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  1. PLEASE VOTE NOW! Your favourite 2007 film.

    Voted. Hairspray. It's awesome.
  2. Plays and Musicals!

    Musical-wise I'd seen Wicked and The King and I. Both were amazing, going down next year with my mother to watch two more. Hairspray and something else I believe. Possibly Mama Mia or Phantom. Play-wise I've not seen much. Got 'into' theatre about a year ago, and was down in Edinburgh for a Youth Theatre festival where I saw some excellent plays! I was also in Edinbrugh this weekend, where I saw The Pearlfish at the Traverse - it was also fantastic!
  3. Science: it works, bitches!

    Currently reading Big Bang by Simon Singh. It's really good, so far about the history of astronomy - getting onto reletivity. Also, Fermat's Last Theorum by the same author is my favorite book ever. It's completely inspired by Maths side. Can't wait to do some more advanced maths - at the moment it's a bit dull.
  4. How was your day?

    Yesterday was awesome. Made up a secret language (not nerdy at all!), completed Zelda at last and was a finalist at Weebls-Stuff Fancy dance comp (http://www.weebls-stuff.com - I Can't Decide) Today was also great! Had an easy Accounts test, fun maths, programming in computing(!) and and now listening to the Hairspray soundtrack. Woo.
  5. Awesome speakers?

    Hello all, I am looking for some awesome speakers for my TV. I believe it has ports for pretty much anything (hell, it has a mini-USB port) so compatibility isn't really an issue. Basically I want nice ones, with good sound and a nice subwoofer (If it's nessesary). I know very little about speakers, so just pointing me in the direction of the best brands would be nice. Prince range £50-£150. All help is very much appericiated.
  6. Webhosting

    Hi-ho I'm looking for some free PHP hosting, does anyone know where to get some, everywhere I find on eBay either need my phone number (my mother won't let me) or just suck.. completly for some reason or another. Please help, thanks.
  7. When Pokemon was really really big, like when you spoke about the episodes, and were excited by new cards. And SM:TV! "Pikachuuu!"
  8. Pokemon Wii? Where are thee?

    I don't think they will, they half-tried eith XD and Colleseum, and they were bad adventure games. It's hard for a 3D to keep the momentum Pokemon does I think. Plus making all the 3D models, all the worlds and for it to be really good is very difficult. And I agree with IMJ, Pokemon is a portable game, it just doesn't have the same feeling on a console - how do you trade properly? Or battle? Save it in your Wiimote, still kinda fiddly. Remember that a lot of people don't use wifi.
  9. PC vs Mac Price Comparisons

    Yeah, it completely depends what your looking for, and price range included. If you want a good, high quality desktop for £800, the new iMac is a great choice, especially if you're in to video editing, lots of photos and all that jazz. I've heard peopel say my MacMini is a waste of money with it's specs. But I find it much more useful and speedy than my old Dell (£800, a year and a half ago). Especially with regard to photo/video. However, whenever I need to play any games (which is rare), I go back to my PC, located conveintly to the left of me. However, I do think the OS is worth a lot - it's fanastic. And not having to always worry about virus' (though yeah, there are some, I know). When I go to Uni, I'll be investing extra cash to get another Mac. Although it's more expensive, the design and smoothness makes up for it.
  10. Rate the last film you saw

    You're terribly wrong. John Travolta is amazing! So so great, in fact my friend said - two thirds of the way through - "hey, is that a man?". Though that is pretty stupid. Zac Efron is the hottest person ever. Period. After we watched the film me and my friends found the hottest picture ever - we were awfully hyper. But still, it is awfully hot. http://tigerbeatmag.com/dailydish/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/jll56526.jpg Anyway, all of my friends and I's favorite parts are all Link related. During I can hear the bells, when she closes the locker and winks at her! So great! And when he winks at Edna. Yay! And in Ladies Choice when he points and screams. Oooh, and in I can hear the bells, when he licks his hand and wipes his hair! There is only a chance it will be good; Hairspray is 100% guarenteed to provide FUN FUN FUN! Seriously, watch Hairspray. It's so amazing. Just a constant mass of joy and singing. It is turning into my favorite movie the more times I watch it. Really, you should see it. Anyway... I would rate Hairspray again, as it is the last movie I saw. So 10/10 Hey Tracey, hey baby; look at me. I'm the cutest chicky you ever did see!
  11. Rate the last film you saw

    Hairspray (2007) 10/10 Holy crap! Happiest film ever! It's so great, all the way through. There is no bad bits at all, constantly happy, funny and quirky. I've seen it five times since Monday, and it's still not old. And at the moment I'm listening to the fantastic soundtrack. But on the outside; I looked good *wink*
  12. Urrr... only seven there, fail maths? I got seven 1's and a 2. I'm really happy that I got 1's in Germand and Admin as I suck at them, but really pissed that I got a 2 in English, I thought the exam went great and was sure I'd get a 1. *shurg*
  13. It's Not Over Til It's Over

    The one time I've been really sad, what reassured me was that when I died - I rotted in the ground. Therefore, I should stop wasting time. However, this doesn't make people happy that often... I'm just weird like that.
  14. Well, there seems to be quite a few of us currently making films or have made them in the past. So, I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we can discuss and see everyone masterful movies! We can also discuss tip and tricks, though I have a feeling only dabookerman has any... Pfft, I'm sure us others can make up something we've learned. Lyfestyles Of The Rich and the Famous Here are my movies. The main problem with them is that they are done with friends and in the case of Mhairi the Freak we were kinda making it up as we went along. Please criticize as much as you possible want and can - I love criticizm! The only tip I can say is when you make a film with speaking have plenty of silent parts at the start and end of each thing you film. It makes editing much easier and it ends up looking better. Post away people!
  15. Lionhead Studios

    Yeah, I loved B&W1, but the sequel I thought was pretty sucky. I loved the Movies too. Oooh, I want to watch those sailers now. They were hilarious!
  16. Safari For Windows

    I'm so glad that Jordan has let us hear his wisdom once more. Thank you Jordan. Anyway, I downloaded it, tired it for a little - and tbh it seems a little slower and more awkward than Opera - so I'll stick with Opera for the time being. One of the things I like about Opera is how clean it looks. There's a tiny bar at the top, but apart from that is doesn't interfere with you.
  17. I am watching Big Brother instead of watching Big Brother this Summer Damn. I think I lost.
  18. Reality TV Just Got Worse

    Yeah, I see nothing wrong with it. Just like how Comic Relief shows the plight of dieing children. And it's not really competing. They're not running around, completing obstacle courses or anything.
  19. Due to the joy of accounts over the last while I decided to change Economics to Accounts for next year - so I'm doing it for higher! Yay! Now.. the long wait until results come. Ugh.
  20. Accounts was GREAT! A nice paper, odd marking scheme (18 marks for a one month cash budget!) but great overall. Ahhh, I have come to love accounts in these last four weeks.
  21. Accounts and German tomorrow, 5h 50m of exams - shouldn't be too bad. As long as there's no horribly horrible Accounts questions.
  22. Pick a Picture

    2, 4, 5, 8 No any real idea why...
  23. Oh God! I've jsut bene going through past papers. I think I'm almost ready for it. I need to do some more work on Partnerships, ratios and why you actually need things like Profit/Loss Accounts. Hmmm, what do P/L Accounts look like - gotta revise them!
  24. I got this yesterday - absaloutly fantastic! It's so great, I love makeing pudding, for some odd reason. All of the games are just so fun, I'm going to go and play it more now.
  25. Just back from SG Physics! Pretty damn easy, nothing odd about it. There was even a question that was almost exactly the same as the 2006 paper. Were you doing Higher Shadow?