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  1. Stranger Things

    I've seen a few people mention this show already in various threads, so I thought I'd start a new one and we could all talk about it in one place. We just started watching this yesterday. I'm really enjoying the vibes of it all. It sort of reminds me of those old coming of age films like Stand By Me and The Goonies. The way they've filmed it to get that retro look is great and I'm also digging the soundtrack. About to start the third episode in a second.
  2. Stranger Things

    Going to re-watch Season 2 of this today before making a start on Season 3. Looking forward to it.
  3. Netflix

    Last night, we finished Season 2 of Dark after also doing a re-watch of Season 1. Sublime tv show and with just so much depth to it, too. Top tv!
  4. I thought it would be quite cool to check out each other's music gear and also maybe talk about ways to improve, our musical history and that sort of stuff! I've been interested in playing music for a very long time, since I was around 5 or so. My mum bought be a cheap acoustic guitar that I took to pre-school and entertained the other kids there. I didn't know how to play at that time, so I think I must have just strummed the shit out of it and wailed like a banshee. When all of my mates were starting to pick up their guitars and stuff, I suddenly thought that maybe it would be interesting to do something different. I was a huuuuuge Oasis fan growing up and seeing the "Don't Look Back In Anger" video with Alan White playing his white Pearl set on a platform in the outdoor swimming pool, it just looked like the coolest thing in the world. I was convinced that I needed to get a drum kit, so I bought one from the local music shop for about £200. Can't remember how old I was exactly at this time, maybe 14? It was their own brand, really bottom of the line and was a basic 5 piece set that didn't even come with a crash, so I had to buy that separately. I've still got the kit, back in Wales. I taught myself how to play after downloading lots of videos featuring Dave Weckl and Jeff Porcaro (Toto). Both are still two of my favourite drummers to this day. Dave Weckl blew my mind and I still consider him one of the top all time drummers in the world, his co-ordination and use of rolls is great. I took my kit with me to Brighton for my second year, but it moved back to Wales once that year was over. I've been kit-less since then...until a few months ago. As we live in a fairly residential area, I thought that an electronic drumset would be my best bet. I scoured the net for hours and hours trying to find the perfect one for me. I watched tons of YouTube reviews and came across a set that I absolutely loved. The Roland TD-30KV. Unfortunately, I got there too late as it was a discontinued line! But, they did have the next model up, the Roland TD-50K. So, I bought it and now I have a drum kit again after about...10 years plus of not having one. It's amazing how natural it feels to get back into it. I absolutely love this kit and it's pretty much one of the best kits on the planet. Love the hell out of it. The kit currently lives in my garage, with all of the home gym stuff. We originally had it upstairs, but the problem was that the sound of the pedal hitting the bass drum made too much noise due to the vibrations going through the floorboards. So, by moving it downstairs, it's made things a lot easier. The only downside is that it gets very warm in there! After I picked up my first drum kit (the one currently in Wales), I saw a free-ad in a newspaper about a cheap bass guitar. I figured "none of my friends can play bass, so I want to learn!" and bought it. It was being sold in Cwmbran, which is the next town over from Newport. Only cost £40. It's pretty bottom of the line, too. The brand is "Marlin" which is as much as the owner knew about it. He even chucked in a cheap bass amp to go with it for free. About a year ago, the guitar jack came loose and retreated into the bass guitar itself. So, I've done some "surgery" to retreat it to get it working. I've kept the actual cable in the jack since and leave it hung up that way, so that I haven't got to open that area up again to reclaim the jack. I find it really fun to play, but I think the time is coming quite soon where I may need to replace it for something a bit newer as my go-to Bass! Next to it, I've got an acoustic guitar that actually belonged to someone else. They knew that I wanted to learn so they gifted me the guitar and I've had it ever since! I've taken that guitar with me everywhere. It came from Newport, then went with me to Brighton, then back to Newport and now in Bournemouth. Same with the Bass! About three or so years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn electric guitar and just woke up one Saturday and scoured the web for one that took my eye. I knew that I couldn't spend tooooo much money on it otherwise @Eenuh wouldn't be pleased. In the end, I settled on an Epiphone Les Paul, which only cost around £300 or something. It's a lovely guitar to play for the price range that it's in. I thought that it would give me a bit more range to play rather than just acoustic stuff all the time, plus I wanted to get into the habit of messing around with distortion pedals and all that, so I figured it would be worth it. All three guitars have been wall mounted to save space: They all live in the second bedroom that we have dubbed "the music room". It's about 50% music and 50% belonging to the cats, who come in here to sleep either on the sofa or on their cat bed. Originally, the drum kit was in this room, but the sound caused an issue due to the vibrations going through the floorboards. So, as a result, it had to go in the gym. It's opened the room out though and has made it feel a bit less "full" in there. That kit takes up a fair bit of space. The sofa bed came from Ikea and cost just under £200 IIRC. Really comfy and one of our cats (Aya) loves to sleep on it during the night (or the day time...laaaaaaazy). Ico (other cat) loves to sleep on that biiiig white pillow on the floor. All the other stuff in the photograph are two automatic cat feeders and a water tray (on the left) and some cat toys in the middle of the picture. At my place of work, a friend was decluttering her place and decided that she no longer needed a keyboard. She asked me if I wanted it for free, to which I just said, "...uh, sure." I had no real desire to learn that instrument since it never appeared to me. But, it's there now, so I'm going to learn! It's a bottom of the line Yamaha PSR-73.I started learning how to play in our old flat and quite enjoyed it. But, it wasn't really comfortable due to having to play it on the dining room table and without a proper seat. So, I bought a proper stand and seat for it and that seems to be working out better. At some point, I'll get serious about it and will put the hours in, but it's just finding the time really. I've also got some effects pedals for the guitars: The big one at the bottom is a Boss ME-50B bass effects pedal. Has synth, tone, delay functions and I really enjoy it. I use the delay functions a fair bit. The second biggest one is a Morley Wah Pedal. Orange one is a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. Red is a Boss Loop Station. The ME-50B and the Morley were bought off one of my friend's ex-boyfriends, just before they broke up. He no longer needed it, so I bought it off him. I really like the ME, although I haven't used the Morley as much yet. The DS-1 is great. Not sure Ine is a particularly big fan of it, though. Think she prefers cleaner sounds. The Loop Station is really fun but getting the timings 100% right takes a fair bit of practice. With work, it can be hard to find the time to just chill out and play. I'm hoping that this year I'll be able to do more of that. I guess it's all about managing your time to fit it all in!
  5. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    R.I.P. Only 46 years old, too. Horrible for his family, children and friends.
  6. No More Heroes 3

    Changed the topic title for you, guys. Hope that this comes on PS4 eventually. The second game was good fun. Loved this tune!
  7. E3 2019

    It's alright, lads. The Sony conference will surely deliver! Wait, wha-
  8. E3 2019

    Not feeling the E3 hype at all. Thought it was actually on next week and didn't realise until late yesterday that Microsoft's conference was on. Are we thinking that this will go down as one of the shitter E3 events?
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 — 16th April 2020

    Can't wait. Bring on April!
  10. Rocket League

    I know that both @drahkon and @Rowan are playing this, atm. Anybody else giving it a go? You can sign up to the beta from here.
  11. Rate the last film you saw

    I really enjoyed this film, too. Saw it a few months ago and loved the style and soundtrack. Lovely film. Had a pretty satisfying ending too, I thought. I was worried that it would run out of steam towards the end, but actually, it was pretty well paced. Great film! I get what you mean about Kevin Spacey. Not sure what's going to happen now when people rewatch films like The Usual Suspects or Seven. They're not slights on the films's just jarring because the fourth wall has been broken. Instead of seeing the character on stage, we can't help but see the actor.
  12. Football Season 2018/19

    Congratulations to Liverpool. Surreal that Origi is not only a Champions League winner, but a scorer in the semi-final AND the final. Fucking mental. The final itself was dreadful, but I'm not sure how much of that was down to tactics. The players looked generally tired on both sides. They mentioned the heat during the game, which surely can't be right.
  13. Football Season 2018/19

    I was thinking a 3-0 Liverpool victory before kick-off. Think I'll stick with that.
  14. Football Season 2018/19

    That's really sad to hear. RIP. Can't believe he was only 35...I always thought he was older than that.
  15. E3 2019

    Yeah, all the buzz, impressions, etc, they're the reasons why I've loved E3 in the past. The conferences are part of it, but it's the entire package. On the other hand, I can remember the feeling of disappointment in the past when Nintendo had shit conferences. There's always that sense of "oh god, what are we actually going to be playing this year if nothing was announced?!" So maybe this little-but-often approach is actually healthier for the long term, who knows. It's always nice to get these announcements coming out of nowhere. Would they be classed as veterans at this stage? They're on they're third console and I still regard them as a big player. I think they'll do much better in the fourth generation as they seem to be getting the message that it's their own content/exclusive that will push their console to the front. I wonder if we'll be having this same conversation after their E3 showing. Bring on the third party games, haha.
  16. E3 2019

    I always find myself watching Microsoft's shows and thinking to myself "I'll get that on PS4...there's another PS4 game...that one, too". I have no interest at all in buying another home console. But, at least their shows have got better. Not excited at all about this year's E3. I'm hoping that when it does come around that I get swept by the inevitable wave. I plan to watch the usual shows: Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, anything Nintendo put out. A bit annoyed that there isn't going to be a Sony event.
  17. General TV Thread

    Anybody else watching the Chernobyl tv series? Heard great things about it and I've really enjoyed it. Obviously horrible to watch in places, but just so gripping. I find myself saying to myself "wtf?!" every few moments. Hard to believe that such an event happened. Would highly recommend.
  18. Ghostbusters

    I played the Wii version with friend in co-op. Just a few hours or so. Really liked it, but I remember thinking that I really, realllly wanted this version as it looks closer to the films. Excited that it's getting chance on newer console!
  19. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    Never played an MGS game due to their lack of appearance on Nintendo home consoles, so Kojima feels very alien to me. I can imagine the reviews and impressions for this being quite polarising, as there will no doubt be some who love his style and some who just maybe will never like it. I know it's never going to happen, but... Silent Hills. What could have been.
  20. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Seriously looking forward to it. Didn't play this last generation, so mega excited. I hear that this is basically the third film. Corrrreeeeecccttttt?
  21. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

  22. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    What's a Vita?
  23. Decided to pop into Absolute Music today, which is only around 5 minutes away from our house. They're pretty much the biggest/best guitar place around here, so we're quite lucky to have it so close to us. The main reason we went was to have a look at a new bass. I have to admit that their collection/selection of basses wasn't particularly amazing, but they did have the Thunderbird IV Pro there for me to have a proper look at it. My initial impression was that the Headstock looked VERY large and quite weighty. It's the first thing I noticed and it then made me feel slightly dubious about whether or not it could be a suitable model for me. I asked one of the staff if I could have a closer look and feel of it. On closer inspection, it's actually surprisingly lighter than I expected and was a dream to play. Spent a good 15 minutes with it and enjoyed my time playing. The shape is great and it just feels nice to play, whilst also not being soooo expensive that I feel guilty. I think that this is probably the bass that I will go for, perhaps in the Summer holidays! Love the booths that they have at Absolute. You can just ask for a guitar off the shelf and they've got the rooms set up for you to just plug in and play. this case, the amp wasn't set up for me to use, so I had to just go on look and feel rather than sound quality. After watching lots of impressions online, I'm sure that this area is fine. Whilst we were there, another guitar also took my eye. An Epiphone Emperor II Pro. I initially was looking for the Sheraton, which unfortunately they didn't seem to have available for me to look at. But, this caught my eye and I asked for a closer look. Weight wise, it felt wonderful to hold, despite its bulkier size. I was impressed by the sound quality of it, so I will definitely be adding this to my list. From reading up about it, it's a perfect jazz guitar. A very fun day just playing around with guitars. It was so difficult to not give in to temptation! Had a look at some of the Fender Telecasters up close and they are such beautiful guitars. Definitely on my day! Could have walked out with about a dozen different models!
  24. Brexit 2019

    It has been 2 and a half years since the EU Referendum was held and there are now less than 79 days to go until we will be out of the European Union. It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride during the last few years, with the result of the referendum and the fallout resulting in a very tumultuous time in British politics. For reference, I voted Remain and I have not seen anywhere near enough evidence to suggest that the decision to leave the EU will result in the UK being in a better position than it is currently, in a multitude of ways. I feel that the country has effectively been on pause for this duration, with other important issues having to be brushed aside whilst the Government seems to be fumbling and struggling to come up with a solution of how to make this work. We've seen a Prime Minister resign (in what feels like such a long time ago, now), snap elections caused, a hung parliament, Brexit secretaries come and go, all the while whilst not one, but two national scandals are experienced in Grenfell and Windrush, with both dominating headlines but are now seemingly pushed aside with Brexit taking full focus. It's been a while since we've discussed this on the forum, so it will be interesting to hear other people's views on this. In my opinion, the most important UK political event to happen in our lifetime.
  25. Brexit 2019

    Not really all that surprising that she's gone. Unfortunately, she's made too many mistakes and there are simply too many people around her who want Brexit to go in a different direction and will therefore disagree with her decisions. My concern is the longer term impact that this will have on potential future female Prime Ministers. Thatcher is very divisive (I personally hated her) and May will surely go down as one of the worst in history. That's got to be a concern going forward. Also also, please can the next PM not be one of the unholy trinity of Hunt-Gove-Johnson.