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  1. Happy 21st Birthday, dude.

  2. Hey dude, did you end up buying a Switch in the end? Has buyer's remorse kicked in yet?

  3. A Perfect Circle are currently touring and have even played one or two new songs. They've signed a new deal, so it's highly likely that a new album is out soon.


    Tool are also touring in a few months time and have been posting teaser images:



    Looks increasingly likely that we're going to get new materials from both bands at some point this year. There's also been rumours that Tool are finally going to put their music on Spotify ahead of this new album release.




    The odds look good. :D

  4. Brah, are you into Tool and A Perfect Circle? Apparently both will be releasing new albums this year?!

  5. Good man.


    (10 characters)

  6. If you enjoyed Dragon Age, I'm sure you'll enjoy this. :D

  7. Play The Witcher 3 and experience it for yourself. :p

  8. Fancy some Battlefront?

  9. Also, this colour scheme reminds me of a tin of Quality Street.



  10. You disappoint me.

  11. Phaggot, have you played more Witcher yet?

  12. Have you played it yet?

  13. Well done. Enjoy it! :D

  14. Did you buy the game, phaggot?

  15. I've not listened to the song since then. Might give it a try and see how it sounds now!

  16. Hearts of Stone is the first expansion for the game. There's two expansion packs in total. One is Hearts of Stone, recently released. The other is Blood and Wine, due out early next year. Altogether, they're about 30 hours+ of extra content (10 roughly for Hearts of Stone, 20 for Blood and Wine)


    You can get the season pass for 20 quid which means you can download both when they're available. Orrrrrr, there's a special edition physical version of Hearts of Stone, where you get some cards that feature in the Witcher 3. Basically, there's a card game within the game (YO DAWG I HURD U LIEK GAMES SO WE PUT A GAME WITHIN UR GAME SO U CAN GAME WHILST U GAME) and the physical Hearts of Stone expansion includes two of the four card decks.


    The main game itself is...looooooooong. Seriously, it'll be worth the extra few quid due to its length. You'll probably last the year off The Witcher 3 and Destiny.

  17. Bruuuuh, check on ebay.




    There's one going for £26.89, brand new and sealed. Free postage. Get the fuck on that. I bought it full price and still feel like I ripped THEM off.

  18. ...There are no words.


    Should have jumped on it straight away. You're breaking my balls here, Rummy.

  19. Have you played The Witcher 3 yet, or are you still a virgin?

  20. Unlucky. The only station I listen to is Studio Brussel and sometimes BBC Radio 1's metal show if I'm driving back from Wales. They play it reeeeally late on a Sunday and there's some great up and coming bands that get played on there.


    Bloc Party has always been about Kele, tbh. He's always decided the direction of the band. If you look back at the lyrics from A Weekend in the City and Silent Alarm, they're all based on him. His solo stuff is quite good, but it's different. I think they peaked when they did A Weekend, I don't think any album since then has been as good or varied. Such a brilliant album.

  21. It'll be a different album, but a good one. Bloc Party make good albums and they're all a bit different to each other anyway.


    I don't listen to the radio anymore. I just whore Spotify and get new music from there. There's a lot of good stuff out there.

  22. I still listen to Bloc Party. Listened to a bit of Silent Alarm the other day, actually. :p


    I heard the first minute of this song and thought "it sounds like the first track off a new album" and it turns out that it actually is. So, I guess that confirms my psychic powers. :D


    I quite like it. It'll get better on repeated listens. Chorus is quite nice.

  23. I'm tempted to, but I've got too much other stuff to play through. I might wait for it to appear in a deal or to drop in price slightly before I go for it. Definitely one to play, though. :D

  24. When you get a PS4, add Everybody's Gone To The Rapture to your list. I think you'll like it.

  25. When you have time, play Everybody's Gone To The Rapture.


    I've finished it and I watched Ine finish it yesterday. It's beautiful. :)