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  1. The forum still looks like it's thriving, it's just more streamlined now! :) I'm jumping back in anyway, looking forward to taking you guys on at Smash/Mario Kart!

  2. I thought my lurking had gone unnoticed! :laughing: I shall do, I've just kinda been procrastinating literally everything today! How's it going anyway man?

  3. How much would you sell the Virtual Boy and Soul Bubbles for, dazzy?

  4. Holly Willoughby just used the immortal line "it has curves". :D

  5. You should totally be Link_Of_Christmas_Past.

  6. What the buggery happened to you?

  7. Sign me up! Finished uni, but I work in a pub, and it's guaranteed to be pretty damn busy this Christmas. Just a warning, in case I miss out on some nights!

  8. What were the last 11 posts here? :heh:

  9. Hey Stewilo, if that would be okay with you then I would greatly appreciate it! It should help me out in getting the other Regis, since I've been struggling through Sapphire on an original GBA for a while now. :heh: I should definitely be able to get you something nice in return! When are you available to trade?




    How much do YOU love Pokémon? :heh:

  11. Thought Bubble one? Even if it's not, I'll get a ticket. :heh:

  12. When are you starting the mafia? I procrastinate too much with work as it is. :(

  13. You just said "bloke", I love how British the internet has made you. :heh:

  14. I added you on Facebook months ago, but you have yet to reciprocate my request for friendship. Excuse me while I weep for a thousand years. :weep:

  15. Hi Daft, just wanted to ask if you had an email address I could reach your brother/his dev team at for a bit more information on Fluidity, for N-Europe? Thanks in advance. :)

  16. You didn't sign up in time. To life. Or something. I'm all bitter now. Like lemon rinds.

  17. First of all, how dare you send me a generic mail merge visitor message like I'm just another one of your interweb whores.


    Secondly, you started the mafia without me. If you need me, I shall be in the corner, weeping for a thousand years.

  18. Frostilicus! You didn't let me know you were becoming a newsie! I would have helped you out, being the head of n00bs and all. :heh:

  19. I really don't know what to say to that. I don't think anything can be said. ;)

  20. Are you lacking in Dude-ness now, or did I just fabricate a different member in my mind?


  22. With there being two copies, one's already been sent to Aaron to review, the other one's still here. I'll send it off later today! I think a normal envelope should be fine with it being the size of a fingernail. :heh: