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  1. Hancock - 7/10

    Its awesome until just after the twist, takes a nit of a dive then. Seems like they try to rush to the end too.

    Futurama The Beast with a Billion Backs - 9/10

    Hilarious, I love Futurama and this film justifies my love. Love the tentacle!

  2. Bands I would see if I was going:


    Dillenger Escape Plan (would stand well back for fear of getting shit flinged at me)

    In Flames


    Children of Bodom


    Amon Amarth

    Between The Buried And Me


    High on Fire

    maybe Motorhead


    Hence, it's not really worth it for me. Especially since last years Download was so fuckin rocking.


    Dude, what about Cavalera Conspiracy? And Saxon should be good for laugh.

  3. Hey, I'm back if anyone remembers me, I tend to blend in the back.


    Who's going to Download this year? Despite the bitching about the line there are still loads of great bands there.


    I'm traveling tomorrow for the 2 days of drunken revelry before the festival kicks off proper.

  4. Zimmers Hole, check 'em out. Byron Stroud, Gene Hoglan, Jed Simon (all formerly of SYL) and The Heathen on vocals. Devin Townsend produced it too, its just awesome. Nathan Explosion does guest vocals on a song too.

  5. Im going because theres a few bands I want to see. After the fiasco that was My Chemical Romance last year I can't believe they are so stupid as to put Lost Prophets headlining the sunday!


    To have the likes of Testament and Cavalera Conspiracy relegated to 2nd & 3rd (!) stage spots is just plain wrong. Leave the mainstream to Reading, Leeds and Glasto. All we want is one big Metal/Hardcore (punk, not dance) festival. Bloodstock is too small.


    Oh yeah, having Jonathan Davis and Cavalera Conspiracy at conflicting times tears my pubes out!

  6. This needs a metal injection!


    Cavalera Conspiracy


    Max and Iggor Cavalera finally reunited after Max left Sepultura in 1996. Also has Marc Rizzo from Soulfly and Joe Duplantier from Gojira.


    Fucking amazing Thrash/Death/Punk/Alt music check em out on myspace or youtube.


    The albums called Inflikted, first single called Sanctuary.

  7. First time I've posted in months! Being isolated from the world by several hundred meters of ocean sucks.

    Today however was ok. I'm in a port town in France, not sure if I can say which. Finished my duty and got back to the hotel where I should have slept. As it stands I'm running on 3 hours sleep and 14 bottles of Kronenbourg. Was oredered to get my hair cut so I did. I look like a german now but the woman who cut my hair was beautiful, especially after months underwater.


    I would be out tonight but I did enough the last few nights. Not remembering how you got in a taxi and somehow at your hotel is a bad state to be in.


    I've got stories to tell about here and my time in Lisbon but I'll save that for another time, this post is already too long. Ooooo, got tix for Download too!

  8. Doesn't it bother you, though... to know you're stuck on permanent hiatus?


    Constantly. My ideal career would involve music, but I'm not talented enough (I suck at singing). Until the point where a metal band starts buying lyrics or I've made enough money to not work anymore I'll carry on. We all gotta make sacrifices and if that means being a malcontent a while longer, so be it.

  9. Wrong, you work a job that you hate so you can buy shit you don't need. C'mon dude!!! Turn your life around before it's too late.


    Too late, I'm stuck till at least the end of 2010. Even then I got mortgages and payments on foreign property now so I'll have to stay in 5 more years. As long as I can buy all the metal CD's I want and go to gigs every now and then I should stay sane enough to not hate everything around more than I do now.

  10. Knocked Up - 9/10 Funny as hell. Something for the guys and girls here and some classic lines. "Last time I took a shit it looked like a stuffed animal!"


    SuperBad - 10/10 Better than Knocked Up, more classic lines and Mclovin and the cops are hilarious.

  11. Discovered Carcass a few months ago. Awesome Grindcore/Goregrind and in later albums Melodic Death band. Even better, they are re-uniting this year! Couldn't have picked a better time to start listening to them really.

  12. I'm back bitches. Been at sea for a long time. Got my submariners medal and then had a shite duty alongside. Home for weekend and hope to consume a lot of Single Malt. I have Metroid Prime 3 to finish and Mario Galaxy to start. Train sucked though, as always. Bleh.

  13. My day has been varied. I've gone from being stupidly aggressive to party mood to sad (rugby) to annoyed at my dads bigotry and close mindedness (Iraq & Afghanistan, religion, morality, the existence of "god"). Trying to get drunk which I should be already considering the amount I've had.


    At least Dethklok's Dethalbum can cheer me up.