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  1. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

  2. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    What's a Vita?
  3. Decided to pop into Absolute Music today, which is only around 5 minutes away from our house. They're pretty much the biggest/best guitar place around here, so we're quite lucky to have it so close to us. The main reason we went was to have a look at a new bass. I have to admit that their collection/selection of basses wasn't particularly amazing, but they did have the Thunderbird IV Pro there for me to have a proper look at it. My initial impression was that the Headstock looked VERY large and quite weighty. It's the first thing I noticed and it then made me feel slightly dubious about whether or not it could be a suitable model for me. I asked one of the staff if I could have a closer look and feel of it. On closer inspection, it's actually surprisingly lighter than I expected and was a dream to play. Spent a good 15 minutes with it and enjoyed my time playing. The shape is great and it just feels nice to play, whilst also not being soooo expensive that I feel guilty. I think that this is probably the bass that I will go for, perhaps in the Summer holidays! Love the booths that they have at Absolute. You can just ask for a guitar off the shelf and they've got the rooms set up for you to just plug in and play. this case, the amp wasn't set up for me to use, so I had to just go on look and feel rather than sound quality. After watching lots of impressions online, I'm sure that this area is fine. Whilst we were there, another guitar also took my eye. An Epiphone Emperor II Pro. I initially was looking for the Sheraton, which unfortunately they didn't seem to have available for me to look at. But, this caught my eye and I asked for a closer look. Weight wise, it felt wonderful to hold, despite its bulkier size. I was impressed by the sound quality of it, so I will definitely be adding this to my list. From reading up about it, it's a perfect jazz guitar. A very fun day just playing around with guitars. It was so difficult to not give in to temptation! Had a look at some of the Fender Telecasters up close and they are such beautiful guitars. Definitely on my day! Could have walked out with about a dozen different models!
  4. Brexit 2019

    Not really all that surprising that she's gone. Unfortunately, she's made too many mistakes and there are simply too many people around her who want Brexit to go in a different direction and will therefore disagree with her decisions. My concern is the longer term impact that this will have on potential future female Prime Ministers. Thatcher is very divisive (I personally hated her) and May will surely go down as one of the worst in history. That's got to be a concern going forward. Also also, please can the next PM not be one of the unholy trinity of Hunt-Gove-Johnson.
  5. Eurovision 2019

    It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
  6. Eurovision 2019

    I felt fucking sick watching that! Brutal ending! Unlucky, Sweden.
  7. Eurovision 2019

    Oh my, the new way of giving out the votes at the end is bruuuutal. "Germany...I'm sorry, zero points."
  8. Eurovision 2019

    Oh my god. Estonia! The bit with the storm...dead. NOTHING will ever top that. Anything. Ever. NOTHING.
  9. Eurovision 2019

    Norway's song was aweeeesooooome. Give that bald man a prize!
  10. Eurovision 2019

    That was so weird. Looked like a kareoke that got out of hand. I loved it. Disco is my thaaaaaaang. Plus, it was just so feel good. It had energy and passion. Everything is good!
  11. Eurovision 2019

    San Marino to win! Na na naaaaaaaa.
  12. Game of Thrones

    I'm seeing a lot of hate for the current season on the internet. But, I can't be arsed moaning about the show. I've enjoyed it, especially that last episode. Many shows have their best episodes in their earlier seasons, so it's not as if Game of Thrones is going against the grain there. I'm Team Sansa anyway. (at least, these days)
  13. Eurovision 2019

    Looking forward to the final tonight! Didn't realise it was the FA Cup Final today either, so it feels like a double-big day!
  14. Football Season 2018/19

    I did well up until around February and then my season fell apart. Actually, when United hit that good run of form and Callum Wilson picked up that injury, I decided to use my wild card. I put Martial, Pogba and Son into my team and, unfortunately, it didn't pay off into the long-term. I had Bernardo Silva in there and he was doing well for me, but I thought Son would get me points and that Pogba would keep banging them in. After the wildcard, I steadily fell and have finished in fifth place. Before that, I was somewhere around 2nd-4th. Bit gutted, haha. Definitely looking forward to this next year.
  15. Football Season 2018/19

    Huge congratulations to @Eenuh for winning the N-Europe Fantasy Football League. She actually missed the first week of matches, so would have won by an even larger margin! I initially thought that she'd stick with it for a couple of weeks and then either she, myself or maybe even both of us would become bored really quickly. Quite impressed with how she kept up with it weekly and the amount of thought and effort she put into it. She put Mane in instead of Salah for the last game and he ended up scoring twice. So yes, well deserved. Have to admit that the last few weeks were quite exciting when she figured that she was in with a chance of winning the league.
  16. Football Season 2018/19

    We're trying to do a worse version of what Real Madrid used to do by buying these "big, expensive" players who just simply don't fit together. The board treat the game as if it's real life FIFA. There's no actual structure to do the way that we play and there are so many technically poor players. When players can't perform decent short passes to each other, you have to ask questions. What alarms me is the work ethic of the team. Liverpool, Man City and even Spurs have players who work much harder than we do. The team has so many lazy players who think that they are much better than they really are and feel that they are simply above doing all of the "donkey-work" that many other professionals do. We don't necessarily need world class players in every position, but we definitely need players that work reeeeeally hard for each other and are willing to at least put the leg work in. I'm terrified to look at the stats because I'm certain that it would make for grim reading, but I would imagine our distance covered, pass completion, chances created and tackles made stats would all be very low for a team who are supposed to be at least challenging for top 4. The blame has to go to the board members above the manager. We are now very out-dated and are falling even further behind. What bugs me (and I know it also bugs a lot of other fans) is just how...unlikable this United team is. I've seen a lot of words used this season: lazy, arrogant, childish, spoilt, pointless, etc. I feel that it's unfair to put too much of the blame on Ole because the rot had already set in before he even came to the table, and he hasn't even had a chance to bring in his own players yet.
  17. Football Season 2018/19

    Shocking end to the season for United. Another bad performance. Huuuuge overhaul needed for our squad...yet one of the only players who seems to give a shit about the team, Herrera, looks to be off. Not confident at all that we'll see any major improvements this time next year. Liverpool are desperately unlucky to not win the league with that points tally. City and them have been, by far, the best two teams in the league and are at least another level or two above everyone else. Only conceded 22 goals all season and have only lost 1 game. Incredible achievement. This Man City side is insane though and are not fun to play against.
  18. Football Season 2018/19

    Spurs didn't look anywhere near in the game during the first half. Second half was a different story. As soon as they got the second goal, Ajax lost all of their composure and control on the game. A true sign of a young and inexperienced team, which is a shame. But, Spurs knew they had to win the game to make it to the final, which they did - so they deserve it. Moura was fantastic in the second half.
  19. Football Season 2018/19

    Spurs have been the better team since they got their first goal back, but Ajax have also had their chances. Ziyech looks like a great player.
  20. Football Season 2018/19

    I hope Ajax win. Not bothered at all about it being an all-English final as it's a club competition and not England vs. the rest of the world. Ajax have a really good squad and the sad thing is that they will lose all of that talent either in this Summer's transfer window or it will be siphoned off over time. They've got great history and are a prestigious club, but they can't compete with the bank balance of the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG. The football that they have played has been attacking, exciting and fantastic to watch. For that reason, I want them to win it this year.
  21. Football Season 2018/19

    Also also, that corner routine. Serves Barcelona right for switching off. I hate short corners with a passion and much prefer it when teams get quick balls into the box. That's exactly what happened here. No pissing about, just a quick, cheeky pass to a team-mate. Amazed we don't see more of that. The keeper wasn't even looking at the ball when it came in! I dislike Barcelona, by the way.
  22. Football Season 2018/19

    Absolutely crazy game of football. The first leg scoreline was harsh. Liverpool deserved to get something from that match, maybe they should have even won it. But this game...fucking insane. Barcelona didn't turn up, but Liverpool were outstanding. This was completely worth it to see the look of Suarez's face. They spent more time on the ground than they did playing football, so it couldn't have happened to a nicer team. Can't begrudge Liverpool that. They've played amazing football all season and they were the better team over 2 legs. Well done.
  23. Football Season 2018/19

    Really sad to see what's going on there. Hope it works out! Crazy how unfit some people are to run/own football clubs. I had the game on live text yesterday and thought that maybe your season was over after it went 2-2. But, Origi popping up to get the winner keeps it exciting. A Monday night fixture isn't particularly great for City, but you'd still expect them to win it. Think it might be down to how much of a game Brighton give them in the last match.
  24. Exercise & Fitness: 2019 Edition!

    Cheers for the concern! It's healed over pretty well, but I don't think it's quite there yet. I can exercise and train legs absolutely fine, but it is slightly more noticeable when I tense that calf muscle compared to the other one. Guess it may need a bit more time!
  25. Days Gone (PS4)

    I agree with your comment about it looking like an early PS4 title. The concept of being chased by big hordes sounds interesting and there are one or two things that, for me, have potential. But, I think I was expecting it to hugely improve in looks after the first announcement and it just doesn't seem to have done so. Definitely does like a bit bland and ordinary.