite good. I'm hoping to get all 1's in my final exams though. Next year I'm taking English, Maths, Physics, Computing and Economics and am quite looking forward to it, even though it's meant to be the toughest year in your academic life. I want to go on and do Maths at Uni, then see where that takes me. Quite like to work in a big firms finance department or in a bank. They sound fun.