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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Grunch - I trust all goes well in the world of academia?

  2. So what's wrong with the new Captain Falcon?


    Does he act differently? Speak differently?


    Or is it that he didn't vote you for Staff Member of the year and consequently there must be something wrong with him as the old one would never do such a thing :p

  3. Well like the phoenix rising from the ashes, I came back stronger... a 1000 posts stronger.


    Unfortunately the death and rebirth of Captain Falcon was a necessary sacrifice. The new Captain can see things the other couldn't. Yes, I probably could have gone to specsavers and everything would have been fine but hey, that's hindsight for you ;)

  4. How long you got left mate? You having a good time besides the obvious?

  5. You have a new visitor's message!

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

  6. I posted a NTG round so get your ass in gear quick!!

  7. That is correct. I set that account up 13 months ago for one purpose and one purpose only. Its reason for being has now expired and with it, so has my attachment. So I deleted it.

  8. Happy Birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!

  10. So you are alive then ;)


    Things aren't going too badly though I never seem to be that far away from a hiccup or two either :p


    Saturday morning is alright with me... I'll just have to remember to actually get up in the morning. But name a time and I'll definitely be there!

  11. So apparently the Gatchaman film is a bit poor, but have you been watching Gatchaman Crowds? I was a little sceptical at first since it seemingly had very little in common with the originals but it's just got better and better with each episode.

  12. Globe trotting huh - pretty cool :)


    To be honest, I'd have to set my alarm to be up for any of those times but since you're making the effort, so can I, so let's call it 10 ok? 9 is just crazy talk mate :p


    Yeah, you get some rest - lazy student bums like me don't have to be up for anything and so we don't have to go bed for anything either :D

  13. Just a quick heads up - if you haven't already ordered your history of Sonic book yet, check this out. It's a limited edition version (just 1000 made) only available at their site.

  14. As good as the ordinary version looks, that one looks even better. I won't lie, I'm a little bit jealous right now :p


    Delivery is a bit steep mind but it wouldn't have stopped me if I'd known.

  15. Still not too sure mate... I really need to make up my mind. I mean, it's not like I'll be doing anything that weekend anyway so I don't have any better offers. And £60 return isn't breaking the bank either.


    I am seriously thinking about...


    What about you?

  16. Don't tell me the site was down just so you could change your name?

  17. How come you're always on here so late matey? I'm a student, what's your excuse :p

  18. Not really thought about busing it. A direct train takes an hour and half but for a bus,well the best time is 3 and half hours - my 3DS battery couldn't take that and I think I'd go a bit mad too. It is only a third of price though... but I'd prefer to cough up the greens and save my sanity.


    I wasn't planning on staying over either, mainly because of the expense. It's not just the hotel/hostel, it's the spending in general when out and about - it soon adds up.

  19. How come you don't get a god awful Christmas name?

  20. Well... I had my suspicions if I was being honest ;)


    So it's not that you're up all night on MHT or Black Ops and just log in occasionally to see what's going down :)

  21. Is that a recent thing with the job then? I find I work much better at night than I do during the day... though I've not got much done so far... so I don't normally start to do anything until about 12ish.

  22. That's tough man. I'm not sure what I'd do if I suddenly had to go out and find a job again. I probably spend just as much time on here though as I do now.


    Have you even managed to get any interviews in that time?

  23. If you hear nothing back, you don't have anything to even work on... though that isn't something relates entirely to work - but that's another story for another day.


    Are you applying for anything and everything then?

  24. I am Captain Falcon - that's all you need to know :p

  25. What is going on with your name?