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  1. Wii U General Discussion

    It is worth noting that he doesn't actually reveal what was spoiled so you can still watch it in safety.
  2. Job woes/wins

    Following on from this post... I had an interview for the role today. I was originally asked to sit some online assessments but they changed their mind because I did some earlier on in the year. And then things all went a bit quiet because the manager is swamped being so under staffed. There has been strong pressure from high within in the business to demand that people in these roles have certain professional qualifications and lots of relevant experience... of which I have neither - I'm just quite experienced and very good at what I currently do because I put in a load of effort. I'm also not some fly by night cowboy out for a quick buck who will disappear after 6 months like a recent hire. My manager said to me at the start of the week "don't drop me in it". I replied with "I'd never do that to you" but a bit unsure what she was on about and asked her the next day. It turns out that there had been some discussions of putting me in the role on a secondment basis so that they get to see how I work and then make an assessment later as to whether to offer me the role on a more permant basis or let me return back to my current dept - that also benefits my current dept as I'm pretty much the linchpin that holds over half of it together and they'd not risk losing that if the other role didn't work out. The dropping her in it part comes from the fact that I'm only on a 1 week notice and as it's all internal, they could tell me to start straight away and there would be no hand over time for whoever my replacement might be. So it's almost like their trying to do their best to give me the chance to come in and show what I can do. So I've been trying to prepare for this interview today but everytime I read through the docs I was sent, I was letting the HR speak get to me. I know a lot of it is hyperbole and rubbish as I have to write it for roles in my team but when you know you're really stretching yourself anyway, it's quite intimidating and hard to focus through on what you do well and how best to sell yourself and bring it back to how they have phrased it. So I went in and it went a lot better than I was expecting overall. I felt a mess going in but came out a lot more relaxed and positive and even if I don't get it, I feel I represented myself well and showed them what I was about. Plus, they know more about me and next time, I'll be better placed to answer their questions, although I don't think I did too badly overall. I was expecting to be thrown for a complete loop with the technical questions, but I don't feel like I let myself down, so yeah, we'll see what happens. He said I should hear something next week about it.
  3. Wii U VC

    There has been some frankly embarassing posting across the various threads here as of late, but you've just catapulted yourself to the top of the list with this one MM3 has some of the best music in the series...
  4. The Price of eShop Games

    I got my Wii U equiped with Mega Man 2 through to 6. I'd been toying with the idea before but ultimately felt the standard price is outside my range for impulse buy so this generated sales that otherwise wouldn't have happened. It's a fantastic price for Fire Emblem, and it's a fantastic game too, but I still have my GBA cart so no sale for me. It is a real shame they didn't do something on the DLC for Awakening though - especially given that's been discounted and become very competatively priced as a result... unlike some other discounts. I'd have lapped that stuff up Nintendo's terrible account system be damned.
  5. A Link to the Past or Super Metroid?

    Super Metroid is great game alright, more so for its time, but I feel a lot of its elements were surpassed by Zero Mission and I still don't get on with Samus' floaty jumps. A Link to the Past, however, still sits at the top of the Zelda tree and can go toe to toe with almost any game and come out victorious - that includes Super Metroid.
  6. The Rayman games, both the original, Jungle Run, and the sequel Fiesta Run, are currently on sale on the Google Play store at 49p and 69p respectively if you're interested in picking them up.


    I have both and can strongly recommend them if you're curious. Plus, at that price, you can't really go wrong.

  7. Trine Enchanted Edition (eShop)

    I played through this before I went through the sequel and expansion and with the free upgrade on Steam, it promted me to go back. It was still lots of fun but you do miss the extra powers from the sequel - the amount of times I tried to throw the hammer was ridiculous. It's a simpler game but that just means it doesn't have any particularly annoying puzzles that sometimes crop up in Trine 2. Level 4 was my favourite upon first playing through and it remains that way now - it has the best piece of music in the game by a long way, and the rest is pretty good already. And now it has the graphics to match its beautiful score. Audio
  8. Wii U VC

    Pop'n Twinbee Raindbow Bell Adventures? How the hell did I miss that one!! Bought and downloaded. Such a brilliant game. I remember seeing that on an episode of GamesMaster and decided I had to get it. Then I did and I wasn't disappointed!! They really need to get a proper sequel to that on the 3DS - you just have to look at Kirby Triple Deluxe to image how cool it could look. I think I'm drowning in nostalgia over here
  9. Job woes/wins

    If I'm up at 2:53 am on a school night, you know I have to be CV writing. I know I've only been in my current role as a manager since March, but I've come across a role on the jobs board that I'm going to go for. The only reason I knew to look out for it was because my current manager mentioned there may be some opportunities in the team coming up - it's a team of 5 including the manager but 2 have recently left. She doesn't really want me to leave but she thinks it would really suit me quite well. So when I saw it on tuesday, I emailed the hiring manager to ask if we could get together to have a chat about it. I hadn't heard anything back from him but I knew I had a meeting with the guy today as part of one of our fortnightly meetings... but he didnt attend. So I asked his manager, who also happens to be my manager's manager if he was in and he said yes, but he's really busy. He did mention though that the guy had spoken to him about me emailing him asking about the role. When I was telling my manager about it today, she'd been off the previous two days, she told me she already knew I had emailed the guy asking about it because their manager had told her today. And by all accounts, he's quite into the idea. Despite not really having much experience from their side of things, he's not a fan of getting people in from outside the company as they tend to be poor or leave quite soon. So the fact that I already work under his area, and he thinks highly of me anyway (he's the guy who appointed me the manager without ever having met me after all), is positioning me quite well. It's certainly not a done deal or anything like that, but when he's already talking to my manager about how they would handle the massive gulf my leaving would have on the department, he's clearly taking me as a serious candidate and that's already much more than I expected. If I got this, it would be my third promotion within 12 months. I'd be a little sad to leave certain people behind, and very sad for some, but my time up to know has been spent developing a very broad knowledge base which whilst useful, it's not going to propel me up the ladder very fast. I know it's proven well so far but that's as much down to my own effort and commitment. To go further, I'll need to specialise and this will start to give me a bit more focus and help chart clear career paths.
  10. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    The final boss could have been a bit more climactic - it was obvious in Returns that you were at the last boss even. I can't let that spoil an otherwise excellent game though. 100%ing was almost a complete joy - some levels were a little frsutrating and give you so little time to react it begs the question whether anyone could do them on their first go. Dixie pretty much rendered Diddy and Cranky redundant for all but the most specific of situations so a little balancing their would have been better, but she does a lot to ease frustrations too, and of course, some more animal buddies would be nice. Still, hopefully they'll come in a third game which sees the return of the Kremlings as we venture through Crocodile Isle.
  11. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    I finished this today with 100% completion and I can't help but feel a little sad now it's over as now I'll probably have to wait until the next hardware gen for a new entry. The game just got better and better the more I played and that soundtrack - it really is sublime. It's a shame it had to end. What threw me a little was how the end boss was the boss in the last world - I was expecting another area to open on the map with a final fight. Because they get no real screen time, I didn't realise I was fighting the big bad guy so when the credits came up afterwards, I was a little surprised. Of the Wii U games I've played so far, this is probably my favourite.
  12. The Road to Evolution 2014

    I get spacing is a massive part of any fighting game but I do think the amount of movement in Smash makes the ultra high end competitive play a little difficult to watch compared to more traditional fighting games. Now it's time for Marvel!!! So glad I booked Monday off to stay up and watch all this stuff or I'd be an absolute wreck.
  13. The Road to Evolution 2014

    So this thread seems to have been forgotten but this weekend is Evo 2014. Currently got Injustice grand finals on stream one. King of Fighters XIII is also on at the moment but not being streamed. Smash Bros is on the other feed.
  14. I don't like her like that so I'm sure it's probably for the best for her if we don't speak. We've had some time seperate in the past but it's never lasted. This time though, I think it is over for good. I don't personally have an issue with her liking me but it seems it's too much for her. I need to give her what she's asked for. As upsetting as this is for me, I'm sure it's a lot worse for her and whilst that doesnt excuse all of her behaviour, rational thought is often the first thing to go out of the window when one is not in a good place emotionally. Thanks for listening guys - I just needed to get it out there. She's normally the person I'd talk to about things like this so it good to hear so many reasurring voices
  15. Wii U General Discussion

    I think the constant references to discussions/posts taking place on other forums could also be reigned in. If I wanted to know what idiot X on forum Y was saying, I'd go to forum Y. Bringing up their arguments over here only makes things worse.
  16. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this stuff, it could just easily sit i nthe bad stuff thread, but I've just had a not too pleasant conversation with a friend which seems to result in us going seperate ways. It was brought about because I hadn't spoken to her for two days - I didn't have a reason, I just hadn't rang/messaged her. I then got a snarky phone call on Friday that didn't impress me because asking if I was still alive as if to suggest that death or family emergency is the only viable reason not to speak. I wasn't avoiding her or anything. I was just having a bit of me time. We spoke today and some home truths came out - she said that she likes me and has done since we met 6 years ago. She has been pretending not like me and I've been pretending like I didn't know. Two biggish lies are not exactly the greatest foundation for a friendship but it seemed to work increddibly well when it did. But this is the first time she's come out and said it outright. She's been a bit off recently and I had suspected but I played dumb to try and make things easier. I never told her I had my suspicions all along. What kinda brought things to a head though was that was out on the town the other weekend and got a couple of phone numbers from girls. Having told her about my evening, suddenly, I'm married and no longer have time for her and she can't have me and so it all blows up like this. We've had similar riffs like this in the past whenever I've started speaking to other girls (it doesn't happen often) but not on this scale. Our friendship has always been extremely close and more inline with an actual relationship than just friends so whilst we were never together, me not being with anyone else probably helped with regards to her feelings. It seems all her boyfriends in this time frame have been very similar to me personality wise but they never worked out. Now I'm being lumped in with them as being a typical guy just because I somehow managed to strike up conversation with a some people I've never met before in a bar. She's asked me not to contact her now. There's not really anything I can do about it but I do feel a bit crappy about the whole thing. I don't really want her gone but I can't help but think she would be better off without me in her life. I was telling my mates what was happening in my "love life" at the weekend and they were both surprised and impressed by it all that there were so many things going on (there was also some recent interest from a girl from work but I certainly didn't dare mention that to his girl) but it really feels like way too much hassle. I just want to find that one special person, settle down, and have done with all this crap.
  17. PS2 Appreciation Topic: A Thread Fit For A King

    Now yes, this is taken from a PS2 emulator, though it still looked pretty darn good the last time I played it, but if you have even a passing interest in the genre, you have to get this game and if you didn't, this could change your mind - like it did mine. This isn't bullet hell - it's bullet heaven!
  18. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    I can now add this to my list of Wii U games. I've just finished world three and am so far missing just 3 green stars and 1 stamp so I've been trying to be fairly thorough before moving worlds. I's pretty darn good, but it definitely lacks something. The fun is there yet it doesn't have the wow factor that Galaxy brought with it. I dare say the score has something to do with that too. Galaxy didn't have typical mario music but it felt like it belonged all the same. The Galaxies games locations allowed for more liberties with sound design. What's here isn't bad but the only real highlight so far has been the Mario Kart remix and I'm smart enough to know that it's really nostalgia at work on that one. I really can't recall any other music piece so far - not even the main theme. I will also say the lack of fully analog movement is a little annoying/disappointing too. I know why they did it but it doesn't mean I have to like it, and it does make a difference even within the relatively angular level designs. It was much less of an issue on the smaller/tighter levels of 3D Land but it's a lot more obvious here. Niggles aside though, it is a really fun game and I look forward to see what the later stages have to offer.
  19. There are two I tend to watch: GT Time from Gametrailers and SideScrollers from Screwattack. I like the group they have on GT Time as it does feature my favourite members of the GT crew... although I guess they have a lot less to call on now. Before watching these, I was fairly indifferent to Kyle Bosman and found that something seemed a little off in his The Final Bosman show. After watching these, it's even more apparent. He seems so much more relaxed in this and interacts well with the rest but now I find I can watch his own show too. And they all bring something different to the table which is good. It's now become pat of my Saturday routine: get up, go the gym, get back and eat some freshly cooked chicken and watch GT Time. Sidescrollers is a little different. They start by talking about recent game news, then go into a particular gaming topic, before reading some weird stories (not gaming related) followed by some viewer questions. I got into this at uni a couple of years back when I was tied to a computer for 12hrs+ a day and needed something to distract me. These guys have always been big on original video content and their extensive archives gave me plenty to go at. It's currently on a break but will be starting again soon.
  20. PC Gaming Discussion

    So far, I've bought Mirror's Edge, despite owning the XBox 360 version, and DmC Devil May Cry. They had previously been at those prices in sales and I had eyed them up the last time I saw them but never did get them so I'm making up for it. I was considering Hotline Miami but I've never been a big fan of top down shooters - it's the athestic style that keeps drawing my attention though. EDIT: you ca now add the Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC packs to that list.
  21. Wii U: Abundance of 2D games?

    I think it was only the All-Range mode boss section too which was pretty barren to begin with. They've said they are looking for a development partner to actually make the game and you'd have to fancy Q Games but I'm not sure what they're actually up to and whether they have the man power - I'd wager not. Treasure don't appear to have much on their plate at the moment from what I can see but again, I think this would be a much bigger project for them than their used to. If the first episode does come out in 2015, I'd be quite surprised.
  22. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    I'm near the end of Chapter 4 and you can feel the threads starting to unwind from Chapter 3 onwards where there feels to be substantial lulls in the game. By all accounts, it only gets worse, which is a shame given how fresh and unique it feels at the start. It needs to build up that goodwill at the beginning to make you see it through to the end. It does seem that reviewers tended to gloss over this aspect, or certainly downplay the impact it has, but there seems to be a quite vocal group of people online who've had issues.
  23. What Have You Bought?

    I'd been wanting to pick up a new blazer for a while yet selection is limited where I live but I saw this in Topman whilst in London and thought it was worth a purchase.
  24. UbiSoft Press Conference Thread

    In those instances, the promise was so great that it was always going to be easy to fail on delivering that experience as imagined y the gamer. The same thing happened with Assasin's Creed where one was a proof of concept and two delivered it. Heck, their first stab at Farcry with 2 showed potential but was flawed and then they brought it all with 3. R6S looks incredibly tame from the get go.
  25. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    In all fairness, isn't that just the current ad but with the Wii U box slapped on the end? I'm sure I've seen all that on TV. It's not that they are still showing just CGI at this stage for Wii U - they have been selling to every platform with that exact same footage.