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  1. The Reviews Thread

    Um, giving an honest opinion is called good journalism so I fail to see how. What's more, he was brave to not sell out to the ridiculous hype of "OMG! NEW ZELDA GAME!!1" and instead review it as a stand alone game.
  2. SD Gundam

    Love the cutesy look. Hopefully this will shape up to be a fun arcadey style game.
  3. Kororinpa

    I want it.
  4. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    Awesome, Brighton is only 10 minutes away on the train
  5. Intresting. Ubi must really think Wii will be a success.
  6. Possible Wii Killer

    I don't think this is as universal as the Wii remote which looks far more user friendly.
  7. Official Wii Boxart Thread

    OMG. That Wario Ware boxart is AWESOME! XD Thats why I love nintendo.
  8. Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam

    Hell yes.
  9. Cooking Mama: Cooking with International Friends

    Do people like this game because of the name? I'm curious as to what the appeal is.
  10. Cube was the best magazine in the history of the universe. That is all.
  11. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    But thats the whole point of Metroid. Isolation. Lonelyess. Its just you, a bounty hunter stuck on a dead planet in the far reaches of the galaxy, trying to save it and your only aid is your trusty plasma canon and some upgrades. Still, as long as Samus herself doesn't start yapping I don't mind and the new bounty hunters so far seem much better designed and plain cooler than the ghastly ones from Hunters.
  12. What will you buy at launch?

    Monkey Ball and Metroid for me. Possibly Zelda and Rayman as well, depends on how much money I have.
  13. Pikmin Wii?

    Pikmin 3 with wi-fi co-op + Vs. mode plz, k thanx.
  14. My thoughts on Metroid Prime 2...

    Not as good as the first but still excellent. People who say its too hard- you suck :P
  15. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    So getting this at launch, along with Monkey Ball. And I loved the design of that other Bounty hunter.