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  1. Spiegel Online interviews Iwata

    Thats really hard to read especially when Im drunk
  2. Sony will steal it but to lesser extent.M$ wont cuz they are too far along. Next gen will be full of Revo clones but Nintendo will have the upper hand. Within 2 gens Nintendo will be top. Sorrry for ant speklling mistakes. I am really really drunk right now.
  3. Better idea: DS or Revolution ?

    Based on what Ive seen I think the revolution idea is better. I have a DS and the games dont use it as much as they should. The DS being a handheld means it is also limited. Revolution is in my opinion something that should have been done this generation. Gaming is dying and Nintendo have given the breath of life.
  4. Colours

    The white one looks allright but I like to keep things black. I'm not a goth but I like it a lot for reasons unknown. Your signature is the best ive ever seen by the way.
  5. The Next Threat

    The reason they said it wasnt final was because they were waiting to see what Nintendo was up to. If Nintendo showed nothing the Revo would be still born and Sony would carry on with the contoller that "isnt a Dual Shock clone" (My arse they just changed the shape). Since Nintendo did show they will try to incorporate it into their design. But: 1: They wont be able to perfect the clone between now and release, 2: They cant delay anymore cuz M$ would sell too much in allotted time 3: This isnt the final Revo design, dont be surprised if something is added
  6. The Public Vote!

    Is Nintendo's Revolution controller a hit or a miss? Hit 50.01% Miss 49.99% 13334 Votes Cast It aint much but at least the sony/M$ fanboys got repetative strain injuries from clicking miss.
  7. Better Quality Controller Video!

    Cheers Dude, that will help me convince a few nonbelievers.
  8. I think its going to save videogames. I've been playin since I was 5 and honestly it is getting a bit stale. Thank god, buddha, satan who ever you worship for Nintendo. I can't wait to play StarFox on this thing!
  9. Inane reactions to the revo pad

    I told the vainest person i know and he said: "But that would me look stupid". He likes dance mats though. I think its strange how people dont mind displaying the worst dancing ever (could you imagine someone at a party dancing like that?) and braggin about it, but wont move they're arms in natural ways :no: . At least I know one of my friends will get it. I hate people. Closed minded ones anyway. Herr Dark Wolf That smoking thing is awesome by the way.
  10. Because its Nintendo who have done it M$/sony fanboys will call it crap. But when the inevitable happens and their beloved money suckers copy it they will say that its the best thing ever despite the fact that it wont be implemented as well as revolutions. And it wont be as good because it'll be rushed. Look at dual shock analogue. It sucked! N64 analogue was better in every way. I think its better than the GameCubes aswell. I wonder if there will be a dagger addon so we can stab either real sony/M$ fanboys or virtual bill gates? Sorry for rant.
  11. Revolution's first game revealed

    Thats in my favourites now. Sound effect was hilarious too. I dont know about you guys but i had a friend who would have literally made love to his xbox/ps2 if they said yes, and he had distinctly rat like features. Is this common in Nintendo haters?