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  1. Sexuality Thread

    More metal glasses? I didn't know there were metal specific glasses. Only the thick black rim glasses for emo's/indie kids.
  2. Stupid Things That Make You Angry

    Who cares what people think? If your step sister is attractive and she shows interest in you (which I assume she does since she gets in your bed in her undies), why not let nature take its course?
  3. Sexuality Thread

    No, I'm not that narcissistic. I'm just after comments, good, bad or in your case, neutral. The Navy shirt is cuz I'm in the Navy. It's pretty inconsequential, I just thought it was the 1st time a decent photo was taken of me. At Emo: Nope just random ones, nice to know they look "designer" I guess. I used to have Ralph Lauren glasses but they got damaged
  4. Sexuality Thread

    I didn't get any responses to this pic in the pic thread. Gay people tend to be brutally honest in my experience which is good cuz I hate liars. So, thoughts on this pic please. Cheers. Navy jokes allowed
  5. Stupid Things That Make You Angry

    Why is it sick? Theres no blood relation so it isn't incest. I see no problem with it but I'm pretty liberal.
  6. User Image Gallery

    Me the day my squad got our branch badges at HMS Sultan in May. Quite possibly the 1st good photo taken of me.
  7. Stupid Things That Make You Angry

    Having to cut my hair for my job. Fuck I hate having short hair! The dutch Navy are pretty damn lenient with the hair but ours has to be a conservative fuck about it! I hope I don't go bald before I leave cuz I'm growing it long again when I do. Short hair isn't natural!
  8. The Music Thread.

    Seconded. Bard, I would love to hear your opinion on the music from Metalocalypse. Dethklok are releasing an actual album soon too. Metals first cartoon band?
  9. Your wierd and wonderful dreams

    Wow, I had a dream after drinking, that never happens! Was weird as fuck too. For some reason I was in a dark room that was entirely red lit. It was like a battlefield and the enemy were huge guys dressed in Viking armour I guess with giant sledge hammers. My guys I suppose were behind a shield way to big for anyone on the battlefield, really massive. There was more than a few of them and they were holding it up while one of the big guys was pounding it with his sledgehammer. For some reason, I was protecting a helicopter (wtf?). The guy pounding the shield broke through and kept beating till there was nothing but chunks of wood, bone and flesh in front of him. Then the two big guys saw it was just me left and went for my laptop (which didn't appear till just now). They kept teasing me by faking swings for it, then one did and I moved it in time. Then they just left without saying anything! Then my dream shifted to me at party with a few girl I haven't seen in ages and either ones my brain made up of random ones it stored for no reason.
  10. Favourite Film Line

    Anything and everything from Clerks 1 & 2.
  11. Living underwater and thinking about all the games and albums I'm gonna miss. But when I get back, spending spree!
  12. Your wierd and wonderful dreams

    Do you blackout for a split second? I think you're talking about micro sleep. Basically you aren't getting enough normal sleep so your body is trying to squeeze in little morsels of sleep during the day. I had that all through phase one. The amount of times I nearly fell off chairs/fell forward and hit the table in lectures is stupid. If possible, get more sleep and it should go away.
  13. Your wierd and wonderful dreams

    Theres a pub I've only ever seen in my dreams. It's been in two or three of my dreams and theres no pub I've been to in real life that resembles it really. I still haven't seen the exterior.
  14. I own Wii already but I would love a Black & White game for it. Never gonna happen even it would be perfect.
  15. Why you're a dumb ass

    "I like big butts and I cannot lie......" Dude, good story. When I was on summer leave last year I went out with all my mates I hadn't seen in ages. Went to the usual haunts, got more hammered than usual and even though I hate clubs (the ones here mostly) we went anyway. I went in, had a few more and then I was in blackout mode then. I was told that I grinded with a fat bird (I have a brief glimpse of a memory of this), got rescued from that, started a mosh pit when they randomly played "Killing in the Name" by RATM (again, brief glimpse), almost got into a fight, met loadsa old school friends (I only got told this a few weeks ago when I met said friends again, thinking I hadn't seen them in years). Was a fun night cuz my friends bailed me out of the bad stuff.
  16. I just finished watching the latest episode. Has to rank as one of the saddest in the history of the show, if not the saddest. Has anyone else seen it and what do you think of the season so far?
  17. Scrubs Season 6 (Use Spoiler Tags!!)

    Fair point. I just like to think the Todd got lucky. He delivers so much comedy and the character gets so little in return. I feel sorry for him. At least he "doinked" Lisa.
  18. Scrubs Season 6 (Use Spoiler Tags!!)

    After re watching the eps with Nina, I have decided that they are better than I remember. Her final thing with Todd was great and (I think) the 1st time we get 100% confirmation that the Todd has been with a woman.
  19. Your wierd and wonderful dreams

    Thats gotta be strange if you're having a sex dream.
  20. Fate

    Theory - a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.
  21. Lego Batman Ahoy

    Pfft, he's not even a real super hero. :p If its as funny as Lego Star Wars it should be pretty good.
  22. Fate

    Don't believe in fate. It's just another excuse people use when things go wrong. Blame something tangible or take it yourself. Don't believe things happen for a reason either, same reason as above because it's just fate extended to a phrase.
  23. Stupid Things That Make You Angry

    Loading times - I was raised on good ol' Nintendo cartridge consoles. Loading times ain't right damnit! The humid heat of summer - How can people enjoy being sticky and horrible? I'm a winter person, the sun pisses me off. Long live nights and winters. Girls who cock tease - Don't flirt with me all night and drop hints if you aren't planning on making it go anywhere! Bells whisky - 'nuff said People from school you were more or less indifferent to acting as if you were best mates years after school has finished! Its pathetic, you're a weird and not in a good way. Leave!
  24. Is Batman A Superhero Or Not?

    He produces it in his body now. I checked. The internet is so very useful. Apparently he can also "communicate" with arthropods now.
  25. Is Batman A Superhero Or Not?

    What happened, did Clark Kent's glasses fall off?