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  1. !6 Weeks Hols!

    QFT Guess what, I once had a WHOLE SHOT OF VODKA!!! AND I DIDNT GET DRUNK!!! OMGzzzz!How fucking good am I
  2. Favourite album ever!

    Wow thats weird, thats also my favourite non-floyd album Hmmm i may do so actually
  3. Happy birthday Caris

    A bit late, but still happy birthday
  4. Photoshop a new SSB:B character!

    Wow some people are easily offended This thread is amazing!! I'd post one of my own but I cant be bothered
  5. I've seen overclockers full systems, there prices dont seem to be to good. Dell seem like good value though.
  6. COME ON PEOPLE!! somebody must have some idea on this.....
  7. My PC is f***ed

    I would reformat it if all those scans aren't doin anything, also how old is it?
  8. Right, i know theres been i a few in the past (sorry) but can anyone reccomend the folowing: a) Make of PC - i.e Packard bell, sony, apple etc b) Best value processor - AMD sempron/duron or intel celeron/pentium 4 etc c) Good places to buy for a £100 - £400 price range Also, should i bother with a new one or should I upgrade my current model? It's 5 years old or so, has around 64,128 ram? AMD duron 900 mhz and is running ME Well thanks for any suggestions
  9. Right my top 5 fav games of all time....... 1)Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2)Super Mario 64 3)Resident Evil 4 4)Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door 5)TimeSplitters: Future Perfect I know number 1 is a little predictable but......
  10. PES 5

    This thread has died a bit. Keep it alive people!!
  11. Football Season 05/06

    Sunderland lost this weekend......... again. I feel quite sorry for Mick McCarthy at the moment (would hate to have his job). But i don't support them, I support the toon!!! Come on we beat arsenal 1-0!!! Spectacular save to deny henry in the first half, and parker did excellent, getting stuck in.
  12. Console Wars!! GREAT!! (Star Wars spoof!)

    That was pretty funny! Really well made for a spoof as well.
  13. Near Death Exprience.

    Oh yeh i also got ran over by a biker when i was about 4. Luckily he wasnt going so fast, so i only had minor injuries.
  14. Near Death Exprience.

    I swear i've had alot of near misses with cars. Nothing quite as close as what you describe, no life flashing before eyes, but even so. Theres also been a few times where ive very nearly been electrocuted.
  15. The blonde joke to end all blonde jokes

    Definition of cruel: Put a blind man in a round room and say your dinners in the corner