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  1. Yoshi's NEW Island

    Metro/Gamecentral were also equally unimpressed.
  2. Yoshi's NEW Island

    If they gave it a 5 then it really must be bad.
  3. The Road to Evolution 2014

    And Super Smash Bros. Melee will making a return to EVO. Also, it's Final Round 17 this Friday to Sunday and Yoshinori Ono will be in attendance to make an announcement concerning USFIV. Here's the schedule.
  4. Batman: Arkham Knight

    I'm in the same boat as I wouldn't trust my computer to run this at a clip I'm happy with... even without any botched DX 11.0 implementation like last time. Whether it's through the purchase of a PS4, or the more likely new PC route, I'll definitely have to pick this up. It's got GOTY written all over it.
  5. good stuff thread.

    I've got all week off work That might not sound like a big deal, but given I rarely finish on time and longer commuting times than I'm used to, I'm looking forward to a bit of R & R. I've only actually taken 4 vacation days since the start of last May so I think I'm long overdue this.
  6. Batman: Arkham Knight

    That picture isn't of Batman - that's the Arkham Knight villian character. I guess that isn't to say that Batman couldn't have had that suit built and then it was stolen or something. Apparently, or so I read, Batman starts the game in the same style outfit from the first two games and as the story unfolds, he creates the new suit as shown in the artwork/screen shots more akin to the films/Origins. Perhaps his suit gets stolen, and then modified for use, by AK and then Batman designs the new suit to help combat him.... probably after getting his ass kicked. Given their excellent work so far, I really should be in that "I wish they would work on original IP" category but honestly, I couldn't be happier - just like I would prefer Retro Studios to make another Metroid over everything else original or otherwise. It's the perfect blend of a fantastic IP and talent rich studio. Much like City's set up was deviously hidden in Asylum, so too was this in City. I'm just glad it's next gen only as they really wouldn't be able to deliver the experience they are going for on current gen machines.
  7. #06 - N-Europe: Let's Talk Games (Resident Evil 4)

    Whilst sequels are normally an excellent opportunity to improve on the flaws of their predecessor, sometimes even that isn’t enough to stave off the feeling of a series in decline. Tweaks here and polish there can’t mask the overriding sensation of a franchise that is starting to outstay its welcome. At this point, you are left with three options. The first is to let the series go with what dignity it has left. The second is to carry on churning out games that only see diminished sales as the series fades into irrelevance. The final, most daring, option is reinvention. It’s a risky move to be sure, and the results can vary wildly from disastrous to great. With Resident Evil 4, Capcom have gone with the third option and whatever expectations you have, be prepared to come away more than a little surprised. This transition from old to new is not likely to please those looking for more of the same. Fixed camera angles? Gone. Shock scare tactics? Goodbye. Needlessly complex background stories? Who cares? What we have here is a new camera that follows the player and expertly captures the intense action. The exquisitely rendered 2D backdrops of the past have been ousted in favour of equally impressive 3D graphics that set the standard for this generation of hardware. Cheap shocks give way to genuine tension building both in the run-up and execution of the multitude of excellent set pieces. Running out of bullets is rarely a concern but running out of time and space to manoeuvre genuinely is. As a trained agent, capable of pin point marksmanship and close range combat techniques, a one on one encounter doesn’t pose much threat with the average foe yet never does the game provide you with such fair fights. When you do find yourself in a standoff against a single enemy, it will be against one of the many and incredibly varied boss encounters in cleverly designed arenas. Just because an enemy can’t see you, it doesn’t mean it can’t hear you and cut you down at a moments notice and when you can't see them, well, that's when you're really in trouble. And the story, often delivered with a wink and nudge to the player, provides enough reason for the events that transpire without ever bogging down the experience for those unfamiliar with past games. Quick time events are peppered throughout the game but never do they feel intrusive – quite the opposite in fact. This may not be Resident Evil as you know it, but as a game in its own right, it’s all the better for it. Not only does the game breathe new life into its own franchise, it does so into all the game mechanics it touches. Normally the bane of any gameplay experience, the concept of the escort mission is raised to a whole new level thanks to two simple ideas: being able to interact with your ally and them having more than the most basic path finding routine doubling as their AI. In most games, these sections are barely good enough to be described as a chore but Capcom never ceases to find new ways to weave this element into the rest of the game in a way that appears effortless. And that goes for everything else as well - the simple act of managing your items masquerading as Tetris for government officials and proves just as addictive. It’s not that the game does anything especially new; it’s that it does everything far better than everything else that came before it. By the time you’re seeing the credits roll, you’ll have passed through rural villages, castle courtyards, garden mazes, cavernous mines, secret laboratories and whole lot more. The game refuses to wait before attempting to dazzle you one more time and even when you factor in a generous runtime, you’ll still be surprised just how much is packed in. In a further bid to show how well they understand their game, the team have provided a post-game reward that morphs the existing gameplay elements into a final tuned and richly rewarding experience that simultaneously rivals and complements the main game itself. Resident Evil 4 is the result of a team coming together at their absolute peak and delivering on all the potential they hold within them. It’s a relentless rollercoaster that’s been precision engineered to be as close to perfection as possible. By letting go of past conventions, they’ve made the game they wanted to make, the game they will always be remembered for, and the game you need to play.
  8. I'm sure there is an element to it being the "first" one I played as to why I love it so much but there are other points too. I like the fact that you actually get to use the whip and it's a part of the story rather than simply a tool for vampire slaying. I enjoyed how you had to explore the castle and double back on yourself but then you had the more focused sub levels that were a bit more linear and action orientated... except the desert ones which were quite snakey with dead ends and such. As I later came to find out, the game featured more than a couple of remixes for its soundtrack but it's still very good and captures the spirit well - the rendition of Simon's Theme being the highlight. The side quests were always fun and at times clever too such as the clock tower at 12. I liked the weapon variety and being able to call on Charlotte's magic at an instant allowed for even greater possibilities. And just when you think the game is over, it opens up the alternate levels with all new monsters and eventually the gauntlet style level. Not to mention all the other bonus modes on top. It just ticked all my boxes. DoS was good but a bit grindy for weapons/souls and sometimes the level design made it a little too awkward to get to where you wanted to be. Julius mode was pretty nifty mind. OoE... I enjoyed it a lot when I first played but follow-up runs really highlighted the weaker level design. The sub levels were, on the whole, poor and the castle felt a bit of a mess at times. And there seemed less variety in the combat too - to be fair, variety was around the same but I was looking for more given it's a sequel and I never got it. Albus mode was nice but fell short in comparison to the riches PoR gave for completion.
  9. I went from playing Simon's Quest in 1990 to not touching a CV game until I picked up Portrait of Ruin in 2007. And to think, I almost picked up Yoshi's Island DS instead - that would have been tragic given PoR remains my favourite DS game and got me into the series having sought out the older games and the recent ones too. Sadly, I've not gotten around to this one. One day, maybe.
  10. bad stuff thread.

    We've been friends for 6/7 years now but they have really changed over the past 6 months or so and it was always quite noticeable. It's one thing to withdraw yourself from others and focus on yourself for a bit - I get that and do it frequently myself - but to change so much in such a short space, I don't understand and probably never will. Friends can have off days and you accept that as part of the bond that ties you. Formalities that go hand in hand with those on the outer edge of your social circle, and beyond, will be cast aside as time wasters - they've been followed too many times already. There are some things I won't accept on any occasion though, regardless of who it is, and having stepped over that line, I didn't feel I had much choice. It might sound like it was a rather cavalier/reactionary decision but given what was said, my letting it slide would have been a greater insult to myself than anything they came at me with. There have a been more than a few times recently when their support could have completely changed my outlook and given me some much needed positivity. Yet whenever I looked for them, they were never there. And I let it go. This time, I'm letting it go in a completely different way because I just don't need that or them, if that's how they wish to act, in my life.
  11. Nintendo Direct: The Legend of Buffering

    I agree with both these points. The original 3DS is an ergonomic mess when having to use the D-Pad for any length of time is not nice. I wanted to get all the Mega Man games for it when they went on sale but the thought of having to play such input intensive games with it put me off. And if the ambassador games are anything to go by, they would look fairly ugly on the 3DS screen. Big and blurry or small and difficult to see - either way you get washed out colours... score! As much as I would like to carry on playing Kirby, the device itself is actively discouraging me from going back. So yeah, I don't see them as a loss to the 3DS library. As for TP, I recently did a 100% completion of this, my first actually, and thoroughly enjoyed it - once more reaffirming my belief of it being it being the second best 3D game after MM. Aside from some textures that don't quite pass muster today, it looked fairly decent still and it was hailed by most back in the day for it's graphics, given the tech it was running on, even if it wasn't as detailed as RE4 was. Of course, they could go to town with the graphics in a remake and sure it would look great. A swap from Wii remote to contol pad would be nice too but there are less flaws in that game than Wind Waker had to the extent that gameplay improvements would likely be minimal.
  12. Gamers - What Are You Playing At The Moment?

    My current time sapper is Borderlands 2. My mate used to rave about the first game and pretty much every car ride to work for the two months that followed it's release was him telling me stories of what he'd been up to. I'd always been intrigued but was never in a position to try it - plus, comparisons to games like Diablo were putting me off. Anyway, I picked up the base game of 2 for £5 in the winter steam sale just to try it out. Two weeks later, I bought the GOTY edition for £10 to get all the extra DLC that comes with it as it's cheaper than the season pass and you get more stuff too. But yeah, 50hrs in and I'm loving it. Even though it has the mechanics of an FPS, it doesn't really feel like one to me. There is lots of exploration to be doing but when the action kicks off, its pace is relentless until the last enemy falls. It feels more like a typical action game than a shooter. I really admire Bioshock, but the reason why I haven't got round to actually finishing the original, let alone starting Infinite, is that after the initial wow moments, and it does have a lot of them, it's felt more and more like a typical FPS in terms of gameplay and lost my attention as a result.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Had a fairly sizeable argument with a "friend" last night to the point I decided we best part ways. I'm not going to let anyone tell me what I am and am not capable of doing as they throw insults and cheap shots my way. Luckily, I didn't resort to such tactics myself in my defense although I was quite tempted. It really did get to me though and I could barely eat at the time, I was stuggling to actually message properly as I was shaking a little. It prompted me to go out and get drunk with my mates, which I thought would have been easy on little sleep and even less food, but I was so angry, it didn't seem to matter what I drank - nothing was going to let my mind move away from that argument. I'm still seething now. I saw this morning they removed me from their facebook so I'm down to 13 friends again but the reason I removed everyone else is because I didn't really view them as friends - they were just people I knew. But this has proved they were firmly in that camp too so perhaps it was for the best.
  14. bad stuff thread.

    It's 23:00 and I'm still sat in the station waiting for my train to leave. The government wants to plough money into HS2 when just a little bit of bad weather is all it takes for the current system to grind to a halt. And although its already 2hrs late, I've just been advised it's not going anywhere for another 30mins.
  15. good stuff thread.

    Thanks for the encouragment guys. Despite it being a vacant position, and me already working with that team, I'm not sure when my official start date is as despite providing all the training and technical support for the those teams I mentioned, I'm actually assigned to another team that belongs in a different area of the business... I've just yet to actually do a day in that role as been taken up looking after everyone else. Which means that I should be able to start fairly quickly. I've already started to see my calender get booked up with meetings about stuff I've never heard of so HR just need to get their act together. I've also found out one of my staff (who happens to be the best worker in my eyes) is moving teams so I'll have to get some people in to interview I suppose now. I've done a couple of interviews before but only with temps but it's all apart of the job I guess. I was speaking to some of the other managers today and explained my thoughts and they were really supportive too so today went a long way towards quelling those fears. And I am on less hours after all. Now I just need to cut down on the obscene over time I've been doing to actually make it count for something.
  16. The Road to Evolution 2014

    Evo is fast becoming one of my yearly highlights and I can put that down to my love for Street Fighter as that's what brings me in each year. Last year, Capcom ran the Capcom Cup and the year before that there was the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournaments and I watched all the qualifiers and finals. Along the way, I've certainly ejnjoyed watching the other games, especially Marvel which can be stunning to watch some times though I'd say Chris G is the current king given how quickly he can lock out his opponents with Morrigan - it's not always that entertaing to watch as it can become quite formulaic but it's certainly effective and when things go awry, he can still bring in Doom and play like a champ. I follow various Capcom related twitter feeds (like unity, Street Fighter, Capcom Fighters and Yoshinori Ono) and Evo and so most of the big name tournaments get retweets like ESGN's SSF4 Fight Night that ran the past week and half with the likes of Xian, Infiltration and Tokido in a winner stays on knockout competition. I'm surprised to see the Melee had the highest viewership for Evo 2013 mind as I remember seeing the qualifying rounds were only a third of the people watching Street Fighter and Marvel ones - at least on Twitch anyway.
  17. good stuff thread.

    I'm not too sure whether this should go in the good or bad thread really. I have a problem but the cause of said problem is definitely a very good thing. Having already completed some tests when I first applied, I had an interview for a managers role at work on Friday. I was originally told I hear something back next week but when I had to make a return trip to the HR dept, to show them my Driving License, I was told I'd hear something on Monday. Anyway, on the Friday shortly before I was due to leave, the Manager who conducted my interview came to see me and took me to one side - the job is mine, I got it. I couldn't believe it really. I thought I stood a reasonable chance given but you never know who you're up against and what it is they could be bringing. I was then speaking to my current manager about it in the evening, and she told me that the gentlemen in charge of the entire section, so three managerial levels above me, had heard such good things about me and been so impressed with my test results that he originally said he didn't want to the manager who interviewed me to conduct any interviews at all - he just wanted to give me the job out right. So I guess my interview was a formality/attempt to appease HR. Now naturally, I was quite overwhelmed with this news and praise and I was buzzing all evening. This is my second promotion in 6 months and the financial compensation has been surprisingly generous (on both occasions they've given more than the typical starting salary) - I might even be on less hours too. So yeah, pretty great news... You'd think. Now it's not that I'm not happy I got it but, well, I just don't feel worthy of such accolades. The past two days have been spent thinking about the times where I have made a mistake or took a chance on something that really I shouldn't have - even if it did turn out ok in the end. Plus, I've never actually been formally in charge of a team before. The team in question don't currently have a manager and so I do a lot of stuff for them that a manager normally would but it isn't the same, and there is far more I don't do. Plus, my time has been split between 3 teams anyway so they've never had my full attention and I've never had to give it either. I guess the point is, I have no idea how ready I am but it feels like I'm not ready at all. I know it's probably something you can never really be ready for and a lot of the skills you need can only be got from doing it but it doesn't make it any less daunting. In a nutshell, I almost feel like a fraud and I'm worried about being terrible at the job.
  18. Do Nintendo's Game Droughts Make You Game Elsewhere?

    The great Nintendo drought of 2011/12 really killed a lot of my enthusiasm for console gaming. I've always been a Nintendo only guy when it comes to home and portable devices - other products only ever entered the home via my brother - so it hurts a little more when these things happen. But since getting a computer capable of playing games again in 2011, that's where I've spent most of my time since. A lot of it has simply been catching up on games that never came to the Wii due to hardware limitations. Picking up modern classics for peanuts in Steam sales has shown me how much I missed out on last gen by sticking purely to the Wii. And that's not to say I regret that decision because Nintendo's Wii games, for me, decimated their Gamecube counterparts that the lack of third party games wasn't a big deal - not that it didn't have a few great exclusives from them too. Playing all those other games though has completely opened my eyes to how much more there is to gaming than just what I was getting from Nintendo so I guess I should be grateful but the flipside to that is that I no longer see Nintendo as the only place to get games I'm guaranteed to enjoy. And the games are not just an endless list of grey corridoor shooters, QTEs and unskipable cutscenes that some people would have you believe. It used to be that the thought of not being able to get the next Mario or next Zelda game made the concept of getting any other console over the Nintendo product seem ludicrous. But getting to play games like Deus Ex, The Elder Scrolls, Batman, Castlevania, X-Com and Borderlands for the first time has felt so fresh that I would like a bit more of that in the future and given I only have so much free time, that's got to come from somewhere and it's going to be Nintendo gaming unfortunately. The issue has now become that since I'm gathering so many games in one place, it's put me off home console gaming altogether as I like the thought of having everything on one device (last gen only games that are still hitting PC, like Castlevania - LoS2 and South Park, also making it very difficult to move on) - the software pricing also plays a big part in it. Luckily, the 3DS blew it out of the water last year and went some way to making up for two weak years but really, the damage was already done by that point. So yes, their droughts do make me go elsewhere and it's fundamentally changed my relationship with not just Nintendo, but with gaming in general. I'm substantionally less invested with them emotionally with Nintendo Directs having gone from a "clear my schedule" attitude to a "I can't be bothered to watch the video but I might read a summary later" one because if Nintendo can't give me my fix of gaming goodness, there are plenty others who can. I just never realised that until now.
  19. GamePad-utilising eShop 'bite-size' games

    Isn't that middle one is up for debate given the story that was doing the rounds last week or was that blown out of proportion?
  20. #02 - N-Europe: Let's Talk Games (Super Mario Sunshine)

    I wrote most of this a while back but never did get round to finishing it. Seeing this thread, howver, inspired me to get back to it - so thank you Mr F - but if it appears slightly disjointed, you'll know why. Six years is a long time and it’s an even longer time in videogames. What was once fresh, new and exciting can be become stale, over familiar and simply worn out. Unique ideas are copied so blatantly, and repeatedly, that whilst it ensures the original stands out more prominently, all eyes are on the inevitable sequel to set the standard once again. Legacy. Not only the hallmark of a quality title, it is also the biggest foe any follow up could possibly dare face. Six years is a long to wait for a sequel and you’d be forgiven for having more than a little in terms of anticipation for the title. And this is Nintendo’s offering – Super Mario Sunshine. Sticking very closely to the formula laid out by Super Mario 64, this does not have the luxury of being different on the scale that distinguished Majora’s Mask from Ocarina of Time – as the first proper Mario game for the console, it can’t afford to have it. There is a central hub, as ever, and a host of worlds that can be accessed from this with more opening up as you progress. It’s nothing new but it makes finding the next set of levels a much easier task and a map that can be brought up further aid this. Familiar in style it may be but familiar in setting, not so much. Gone are the castle walls that played host to his first 3D outing. Taking place on an island resort, it’s made clear from the very beginning that this is no holiday. Worlds are based on various attractions around the retreat such as beaches and err… more beaches. Taking the game out of the Mushroom Kingdom to inject variety proves a relatively pointless exercise. The only thing consistent about it from game to game is its ability to provide whatever backdrop Nintendo needed it to. It was never short on offering the player something new to look at and explore. This change in location proves positively stifling with some worlds being too similar and others fairly unremarkable. As impressive a level as Noki Bay is, it only serves to highlight the issue further and when added to the fact there are so few worlds compared to 64, it’s even more apparent. Mario controls almost as he did in his last game only this time, his movement is a lot tighter to the point it’s almost twitchy. On the whole, that’s a good thing considered some of the tasks you’ll be asked to complete. The difficulty is often lessened, however, by the introduction of the FLUDD gadget. This device allows Mario to expel water in a variety of direction, depending on the attachment, for the purposes of washing away paint/sludge, suspending him in mid-air, or propelling him either forward or upward at great speed. Whilst each function offers a degree of novelty, it disappears quicker than one would hope and it’s not enough to sustain the adventure. This is made most apparent in the “void” levels that see Mario robbed of his crutch and forced to rely solely on the techniques he is most famous for. The variety and challenge is at welcome odds with much of the game where repetition is a factor and curious, one-shot, ideas are let down by suspicious physics or simply not fun. The game’s finale is also something of a let-down and proves than you need more than a gargantuan sized foe to generate spectacle and excitement. The new hardware brings with it some obvious enhancement to the presentation as the graphics are lovely and the music is of much higher quality technically though only a handful of the tunes are remarkable enough to sit in memory despite all riffing on the same theme. The analogue shoulder buttons also bring a level of control that would be impossible on the older hardware. When faced with the end credits, it’s difficult to shake the sense that this game has been forced out the door before it was ready. The Nintendo 64 did not release until Super Mario 64 was finished and was all it could be – something that benefitted both the game and its host hardware. With the GameCube already on store shelves and missing its mascot, it’s understandable why there was a need to get this game out on time. Nintendo’s stance with regards to release dates has always been when the game was finished, regardless of what was happening in the retail space and yet this under baked release shows the dangers of deviating from the strategy – the blue coin hunt being the a throwback to the darkest days of the prior generations’ “collectathon” style game design by a studio that knows far better. It’s much easier to forgive those who have skim read the rule book on acceptable design when they miss a few things – forgiving those who wrote it on the other hand proves a much trickier task. That’s not to say this is a bad game, far from it. The underlying structure is as sound as ever and when it’s good, it matches its forbearer. The problem is that it never really excels it and when it attempts to deviate from the path, it quickly finds itself adrift at sea.
  21. Killer is Dead

    Announced by Famitsu, and picked up by a variety of online publications, Killer is Dead is the new action game from Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture. Following in the vein of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, you once again find yourself cast as an Assasin on mission to kill anything that moves. The player character has a several cybernetic enhancements and a gun attached to his arm - I hope this will lead to a nice levelling up/augmentation system. Naturally, he's also packing a sword. Whilst most sites just have the main news, a kind soul posted this link in the Eurogamer comments section that leads to an article detailing the game as well as providing scans from the magazine. Like the previous "Assasin games", this features cel-shading graphics and whist the scans are a bit washed out from the flash of the camera, it certains looks stylish enough. Should help tide us over until the release of NMH3. Also, whilst that site says it's for 360/PS3 (no Wii U), no where else seems to want to confirm platforms. EDIT: The Famitsu site confirms 360/PS3 releases.
  22. Audio Name that game is back once more, Chock full of laughter and fun galore. It's 2013 and I think it's time, So let's start the show with a witty rhyme. Magnus beats you all hands down, But I'll rig it this time and make him frown. If you get it wrong there is no shame, So come on in and name that game!! Seriously though guys, what's happened here? We're almost into April and no NTG!! Time to get this thing going again. I have a couple of rounds ready to go just waiting for me to hit the magic button... or several buttons... but I'm giving you a bit of warning as there is nothing worse than when someone posts a round and some git (read: Magnus) or some incredibly handsome, wonderful example of the human race (read: Captain Falcon - that's me folks) gets them all before anyone has even had a look in. To that end, I'm contemplating adding a few posting rules just so it means everyone gets a chance to have a go and no one person can rob all the points within 24 hours. I'll certainly make things clear before posting a round and if people have ideas/objections please let me know otherwise it's your own fault. Then you won't post, I won't quiz and everyone looks like a fool... especially you guys, but especially me even more so though perhaps not as much as you - I'm still awesome whatever goes down. to make this the best thread in this section so I can win one of the end year awardsfor people with too much time on their hands and claim all the glory. Than Magnus can do me a sig and cemment me as the new overlord of Name that Game... unless Dog-amoto threathens to beat me up for it. We can split the award, dude. You can have it Monday to Friday and I can have it on Weekends - deal? Err... where was I... Oh yeah... Name that Game is back baby!!! Standard Rules 1: In the interest of giving everyone a chance to compete, you can only gain a maximum of five points per round. You can make as many guesses as you like but I will only accept your first 5 correct answers. For my rounds, there will typically be around 10 games to guess so you're still able to steal around 50% of the points for an entire round if you're good enough. In the event that a round has substantially more than 10 games, then I will consider upping that amount but that will be for that round only and you will be told at the start of the round. 2: Given that there is a points cap under standard ruling of a maximum of five points per player per round, players will limited in terms of how many answers they can give in a given post. The number of potential answers is will restricted to the amount of additional points the player is still capable of scoring in any given round. For example: at the beginning of a round, players can make up to 5 guesses cumulative across all posts before verification by the quiz host - and each guess must be for a different game/question. If the quiz host informs that they are all incorrect, the number of guesses will once again rest at a maximum potential of 5 answers. If any of the answers are correct, the number of correct answers will be deducted from the maximum number of answers a player can give before verification and so if the player got 2 correct, they will now only be able to guess at 3 different answers. 3: If a period of 24hrs goes by without a single guess, please note this does not mean post as general NTG discussion could still be taking place in the thread, quiz hosts are advised to issue a clue as to the remaining answers. Clues can take what ever form necessary as is suitable to the original question - it could simple be increasing the viewing area of the original image or a written clue in a styling of the quiz host. If an additional 24hrs goes by without any guesses once clues have been provided, the round will end. Compulsory Rule 4: Whilst I understand that not everyone can guarantee where they will be, and whether they can be here to post, in exactly 24hrs time, a little bit of common courtesy to your fellow players is greatly appreicated. To that end, quiz hosts are asked to give reasonable notice before posting a new round and should at least try to narrow down the time slot for when they aim to make it available - 24 to 36hrs warning seems fair. There is no point anouncing a new round a week in advance as people won't likely remember. Ideally I would suggest postings be early evening time as people are less likely to play during the day, since at work/school, or in the middle of the night since they will be asleep and that allows people to nip in a claim all the easy points if they keep a different schedule to most. Weekends are a bit more open though. The 24hrs minimum notice is a hard rule and the timing is more of a guidance but please try to sensible. Whilst the first three items above are standard rules, there is nothing stopping a quiz host over-ruling them for a Free-For-All or Bonus Round style game if they choose. Item four is none negotiable and to disregard it would be to disregard your fellow players. If you are choosing to overrule the first three points, make it known to competitors when giving your notifcation.
  23. So apparently the Gatchaman film is a bit poor, but have you been watching Gatchaman Crowds? I was a little sceptical at first since it seemingly had very little in common with the originals but it's just got better and better with each episode.

  24. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    I did the next main mission but have been focusing more on capturing garrisons and doing the side missions. Got myself the explosive shell upgrade for my rifle which is pretty sweet - great for taking out speedboats and bunched enemies. I'm loving placing mines in the way of patrolling jeeps or attaching C400 and then blowing them up when they pass others. It's probably standard fair for most FPS games but it's amusing me no end. Also love the bow and arrow but the neon blue lights make it difficult to see so often find myself switching to my pistol and then swapping back. Wished there were some upgrades for it too but no biggy. Also finally took down my first Blood Dragon. It had a helmet on (which I guess you can blow up giving the achievement list?) and seemed a lot more agressive than a regular one but the garrisonI was in had a mounted turretso once he came into my sights, he was alsways going down.
  25. Fire Emblem Awakening

    Those of us who likely seem to to know quite a lot are probably those who've played prior games in the series. This is the sixth game to reach Europe and there are the Japanese ones too. This game is mix of all the unqiue elements of previous games mashed into one and so it doesn't take much to grasp how the new bits work. Plus we likely now the best FE sites on the internet for checking bits and bobs too. There are lots of things the games never tell you and so sometimes the only way to find this stuff is to look it up online. Just keep playing and it will sink in to the point that when the follow up arrives, for whatever system, most of it will be second nature and then you can really start to consider the changes and nuances of that compared to this instead of trying to take it all in for the first time. It's like that for any types of game really. My first Western RPG (Neverwinter Nights) took me some time before I understood things but since then, it's been a lot easier to grasp similar ideas in other games. Put me in front of the new Fifa game and I won't have a clue what things mean but there will be casual gamers out there who take to it like a pro because the only game they ever play is Fifa.