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  1. Physics tomorrow. Should be easy enough. Then History on Friday - which is also easy. The joy of study leave!
  2. Imagination vs. Realism

    I agree too. Realistic games are dull. Why would I want to travel around New York when I could ride a dinosaur around a colourful kingdom full of mushrooms and deadly plants? I think the main thing wrong with games is the feeling of realism. I far prefer games which are abstract, I want them to take me to another world. The list of games I want represents that. Mario Galaxy, Wario Ware, Kororinpa, Cooking Mama. Each of these are wonderfully colourful and vibrant. They're fun to watch and fun to play. I also believe that the current consoles can't quite do ultra-realistic. If they try, there are always bits here and there where you can go "Ugh" and "That's not right". With Wind Waker, you never see somehting and think it doesn't look like it should. Everything looks perfect. As does Wario Ware. However, in Twilight Princess, it's easy to spot ugly patches. Games should be bright! Imaginative! Fantastic! Immersive!
  3. Happy Birthday Sarka!

    happy beerabbitchild birthday? Whaa? EDIT: belated?
  4. The Music Thread.

    My brother made me listen to an awful lot of rap music - and a lot of it was really great. Jurrassic 5, some Nas, Diamond D, Big L, Wu Tang and the such. I always get annoyed at people who dis rap, when they have no idea about it! I know I don't have any clue either, but at least I don't judge the genre because of a few artists who are huge (50 cent, etc). Anyway, lately - for about the past 2 weeks - I'll I've been listening to is hellogoodbye. I am pretty sure no one here will like them at all. But if anyone does - who else is similar to them? I can't find anyone that is anywhere near as good as them. They either sound to electro-y, or too poppy.
  5. Official Nintendo Magazine

    I think you have to have it for a year before you're allowed to stop - even when I stopped, they still demanded the next months payment, even though they weren't going to give me any magazines from that payment.
  6. Happy Birthday Sarka!

    Oooh, thanks everyone! And I don't post much anymore - because my posts are generally pretty dull. However, I do spend around 2 hours a day reading hundreds of posts. I know, it's awful - I've turned into a crazed lurker. Anyway, had an excellent day! Now the fun ends with my relatives arriving soon. I'm hoping to sit quietly near the TV and watch the Eurovision song contest. Should be fun!
  7. As of April 29th, Wii's userbase is 6.66m, and TP has sold 3.22, so it has sold to almost half the Wii population! That's damn graet sales. Also, 1.77 GC copies have been sold. Put those together and TP has sold more than WW, Zelda 2 and almost as much as Brain Training. And TP sold 18k last week in the USA, and is doing even better in the EU. It's sold great. Edit: all figures from http://www.vgchartz.com
  8. Mac Thread

    Maybe I should have had a clear specification. I just wanted something where you could zoom in real close and crop pixel perfect squares easily. Like you can on Paint - you just move it around, or grab the edges. Easy. Seashore is nice though, so I'm trying hard to get to grips with it, I could never really use GIMP - so it should be fun. I got Inkscape aswell, but that was for something completely different (My years Yearbook.)
  9. Really?! Everyone who I've spoken to said it was really hard. Supposidly the PE teacher was stuck on the first evaluation question (or something). Then again we do have a really sucky PE teacher. Accounts shouldn't be too bad since it's so long away, and 40% of it has already been done.
  10. The Movie Making Thread

    Those are our normal accents! Really! It's awful, we are often asked if we're up here on an exchange.
  11. The Movie Making Thread

    Oooh, we had equipment night at media club and got to see everything. There is this thing with weights on it for tracking - and it is possibly the coolest thing ever. Also, I have (several, though I will only advertise one) new movie! It is . I coposed the soundtrack myself (on GrageBand). Full Quality version at http://www.greatmaddrin.com
  12. I know... bad bad choice. But I could either go for Admin, PE, Music or Art. Most people found Maths pretty easy in our year - but we do have the best maths teacher ever! Computing was ridiculously easy. Though in Credit paper, the memory stick held 300 Megabits of data, I'm sure! No one else picked up on it, but it was a small b! I'm starting to find Accounts easier - because there isn't an awful lot of KU you need to know - just doing lots and lots of past papers seem to work
  13. Mac Thread

    Well, I have Inkscape - which is great! But too vectory. Thanks, I got Seashore and GIMP!
  14. Sleep Deprevation

    Yay! Me too. If I don't get at least 8 hours sleep I find it hard to function properly.
  15. How to pronounce Pokémon

    How about Pidgeot. In the cartoon they pronounced it "Pi (pig) Jit (S**t)" but in my book of pokemon which had prnounciations in it it was prounounced "Pid - gee - oat" Hmm.
  16. Really? I thought the Maths was easier than most of the past papers I've done. What other subjects have you done? English wasn't that bad - a few things here and there that were a bit tricky. Admin was the weirest paper ever - seriously, nothing like any Admin paper ever. And computing was fine - pretty easy too! Now, half done - four more to do! Yay! Though I have nothing for around two weeks, Physics in 13 days time.
  17. Mac Thread

    What's the best easy, simple to use paint-style app for Macs?
  18. Your area

    I'd rather be forced to make my own fun than to rely on things like cinema etc. Also, there is tonnes to do! Especially club wise. Pretty mcuh anything your interested in, you can go to a great youth group. Eg, Media Club! Youth Theatre! Many dancing troupes etc. And if there isn't one, you can pretty easily get funding and set one up. Alos, how many times did you go out when you were at Letty's? Did you go to Mousa?
  19. Your area

    Lies! Just because there is no big cinemas or theme parks or anyhting liek that nearby doesn't mean there's nothing! Yesterday, about 40 people were all up at an old fort lieing around and doing crap. If Letty ever went anywhere she would find much enjoyment. More Lies. Most people aren't over 100, possibly in Bigton actually... but not most places. In fact, I bet that under 1% of people are over 100. Though I'm sure you aren't being serious. Hmmm Also, yesterday, and today - and most of this week has been excellent weather. We were all sunbathing yesterday! Several people were topless. You can buy pineapples here! At Sommerfield. I'm sure you can... And we have no need for trains, we're a tiny island - buses suffice. Trees are of little importance, but again, lies! We have trees at Sullom and Kergord. A big forest in fact! Shetland rules!
  20. Is this maths right?

    It's 197! When you have a long row of adding and subtracting such as: 2 - 5 + 200 You go from left to right, we had a longish discussion in maths about it. So: 2 - 5 + 10 * 20 = 2 - 5 + 200 = -3 + 200 = 197
  21. Virus, please help!

    Urrr, I have gotten a virus, very stuiply. Anyway, it's messing with everything and it is all happening on a process called "CCAPP.exe", anyway, when I try to end it, it won't let me - says permission is denied. Any way of solving this? (also, I have a mac, so please don't suggest that) edit: Also to make it clear, the virus is on my PC - not my Mac.
  22. Virus, please help!

    Ok, it's sorted now. Thanks for the help everyone I'm now safely on my Mac.
  23. Virus, please help!

    Norton brough up nothing, getting avg at the moment - and will scan ASAP. I know... I should more often. It's just that the disc space it so limited due to my copious amounts of raw video footage...
  24. Video Special Effects/Editting Free Download

    If you're going to take the legal route: http://www.avid.com/products/freedv/index.asp Avid Free DV, meant to be good. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avid_Free_DV Also, remember that if you buy Adobe, it's pretty hard to use, quite professional - Pinnacle is much more user friendly.
  25. Mac Thread

    Studio 2... out now... Damn my intel graphics card!