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  1. nice work colin, character is nicely modeled i've been very slack (school) but we need more art posted
  2. the trailer gametrailers has up is that in game graphics or pre-rendered? looks ace, might have to buy a 360 for all those game i'm missing out on
  3. sorry to be such a annoying person but another maths question a shop keeper found that if he orders lots of x computers, his storage and handling costs for a year will be $C, where C = 15x + 24000/x + 6000 how many should she order at one time to minimise his costs
  4. another maths problem, the point(1,5) is a point of inflection on the curve y = ax^3 + bx^2 + x + 2 find the values of 'a' and 'b'
  5. just a bit of a maths problem, i have been stumped on his question for some time now, thanks in advanced edit: thanks heaps ginger chris do you differentiate first or do u sub in the 2?
  6. the simpsoms has gone down hill in the last few seasons, wouldn't be surprised if the movie turns to be a badly produce movie. not holding my breath
  7. my life ok but i wished i completed more. currently in my last year of school year 12, grades are dropping so fast its not funny. dont get out enough/ very unsocial. theres so much i want to do (eg travel) i just can find time to get off my lazy ass and do it.
  8. saw it early today, rather impressive from an animation point of view. there ending was a nice touch lol
  9. england out and Australia on top of the ladder
  10. i saw a man set himself on fire, it was in protest of his family not allowed into the country just outside government house
  11. Australia make light work of the west indies
  12. you could space out the links on the left of screen abit more, imo there abit bunched up
  13. huge game tonight, India v Sri lanka. if India lose there out and the world audinece drops by half. if India win they could still be potentialy out. this game could start are war on the subcontinent, a must watch
  14. monty python and the holy grail if you have not seen this movie, your life will never be complete, the movie is pure genuis.
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