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  1. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I've listened to Fear Inoculum a lot since its release and Invincible surely has to go down as one of the best tracks that they've done. The album is brilliant.
  2. Football Season 2019-20

    I thought United looked very good against Brighton. Fred had his best game in a United shirt. James has been a revelation this season. I think the key difference has been having Martial back. We look so much better with Martial through the middle and being flanked by James and Rashford. I also saw the game between Liverpool and City. Got to admit that there were a few decisions that went against City today that could have easily have gone the other way. But, Liverpool's side just looks so good. The full backs basically play like additional midfielders and the entire team's movement was too difficult for City to manage. Fabinho has been outstanding this season and is just a great talent to watch. Has to be one of the best around in his position, at the moment. The other player who has impressed me in this position is Leicester's Ndidi.
  3. Football Season 2019-20

    We're back! How is everyone feeling ahead of the new season? Are you excited about your team's prospects? Which players are you looking forward to seeing? Also also, please create your Fantasy Football team and join the N-E league! I've just created my team.
  4. Brexit 2019

    It has been 2 and a half years since the EU Referendum was held and there are now less than 79 days to go until we will be out of the European Union. It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride during the last few years, with the result of the referendum and the fallout resulting in a very tumultuous time in British politics. For reference, I voted Remain and I have not seen anywhere near enough evidence to suggest that the decision to leave the EU will result in the UK being in a better position than it is currently, in a multitude of ways. I feel that the country has effectively been on pause for this duration, with other important issues having to be brushed aside whilst the Government seems to be fumbling and struggling to come up with a solution of how to make this work. We've seen a Prime Minister resign (in what feels like such a long time ago, now), snap elections caused, a hung parliament, Brexit secretaries come and go, all the while whilst not one, but two national scandals are experienced in Grenfell and Windrush, with both dominating headlines but are now seemingly pushed aside with Brexit taking full focus. It's been a while since we've discussed this on the forum, so it will be interesting to hear other people's views on this. In my opinion, the most important UK political event to happen in our lifetime.
  5. Rugby World Cup 2019

    South Africa really dictated this game. Can't say that they didn't deserve it, so well done to them. Unfortunately, too many penalties given away and no real way through that South African defence. That Kolbe try made the victory even better for them, but it's the type of moment that England were just not able to create in this game. I don't want to say that England didn't really get going, but I think it's an accurate statement to make.
  6. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    I'm very disappointed to hear that. If it's someone's job to review games, they should review the whole thing after finishing it. Imagine if somebody went to see the new Star Wars film and left after 10 minutes saying it was great and we should all watch it. I find that very cheeky and quite deceptive. It just smacks of someone taking a shortcut and not wanting to do their job properly. I don't tend to read/watch reviews anyway. I'm much more of a fan of previews where they talk about some elements of the game or how it works, or just going off internet impressions. Forums seem to still be the best way to get impressions of games, tv shows or films. For music, as the typical album length is somewhere between 40-70 minutes, you can as easily Spotify it or YouTube it yourself and form your own opinion that way, as it's quick to do.
  7. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    Sorry, I think I've missed something here. Why did Sony have to ask for the game to be finished by the reviewer before the reviewer writes the review? Is it commonplace for reviewers to...write reviews without finishing games? If you're going to write a review on a game, it should be an absolute given that you finish the game before doing so. (I'm strictly talking about games that contain a story element, not multiplayer only games as that's a whole different situation). As for this game, I had very little interest in it before the reviews came out and I'm not brave enough to whack £40 down on a game that I'm quite sure is going to do it for me. It was very divisive when it was revealed, then after each trailer, and then now. It looks like an unusual concept and there are going to be bits that put people off or the opposite. For me, it all hinges on whether the story is gripping and if the journey along the way is worthwhile, which is subjective and I may have to decide for myself if/when I ever get around to playing it.
  8. The Star Wars Thread

    3 is horrific, but it's redeemed by all of the memes and some of its quotable lines. That balcony scene is brilliant, because it's so terrible and so damn quotable. I often throw in the "So love has blinded you?!" line with a serious face around the house, haha. "I am the Senate!" Oh sides. Although, saying that, the "I HATE THEM!" and "I don't like sand" lines by Anakin in episode 2 are also pretty amazing. It's too easy to take the piss out of these films when they're on ITV2 or something. They're no longer films. 3 often gets overrated by fans, because it's still a bad film, just not quite as bad as 1 and 2 for me. The romance scenes in 2 and 3 are awful, but I think the final scene between Obi-Wan and Anakin is better than anything that 2 has to offer. I still think we're tricked into "liking" three because we get to see Anakin fall to the Dark Side and become Darth Vader, but it's still an awful film. The set pieces in both films are just so long. Even that final fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan goes on for too long that it just becomes boring. Episode 1's threeway with Darth Maul was fantastic and easily the best action scene in any of the prequel films. I felt nothing watching that entire last third of Episode 2. Just battles for the sake of flashiness. The flaws that you have listed run throughout all of the prequel trilogy. Above all, the scriptwork is abysmal, and it's just terrible storytelling. The problems begin in Episode 1 and never really get fixed in any of the films. It's a clear case of where the writers focused too much on plot, rather than driving the characters. They completely miss that the reason we love films like The Empire Strikes Back is because of the way that characters like Leia, Han, Yoda and Luke are written. I'm always in favour of the stories serving the characters and reflecting their journey, rather than stories being strictly all about plot. Anakin, especially, is so poorly written that he becomes flat. There's just no depth to his character. Also...Yoda. I miss the fun Yoda that we had in Episodes 5 and 6. Easily my favourite part of Episode 8 when he turns up.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    Episode 2 is hideous. There's no heart to anything in the film. At least there is some degree of spirit in Episode 1. Episode 2 is comfortably the worst Star Wars film in every department. It look tacky in too many places, the script is gross and there's no reason to root for any of the main characters. It's that horrible film in a series that only serves to move a few pieces so that the arc can be completed. You can't skip straight from Episode 1 to 3 because it wouldn't make too much sense, so you are forced to watch Ep2.
  10. Brexit 2019

    The past three or so years have been rubbish, but the memes have been absolutely top tier. That was amazing.
  11. Brexit 2019

    I've been trying to find the tabled motions for a People's Vote by both Labour and the Lib Dems, but am not having much success. Do you have any links which show how many voted for and against each motion? I've found the results of Dame Margaret Beckett's confirmatory public vote, which was held in March. It got defeated, with 27 Labour members voting for the other side, which swung that vote.
  12. Brexit 2019

    This is pretty shit, in my opinion. All of the other parties are playing Johnson's game and are just doing what he wants. He has "a deal" that apparently has the numbers to go through, so he should be focusing on that. The bigger issue is that he stuck too hard to his October 31st deadline and wasn't willing to budge from that. The extension given by the EU until the end of January is flexible, meaning the UK could leave at any time before that. So, there is plenty of time for Johnson to get his deal through. The truth of the matter is that he tried to railroad his own deal through without it being properly scrutinised. Now that the house didn't agree to be railroaded into putting it through without properly looking at it, he has effectively done that childish thing of picking up his football and going home. I'm annoyed at both Labour and the Lib Dems for not doing much more sooner to make a serious attempt at a second referendum/final say. More so Labour, because the Lib Dems actually made the right kind of noises in this area, but the backing wasn't there. Due to the other parties refusing to work together, the Conservatives are going to get their own way. What Johnson wants to happen is for the Conservatives to win more seats so that he can get his deal through with as little scrutiny as possible. This is partly about that, and also about the Conservatives consolidating their power. He will go to the polls stating that he has a "credible Brexit deal" and will look to pick up seats on the back of that. We are now in the position where any deal will seemingly do, even if this is very arguably worse than the one that May had. As much as Labour will try to bring the argument onto other things (rightfully so), this is going to be very much a single-issue election, or at least that is the picture that the Conservatives are going to paint.
  13. Rugby World Cup 2019

    It was a very underwhelming game, especially after the game that we had yesterday. I thought both sides were too cautious and there was so little bravery on the field. Both sides were not really willing to take chances or at least work the passes to get into good positions. So much kicking. It's a disappointing end for Wales. But, well done to South Africa for making it to the final. If England perform against South Africa like they did in the first half yesterday, they'll win by a good margin.
  14. Rugby World Cup 2019

    It's very scrappy. The only two quality moments of the game have resulted in the tries, so at least the second half has been a bit better. Both teams seem a bit reluctant to pass the ball, or at least pass it quickly. I thought that was evident when Wales were working the phases, just before they scored their try. A few quick passes out wide would've been better than what they were going for.
  15. Rugby World Cup 2019

    Woke up and turned the tv on in time to catch the anthems. I call that timing! My fellow Welsh friend in work has got a real problem with Moriarty and his tackling. "He should be sent off every game, really". Hope that's not the case today. He was our hero last week!
  16. Rugby World Cup 2019

    I've tried to do my best with following all of the games, due to the timings of the games. We managed to put the England vs. USA game on in our Sports Hall at work for the kids to watch, which was fantastic. Brilliant atmosphere. Mammoth performance from Itoje today, especially in the first half. I originally thought that New Zealand may have a bit too much, but England's passing game (first half especially) was too good. I thought seeing those two tries being ruled out might come back to haunt the side, but luckily that proved to not be the case. Tomorrow's game will be a close one. I'm part English and part Welsh, so I would love an England/Wales final! Hats off to Japan for running a tournament like this and for doing it during such difficult circumstances. It says a lot about their culture and their country. Brilliant Rugby side, too. Gutted they didn't manage to make it through for another round, but what a run that they were on. Some great performances along the way and to do it against such personal adversity. Remarkable.
  17. Football Season 2019-20

    Unfortunately, that's not us! We are both on the sofa in wet and windy Bournemouth. Haven't moved off the sofa after watching the Rugby earlier today!
  18. Football Season 2019-20

    Just caught the highlights for the Southampton game against Leicester. Losing a player that early on is tough, but Leicester were all over the Saints and Southampton were so, so poor defensively. It really was like watching two sides play in different leagues, or even a friendly between an A and a B team. Borderline training game. 9-0 against anyone in the Premier League, especially away...hell of a result. Leicester look to have all of the right parts to do well this season. For them, it'll be down to how hard they can keep playing for the entirety of the season and how lucky/unlucky they get with injuries. Top 6 finish is a big possibility, perhaps even higher.
  19. I'm all for backwards compatibility. Purely for convenience. It would be awesome if you could jump from something like Horizon: Zero Dawn to something earlier like one of the older MGS games, all on the same system. Having to switch out hardware and rummage through cupboards for discs doesn't appeal to me. But, I don't want to have to go through the issue of rebuying or repurchasing my old games over and over again. I don't want to have to buy a whole load of PS3 games on the PS5, and then find that I have to do it all again when the next Playstation comes around, anyway. I'm expecting there to be some sort of magic with the account system, where you can purchase an old game once and then you're sorted for future systems. How that works on a hardware level, I don't quite know. I'm keen to move away from discs and go to digital only. I half expect this to make things like backwards compatibility easier, in some way. Maybe. I'm not technical enough to know it offhand.
  20. Brexit 2019

    Why is there the assumption that Brexit will suddenly end on 31st October? This is realistically only stage 1. There will be many more discussions to be had after this around future trading arrangements and so forth. This is meant to be the easy bit. If you're suffering from Brexit fatigue and are tired of the mess that has already been made, then I'm afraid that I have some bad news. Brexit will dominate at least the next 5 years of news, probably more so. When you factor in that we're already 3 years in, that will bring it close to (if not) a decade.
  21. Job woes/wins

    That's amazing. Horrifically brilliant. It's like something you'd find in a Channel 4 sitcom. One of our pupils called the lockdown procedure "murder drill".
  22. Brexit 2019

    Thoughts on the Johnson deal? I'm expecting it to go through, either today or early next week.
  23. I'll most likely wait about a year or so into the Playstation 5 generation before diving in when a good deal pops up. I bought a PS4 about a year in and it was that sweet point where it was still very new and exciting, the launch games had come and gone and we were just starting to see the next wave, and the deal was just at the right point where it felt like a bargain given that point in time and how early on into that generation we were. Not very excited just yet because I'm still satisfied with what is currently available and there are still several games that I'm looking forward to.
  24. General Movie Thread

    Saw Joker on Sunday evening. It was...fucking amazing. Came out of the cinema and wanted to go back in to watch it all over again.
  25. Football Season 2019-20

    The perfect word to describe the football that Manchester United play hasn't been invented yet. I think if it were to be a sound, it would be meeeehhhhhbluuuurrrggghhhhhthatwasshiiiit. Football is a game and we are horrid at playing that game.