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  1. Yeah it was awful :( So we're out then... I think on reflection our team was probably the worst of all of the teams in Poland tbh. Nice to hope though!

  2. It's Thursday at 7:45, rub it in his face :p

  3. I think the second goal swung the game, but they were on top so they might have won it anyway.


    I have full confidence we'll go on to beat Spain and Italy though :p

  4. I was watching it... Sad now :sad:

  5. Didn't mean to talk, the post wasn't there yet and you are somehow appearing offline :s

  6. Ok I'll join :) What is your Id(I could hazard a guess) so I can say you referred me?

  7. I am honoured :p It seems like a lot of work though, 300 word reports every week? How long will the season that is about to start last because I want to join but shouldn't really until I finish my degree next month.

  8. Tis a nice chrome copy to be sure.

  9. Fixed that url missing problem that speed dial causes. Update Chrome to the v11 beta version and the url is there.

  10. Leaving this here as a reminder. For me not you.

  11. I'm not in your first 6 friends ¬¬ EddieColeslaw is however.

  12. Your profile pic is several pieces of food and your name has coleslaw in it. What gives!

  13. Dammit missed my chance to talk to drunk you! That would have been all sorts of fun. Drunk you thinks I'm sexy too :) He has good taste, I should talk to him more often :p


    The only thing Near has on L is being alive! Although that's a pretty important quality in a person.

  14. Your stats are strange :smile: Your DOB is 1987 but your join date is 1978 :grin:

  15. Thanks nice to meet you