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  1. Super Metroid!

    That old excuse
  2. Twitter

    I saw that one on yours after it it brought your name up as someone to follow - some of those comments are hilarious. Edit: it wasn't actually Batman, it was The Batman.
  3. Twitter

    I found your tweets rather amusing so keep it up I say
  4. Don't get mardy because I didn't tell you of my return.

  5. Metroid: Other M

    Got the message from ShopTo today saying it had been shipped and I've got all the time in the world to play it!
  6. Going back to work/school/college?

    After 7 hours tomorrow, I'm off work... for good, so I can go back to University at the end of September. Turns out freshers' week is actually a fortnight so even though I move into halls on Sat 18th, I won't have to strain any grey matter for another 2 weeks!
  7. I am Captain Falcon - that's all you need to know :p

  8. Metroid: Other M

    I think they are since they are normally pretty cheap and their delivery times can't be beat - they've got my pre-order anyway. Not too sure their International delivery times are like though. I don't think I've avoided a game I'm looking forward to as much as I have this one. It's good in some ways but in others possibly not - I'm not read reviews that could potentially take the edge of any negatives by forewarning me first and lowering my expectations.
  9. Today is my One Hundred and Eleventieth Birthday.

    I take it you were referring to me... Yes I am back from my brief departure. I'm sorry to have worried anyone and I would like to thank those who came to find me in my absence.
  10. Today is my One Hundred and Eleventieth Birthday.

    I don't have so many memories of this place so much as the things that have ensued as a result of being a member. Stuff like all the Smash Bros games and now the Monster Hunting is precisely why I came here in the first place. The threads being a written account of the events that took place online - hundreds of moments captured and laid out for all to see, not just those who were lucky enough to be in the game. As someone who eschews a prominent place on the social boards, a lot of the things mentioned by others I have some recollection of but nothing more... Grey Vs Black on the other hand took place on my home turf and probably ranks as the most I've ever laughed at one singe thread. Another time I can remember is one night on the chat room. Even at 5.30 in the morning, Jay and Supergrunch were still listening to me ramble on about my woes despite us all having been on the things for hours – can’t say too much has changed since that time guys if being honest. iSketch also provided much hilarity and enjoyment over it's brief moment in the spotlight - that's why I thanked you Katie by the way. But I guess more than that, it's the people who've been dumb enough to give me their email/messenger details. I’ve had many a wonderful conversations with a select few brilliant people. Some of you know me better people who see me everyday do. You've listened to me moan about everything and nothing and some of you have really changed my life in some respects. One of you helped me to actually be confident enough to put my trust in people. Someone is a constant source of amusement and can make me laugh no matter how much of a grouch I’m being (not that I always let you know it). One of you brought a considerable of joy into my life when everything was feeling like it was starting to go backwards and that all my efforts were coming to naught – stopping me from going back to the safety of my older ways. And another has become a good friend recently for just being in the right place at the right time - or wrong place at the wrong time depending on how you see it. You’re stuck with me now anyway I’m afraid. So I thank you all.