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  1. Wii Fit

    I can't believe no-one made a thread about this, because I think this is f***ing amazing! Best non-game idea Nintendo has had so far! Check the amazing trailer here. Hot girl included. Am I the only one who simply can't wait for a daily portion of Wii fitness?
  2. The Music Thread.

    Have you listened to Magnificent? I'm so in love with that guitar riff. It 'feels' better than How To Dismantle... ! Solid quality throughout, but except Magnificent and Get On Your Boots, nothing keeps sticking in my mind.
  3. The Music Thread.

    Guilty pleasure I guess. U2 got me into music with Vertigo But to be honest, it's easy to hate U2 because of Bono being such an incredible prick. Doesn't mean their music is bad though. The new album is pretty great.
  4. The Music Thread.

    U2's new album has been leaked. Finding it on the street right now.
  5. Google Knows Where You Are

    Google doesn't track what you read in e-mail, and doesn't track your location. No-one at Google has access to this, and no advertiser partnering with Google has it either. It is encrypted so that it can only do automated context aware ads, that no other human can ever access this information besides you. Google has no interest in having this information anyway; as long as the ads are automated everybody is happy. If Google did do this, they would've been sued to oblivion already.
  6. Windows 7

    Vista Starter was meant for that. But Microsoft is planning to use Windows 7 Starter on netbooks as well, which I think is a horrible choice. Even Vista can run more than three applications on a netbook.
  7. Windows 7

    It says it'll be "available in limited retail stores". To create a feeling of exclusivity for an animated wallpaper I guess... Also, I think Windows 7 Starter is really disrepectful to the consumer, crippling your OS to three open applications, and still have them pay for it... I'll probably be happy with Home Premium or Business.
  8. Microsoft Silverlight

    Yeah, it's included with Windows Live Messenger now too. Microsoft is making sure you're getting their product.
  9. Microsoft Silverlight

    It's pretty annoying Linux has meagre support as well. Although the open source implementation pleases the nerd community, the closed source versions of Flash and JavaFX are actually up snuff in capability with their Windows counterparts. It's surprising how influential Linux users are on the internet sometimes.
  10. Microsoft Silverlight

    It's a mess with the internet now Adobe (Flash), Microsoft (Silverlight) and Sun (JavaFX) have something for rich internet content. Now you need a zillion plugins to surf around properly. To be honest Adobe needs to get their act together because apparently Silverlight and JavaFX are pretty capable packages. Silverlight will be included default in Windows 7 and is available on Mac and mobile devices, and JavaFX is included with Java (including the VMs on mobile phones), so the competition might get rough for them.
  11. The Music Thread.

    What's so shit about Coldplay? Far from the best band ever, but certainly listenable imo.
  12. The sterling is finished?

    I don't see the Titanic as being sunk, but just in need of a lot of duct tape! (Just kidding, it's not that bad). The whole point of the Euro is greater financial stability. You don't need to manage stuff when things are going great, like in the rest of the EU I doubt the Euro will drop as much as the pound; its the currency of the most stable economies in the world combined. We might not have as much control over the currency, but that only means that you can't mess it up for others. Besides, there's a power shift - because of the weak US Dollar, the Euro is becoming more and more the preferred international coin.
  13. Formula 1 2009

    Fail Whatever happened to: ING should really come up with a better color scheme. That new rear wing makes everything look so childish, and has somehow made every team switch to a ridilously huge nose!
  14. Windows 7

    It's somehow not working in Linux either anymore. Really weird, you'd think it's hardware, but it connects to other WLANs fine. It can't connect to the special security which I thought was only a different software implementation. And the WLAN hasn't changed either because my phone can still connect to it with similar settings (and all my flatmates still connect fine)
  15. Windows 7

    Windows 7 is magically incapable of connecting to my uni's WLAN while Vista could do it perfectly. I don't want to change back to Vista
  16. The Music Thread.

    I really like the style sort of industrial, heavy but danceable (kind of like Pop again?). But the song itself doesn't really get to me so far.
  17. Itunes on Linux?

    Well, honestly it's a bad move to buy all your stuff from the iTunes store But yeah, I can't say. Regular iPods (not Touch and iPhone) are well supported for normal music, but DRM and Linux just don't mix. You could use a Live CD, virtual machine or Ubuntu Wubi (install in Windows) to test it. You have to pay for CrossOver Office though, unless you find it somewhere out on the street. Apparently they have music that downloads to an iPod out on the street as well EDIT: It seems to have some reasonable success stories using Wine, which is freely available. iTunes Store is reported to work, but iPod sync not so much. You have to fiddle around quite a bit it seems though.
  18. Windows 7

    Done a clean install with this, and it's great. This has got to be the best looking OS ever. And it's definetely faster than Vista (although that might be because of fresh install).
  19. EU Suing Microsoft

    I don't think this is stupid. There's no good reason why IE and WMP aren't at least uninstallable (you can uninstall Safari in OS X for example). Microsoft has dominated the market with an inferior browser way too long, and with it, they're really stopping progress in web development. If they're forced to remove IE though, getting the user to install a web browser is a big challenge. Although you can install Firefox without opening IE, people aren't nerds like some on the Firefox fundamentalists of the web. Problem is, if the Windows installer lets you choose, it'll be confusing for users. Then, which browsers will they show? I assume Firefox, and Opera too because they filed the lawsuit, but Microsoft doesn't even fully support stuff like Silverlight on Opera (yet), and doesn't support ActiveX in any browser but IE. And then there's other browsers like Safari, Chrome, Konqueror... Not to mention all the slight varieties on IE and Firefox (like Flock)... There's probably going to be a list sorted by popularity or something.
  20. Windows 7

    Microsoft says early next year, but rumour has it that they may go for the Christmas season. Steve Ballmer said the beta feels 'finished' to him, so development might actually be quicker than planned. To be honest, I don't mind Vista for some more time, if they make Windows 7 as good as possible. Don't know anyone who'd give anybody else an OS for Christmas anyway, but maybe that's me.
  21. PC starts then shuts down.

    Sounds like a RAM problem. Got the same symptoms when upgrading my brother's PC.
  22. Another "I'm buying a new PC" thread!

    PCI-E 2.0 is faster, but the difference will be very minimal (e.g. 1/2 fps if even) because your graphics card won't need the increased bandwidth.
  23. WMP and MPC aren't usually used to watch DVDs are they? Can you try VLC from videolan.org?
  24. John Travolta's Son Dies

    Actually It's been rumoured for a long time that his son doesn't actually have the disease reported, but that Travolta has been calling it that to cover for autism. Kawasaki's disease is kind of a mystery disease that does a lot of things, but it doesn't appear to cause seizures - it does a lot of things but doesn't seem to affect the brain. Autism does cause seizures. But, John Travolta has been denying his son has autism for years, because Travolta is a Scientologist, and Scientology doesn't believe in autism. Now I don't want to be a Wikipedia dr. House, but it seems that Scientology has caused a celebrity death again. And that John Travolta, though way more awesome than Tom Cruise, fails at life.
  25. Upgrading my PC

    You shouldn't if you don't miss games now. The first is actually a fantastic deal, and you can always upgrade your graphics card later if you need it. It's really easy to do.