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  1. Is Batman A Superhero Or Not?

    *cough* Iron Man *cough*
  2. The age old art - sleeping

    I used to be an insomniac but my job cured that. Well when I'm working at least, when I'm home I still stay up till when I should wake up. I don't have a permanent sleep pattern. I sleep on my belly, head to one side with a leg hitched up. No idea why. I don't move in my sleep anymore either. I used to thrash about and I'd wake up with cuts or bruised knuckles. A couple a cathartic experiences about 2 years ago cured that.
  3. Regrets

    A life without regrets is a life half lived. If we didn't have regrets, we wouldn't learn anything would we?
  4. Regrets

    Fancying a girl but not asking her out and letting it slowly destroy our friendship over the years. Never developing a close relationship with my father and still not doing it even though I have ample opportunity. Other stuff I cant be bothered to say right now. I don't regret not getting the tattoo's I almost got when I was 15/16. Damn they would've been shit.
  5. Inspired by the Batman debate. I started thinking that there are loads of characters who are openly (insert religion). However I can't think of any atheists. I'm not a major comic fan so this could be the reason but I would really like to know.
  6. Atheist superheroes/villains

    I found one, even though I've never heard of him before: Mr. Terrific (the second one apparently). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mister_Terrific_%28Michael_Holt%29
  7. Atheist superheroes/villains

    Nightcrawler is openly Catholic. Shorty the interest comes from being an Atheist myself. That and a general wondering as to why various religions are dealt with but not Atheism. Strange considering the shit storm it seems to be causing in America
  8. What are you listening to now?

    Had a thread like this on KTV, how I miss that forum. Also the 3 word story thread. Open Up by KoRn has just started. Groovy bass line, good chorus, trippy outro. I'd love to have sex to this song. I imagine it would be slow and dirty.
  9. The Weirdest Drink Ever

    Go to Nauticalia in Plymouth and get Pusser's Navy Rum. Best rum on the planet. 54.5% (I think), tastes great and is general awesomeness. Tad expensive but worth it. I'm sure you can order it rather than going all the way to Plymouth though.
  10. Rate the last film you saw

    Clerks 2. Fuckin' sweet. 10/10. This film must be watched by all, it's hilarity at its best.
  11. Is Batman A Superhero Or Not?

    As one of the very few DC comics characters I like, I'd say he is. Purely for distracting attention from Marvel.
  12. The Weirdest Drink Ever

    Absinthe, Teachers whisky, Martini Rosso, all mixed in a big Fanta bottle with the tiniest amount of Fanta left. Poured it out into big bowlish glasses and drank. Decided to put Strawberry laces in there too for some reason. 3 glasses of that and 4 pints down at MegaBowl and I was sitting on the air hockey table making a tit of myself. I was promptly removed from the premises. I miss being 16.
  13. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Thank fuck I'm not the only one who found the Sky Temple hard. Just when you think you've got somewhere Boom! bridge gets taken out. Then you think, "where the hell do I go?" only to realise you didn't look at things from a slightly obscure angle and carry on thinking that you are a complete tool bag. Hard temple but I'm glad I did it without any help.
  14. That's not something you should admit to.
  15. Scrubs Season 6 (Use Spoiler Tags!!)

    They both had their classic moments, as most people in Scrubs do, but episodes without them are better. I may just be sick of TCW cuz I've seen them so many times. I'll re-watch the ones with Nina.
  16. That has to one of the greatest things I have ever heard.
  17. Meh, I eat and drink way more than someone my size should be able to. I exercise every now and then, not so much now cuz I ain't in training anymore but I do enough. My super metabolism does the rest.
  18. Happy 40th Birthday Big Man!

    Happy birthday you fuckin' legend! Hope you remember having a great time.
  19. Yes, yes I am. If you resemble Fox even in the slightest way now, it's all ruined.
  20. The body design is much better but I still like the elongated snout of Melee Fox and his ears too. He almost resembles Gizmo with this head.
  21. I prefer the head of Melee Fox. It's just cooler.
  22. Download 2007

    Surprised I haven't seen a thread about this already. Who's going this year? I got leave so I can go for sure now. Anyone else?
  23. Download 2007

    KoRn, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Chimaira, Machine Head, Stone Sour, HELLYEAH!, Lamb of God, Panic Cell and maybe Dream Theater.
  24. ohhi.

    N-Europe's Royal Navy representative welcomes you!