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  1. Metro Exodus (PS4/XBO/PC)

    Cheers for those impressions, so far! How are the survival aspects of this game in comparison to the other Metro games? I remember 2033 in particular could feel quite stressful at times looking for more gaaaas.
  2. Initially I was excited, but the gameplay footage itself has put me right off. Do not like that art style one bit. Shame.
  3. I've been doing this online note identification test daily, with the aim of being able to get better with reading music. I never learned how to read music, even learning the note names and where they appear on the sheet/treble and bass staff/staves. The tricky ones for me are the ones that appear on the ledger lines. I'm determined to get better at this, but it's going to take a lot of practice.
  4. Football Season 2018/19

    For me, a big part of the problem is moving Kante (probably one of the best players in the world in his position) out of his preferred position. That's a major issue. The rest of the team loses balance and cohesion from there as a starting point. I also don't particularly rate Jorginho, so you've already got issues with two out of your midfield three right from there. Obviously, there have been issues in the strikers/attacking department. Aside from Hazard, who is obviously your best player, there is so little creativity in the team. I look at that team and wonder where the goals are going to come from. The options coming off the bench are also pretty poor, imo. City were fantastic today and I am so glad that I put Aguero back into my Fantasy team.
  5. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    Show us pics of the real stufffff. I generally dislike the screwlock collar designs for the barbells and dumbbells. It takes ages to screw the collars on and off and...they just don't seem right to me. My old standard weight barbell was like that and it just used to grate on me how much time I'd be wasting messing with the collars.
  6. Brexit 2019

    So...stuff happened today. Government wants an alternative arrangement for Northern Ireland. Yeah, good luck with that... I've watched the whole thing and my head just hurts. It all just seems rather pointless.
  7. Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Very much enjoyed reading your post @Hero-of-Time. I'll most likely look to pick this up in the Summer, but damn your post has me excited.
  8. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    Good job, @Goafer. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it. Always exciting trying and doing new things. I've got a completely blocked nose and feel a bit awful, but have still managed to lift some weights in between all of that. Deadlifts/legs on Saturday, cardio yesterday, and then chest, shoulders and some triceps work today. Need that day off tomorrow. *collapses on sofa*
  9. Brexit 2019

    I keep hearing rumours that she is prepared to "drop" the Irish backstop offer, but...what the hell is going to happen to Ireland then?! The Government do not seem to understand that the only way to prevent a border is to be in some sort of customs union. They've had years to make a decision and seem unable to want to commit to one. We'll see what happens on Tuesday. Plan B is just Plan A remixed, so don't see it getting through, although maybe the defeat won't be so grand this time. I don't think May has played some kind of masterstroke. She's genuinely incompetent at what she does and is either really ill-informed or just flat-out ignorant with what she knows or doesn't know. I've looked up her previous voting record and, although her views have softened in recent years, it does not make for pleasant reading. I would be pleased if the UK decides to scrap Brexit, but I do recognise that it will come with its own can of worms. In another set of circumstances, No Deal would be easier to stomach if there was some actual blueprint for the future about how the UK would go about conducting business, etc, but I'm just not seeing enough there to make that prospect seem tangible. I think what the UK is aiming to do (or what it thinks it is aiming to do) is, in fact, extraordinarily difficult and these deals often takes years to put together. With the people that we have in charge of the negotiations (at least as far as Brexit is concerned), the thought of No Deal seems somewhat terrifying, imo! What is your current situation like? @Eenuh is waiting to do the "Settled Status" thing and doesn't seem impressed with it all, so far! Our two horses are made of cheese with the legs placed on the inside of the horse. Is your move to Canada based on Brexit or other external factors? I don't think she's very much liked, although I find it a little odd how Corbyn seems to be vehemently hated in comparison. Personally, I really dislike May and do think she'll go down as a poor Prime Minister. I worry how society will view the prospect of another female Prime Minister after May and...that other one who will not be named. *hisses*
  10. Football Season 2018/19

    Crazy weekend with some of the FA Cup scores. Both Everton and West Ham getting knocked out today by non-Premier League teams. I know that it probably means that it's a little bit "easier" for a team like Man City to win it, but it also does increase the chances of it being a Champions side, for example. Interesting!
  11. Brexit 2019

    The EU is saying nothing different to what it, as a collective, has been saying all along. Their position has remained the same throughout and it has been consistent, especially with regards to May's red lines. It is our own Government that are the problem with the constant flip-flopping, but making no real progress. We need some form of resolution, or at least some clear direction of where things are going. The problem is that May is being "stubborn" with her red lines and hasn't moved an inch, even after it has been proven that there is no appetite at all for her deal. If she moves her red lines now, she will look weak, although I don't think it will matter too much to her if she plans to move on as PM after Brexit, which seems likely anyway. It's ludicrous that such important matters are being left to the last minute and it's an indictment on how poor UK politics is at the moment that we find ourselves even talking about the notion of extending the deadline. The danger of extending the deadline (with the way things currently are) is that it will just prolong the pain, particularly with the average voter who just wants (to a certain extent) politics to move on, particular as there are other social issues which just aren't being tackled whilst this uncertainty is in the background. There's a danger of further disillusionment with the citizens of the UK, especially if this were to effectively restart. How much more of this can the public actually stomach? There's only so many times we can go over the same arguments about "single market access", or "freedom of movement", or "the Irish border" and soon a decision will just have to be made, and the consequences lived with. We'll see what happens. A large portion of the country are going to be fucked off either way. The 48% (or however many it is now) who voted remain, if the UK leaves on No Deal. The 52% (or however many it is now), if we cancel the whole thing. God knows how many if we hold a Second Referendum, or an Extension, or a General Election, possibly a large proportion from both sides. I don't see the country uniting after Brexit and still personally think that we'll see the social and economical effects of whatever happens for a long time. I agree with a lot of what you are saying with regards to the changes. What I really don't like it just how politics has become a two-horse race between the Conservatives and Labour. We just need a more wider selection of parties and a better way of the votes of the people being represented. I also think it will lead to a greater many people actually voting for the parties and issues that they truly want, instead of this bullshit "tactical voting" nonsense that took place in the last General Election.
  12. Brexit 2019

    The only way to rule out a No Deal Brexit is to either: 1. Cancel Brexit/Remain in the EU 2. Pass through May's current deal (an amended version) 3. Pass through another deal. The default option is that the UK will leave on a No Deal Brexit. If nothing changes between now and the leave date (no extensions, no deals), then the UK will leave on No Deal. You can't rule out a No Deal. It's a bit like ruling out failing on a test. You just can't. Even if we extend the deadline, it's still a deadline that has to be met at x date in the future. The EU also need to agree to it. Are they really going to just extend because, quite frankly, the UK has no idea what it is doing? You only have to look at the Irish border situation to see how ridiculous a situation we are in. To satisfy not having a No Deal brexit, one of those three options is still the only outcome. I am really getting the feeling at the moment that the UK is praying for an extension, but I have no faith in the Government whatsoever to still come up with a viable solution to all of this (which leaves us better off or in a better position than staying in the EU). This is all still based on "ifs" and "buts". "If this happens, then Labour will do this", or "if this doesn't happen, Labour will then do this". Sorry, we're just really past that point now. Somewhat unrelated, but I hope that once Brexit is out of the way (lol), we can look again at another system, such as Proportional Representation. I hope that this will then lead to a greater choice of parties, as I am tired of the near-two-party system that we currently run in the UK.
  13. General Movie Thread

    Just looking at the Oscar nominations that were announced today. Man, animated films get absolutely shafted at the Oscars. Into the Spider-verse gets nominated for Best Animated Feature, yet doesn't get a look in for Best Picture, which is insane, imo. Also, it doesn't get a nomination for Best Visual Effects. Way to devalue animations.
  14. Brexit 2019

    I can see an extension to Article 50 coming, but man...another General Election? Don't think it'll happen, but I can just imagine the collective sigh that the UK will do if it does. Brexit is the one issue that is dominating everything in the UK, at the moment. It's on the news daily, it seems to change quicker than the weather and we don't seem to be any closer to a conclusion. Do we really need to throw a General Election into the mix? The Labour Party's obsession with it at the moment is exhausting. I admire the Greens and Lib Dems more for choosing a side with the need for a Final Say vote, rather than Labour sitting on that fence and promising that things will be different if they were in charge. Let's entertain the notion of a possible General Election. If Labour do get in...will we be effectively restarting the process from the beginning? 2 and a half more years of going after a new deal, plus the time needed to host a General Election. It could be close to a decade after the referendum before we have any sort of path or idea of where the UK is going, if we have a General Election. We're all assuming that the EU is going to grant the extension. What if they just want a quick resolution?
  15. good stuff thread.

    Congratulations! *goodbye, money*
  16. Job woes/wins

    You loved the attention really. *raises hand* Sorry, I'm JUST too busy!
  17. I've been spending some time over the last two evenings learning how to play the keyboard. It's part of my plan to get a bit better with the theory side of things, including learning how to read music. I've never needed to learn music before, since I've always relied on tabs for guitar and bass, and have mostly learned drums by playing by ear (used a few tabs in the earlier days to figure out what was going on in certain songs). But, with keyboard, there really isn't any way around this. It's sloooooow going at the moment, but progress has definitely been made. I've been using the MuseScore app to find sheet music and have been spending a bit of time trying to decode a few bits and pieces. I've started learning "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" as I loved the rendition of it that was in BioShock Infinite. I've made @Eenuh listen to it and it doesn't sound tooo terrible already. Kind of in awe at how people can sightread whilst playing the piano. Fucking magicians. Would love to be able to get up to that point.
  18. Brexit 2019

    So, uh, the last week has certainly been interesting. May's deal has been absolutely obliterated, then came the No Confidence vote and now we've got a plan B which looks an awful lot like the plan A but with the A tippexed over. We seem to be getting closer to an Article 50 extension, but rather because there still doesn't seem to be a definite plan. Part of me wonders whether we will still be in the same situation 2 years from now.
  19. Brexit 2019

    Thought that this was quite interesting:
  20. Brexit 2019

    Isn't part of the argument that "Leave" on the ballot paper could also potentially have meant "Leave Everything" as in exit with No Deal? That's the problem when a referendum has such a weak question and very grey options. If this is the case, then did the public want "No Deal" or did they want a softer Brexit? It really displays how flawed a Referendum can be. (not setting a limit of, say, 60% of the vote (or a more definitive percentage (52-48 is not definitive) to become legally binding or something along those lines was also a mistake, imo) We'll see what happens tomorrow if/when the deal fails. I'm not going to be particularly upbeat about anything if Article 50 gets an extension because it doesn't necessarily mean that a plan will materialise from somewhere. I get the feeling that May will continue to push and push her deal until she gets some form of it through. I can just picture the rhetoric right now.
  21. Brexit 2019

    Unless we see an extension to Article 50, I do think that it's very late in the day for May to start pursuing a Norway plus deal. From what she's been saying so far, she wants us out of the Single Market and Customs Union. Of course, it all may change once the deal gets voted down this week. I'm very uncomfortable with just how close the deadline is, yet a lack of a definitive plan being put in place. I've often heard of the "No Deal by accident" phrase being used, which is quite conceivable. If we must leave the EU, I think an EFTA/Norway style of deal is the easiest one to stomach out of all of the available options.
  22. Football Season 2018/19

    Big game tomorrow. I feel that we'll put in a good performance but will do well to come out of it with a draw. I'd love to somehow get a 2-0 victory, but I'm not sure if our defence is good enough to keep a clean sheet, plus we seem to make a lot of defensive errors and are also a bit shit at set-pieces. With my sensible hat on, I'm thinking 2-1 Spurs, but with enough there from United that it won't be a totally demoralising result.
  23. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    That's really good going, so far. Even if you don't reach the ultimate goal of 70kg, it's still in the right direction and you can still count it as a win. It's just varying degrees of how much you can win by. How much cardio did you do last year, or was it purely lifting weights + diet?
  24. Brexit 2019

    I'm quite interested to hear an outside perspective of Brexit, because it's hard to shake the feeling that we are coming off quite badly from this. It's always interesting going to Belgium to see @Eenuh's family and what their take on the situation is. The UK just don't seem to have a unified gameplan with how to approach such a divisive issue. The clock continues to tick and the solution doesn't seem to be within reach. We've literally spent 2 and a half years mucking around to negotiate worse than what we already have in this country, at least in my opinion. The Irish border issue crops up every once in a while, then gets kicked to the sidelines for a while. Unfortunately...I imagine that the reason why it isn't being mentioned more (particularly from the English perspective...not necessarily Scotland or Wales) is because there seems to be a lack of interest in or, dare I say, care. Personally, I am worried about the Irish border situation, mostly because of the history of violence in the area, but there doesn't seem to be a solution to that or at least one isn't presented. We'll see what happens after the vote next week. My personal prediction is that I feel that the prospect of No Deal will be too much for many to stomach, so some form of deal will ultimately go through, at the very last minute. (by last minute, I mean before we leave, not Tuesday) A Theresa May + deal, or some form of rebranding of what she already has.
  25. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    I originally started off by working out in my bedroom in a flat that we rented. I bought a set of retractable squat stands, a bench, a bar and lots of weight plates. It wasn't easy though and it was tough navigating in such a tight space. To squat, deadlift and shoulder press all in the same workout, I had to move the stands into a completely different area in the room (as well as the weight plates) due to an overhead beam. Then, to deadlift, I had to move the bar and all the weights back to the other side of the room, whilst being careful not to hit the bed with the barbell due to the width of the room! We had juuuuust about enough space to be able to squat, deadlift, shoulder and bench press. The shape of the room really, really helped us out there and we got lucky. The best thing you can do is work with the space that you have available. I'm lucky that the house that we bought contains a garage with just enough space to be able to fit the cage. A garage is perfect, especially as these days a lot of houses come with driveways, often making a garage redundant. If you can find a house with a garage, it contains so much potential. The other alternative is to build a studio or something in the garden, depending on space available. Obviously, that'll be more expensive, though! We made it a priority to look for a house with a garage to enable us to exercise at home. Pretty sure the estate agents thought we were weird for making a garage a priority when looking for a house! Good luck with the house hunting. It's fun and stressful at the same time.