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  1. I am so pissed off with my workplace.

    My seniors are all working from home for the most part.  I am considered CEV and in northern ireland, currently, the restrictions mean that CEV patients are advised not to be in the workplace. All of my (current) post involves computer stuff, that could easily be done at home. I have worked for the NHS, in that very department, for nearly sixteen years, and they are refusing to let me do any work from home.  I am being fully paid, thankfully, but i am super frustrated that im not allowed to do anything. 

    I've been very tempted to get the union involved but then its like, saying it and doing it, i would be rocking the boat big style... when i could just be quiet and take my full pay to sit at home.  Pick your battles and all that?

    (I sure as hell got a bigger battle coming, I have voice damage and im currently on limited duties, i suspect that wont be forever and theyll try to have me fired.)

  2. 1 hour ago, Ashley said:

    I have one peace lily that is mostly hanging in there. Did have a few other plants but they died. 

    And while we're talking about it I really want a lemon tree but I don't have a garden and I live in the UK so...


    You can grow them inside, mine is living on my south facing windowsill right now.  I just referred to a YT video on planting lemon seeds from a lemon and managed to get a few saplings, its pretty easy to do.  banana skins soaked in a bottle of water is also a good feed for them.  I was at a loose end early 2020 (lol) and decided to give it a go. My plant is still very small, i believe they need a few years in the warm before they grow to a point of potentially getting any flowers/fruit.  Really looking forward to seeing how much growth i get from it this summer.  Kinda started it as a pet project without any assumptions that id get fruit from it, just gave it a go since it didnt really cost me anything.  Peppers are also ones that do reasonably well inside.


  3. On 31/01/2021 at 4:44 PM, Happenstance said:

    I always feel like I should have more plants but every time I’ve tried I forgot about them and they died.

    IMO its much harder to look after houseplants than it is a garden.  I have only had one outside plant death compared to dozens of indoor deaths

    You'd think they would be easier especially when they arent subject to the weather elements but actually a lot of that ecosystem keeps them alive (nutrients, water retention etc) when you pick the right plant for the environment.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Jonnas said:

    I'm frustrated, mostly with myself. My family and I were in close contact with someone who has since then tested positive for Covid. We're now in quarantine until any of us can get tested (meaning I'm taking a sudden break from work too).

    The reason I'm so annoyed is that, after so many months of caution and social distancing, we've grown sloppy. I guess this is what it means to live in a "new normal", we just stop taking the threat as seriously as in the beginning. This quarantine is a situation that could've been avoided, and yet we cut corners and rationalised them. I figure this mentality issue is at the root of the steady increase of global cases from the recent months too, but it's no excuse.

    honestly, i think everyone is, its getting really tough.

    I hear that they are bringin in army medics here because our health system is on its knees (northern ireland) which is just impressing on me how important it is to be careful.  Stay safe buddy :)

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  5. 2 hours ago, nightwolf said:
    • Cake maker has dropped out of the wedding. Today, for April. Probably not going ahead with it anyway, fuck it. 
    • Still got pain in my jaw, so forking out for the dentist again tomorrow, been nearly a year with that. 
    • Private hospital hasn't gotten back to me. 
    • Dad ended up in hospital last week and is now being referred to the stroke unit.

    I'm fucking out, y'all who said 2021 would be better, LIED. 

    i truly feel for you, and people who are looking to get married any time soon.  I don't forsee big weddings being possible in 2021.  My sister got married in august 2020 and was talking about an actual "ceremony" as such on their first wedding anniversary which would be august, and i'm sure even that isnt likely to happen.  We all thought this would be over and done with by the time winter rolled around... how wrong we were :blank:

  6. 7 hours ago, Happenstance said:

    Every time I get furloughed I seem to rearrange my room out of boredom. Just finished dismantling my desk, shifting everything around and getting ready to order a smaller desk. Didn't help that this time because I've barely done anything over Christmas with my muscles in my side being fucked I basically had no strength and am now knackered 😆

    maybe your room will end up the same way it was by the time covid is over :laughing:

  7. I dont think that having a degree not related to your current field of work is neccesarily a bad thing - surely uni taught you more than just the very specific subject, life skills, living by yourself all that carry on?  

    A surprising number of folk do work completely unrelated to their degree, wether its just no longer having a passion for that subject, or not finding work, or completely shifting what they wanted to do.  I honestly dont know how people expect a 15/16 year old to know what they want as a career path.   A lot of young guys do IT related education, and in this country there is just no demand for tech staff... unless of course you don't mind wasting away in a shitty tech support call centre for min wage using none of your skills

    I'm 34, i dont have any degrees, fell into my job by pure chance. story of my life lol

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Pestneb said:

    yup. If they can give 200 jabs over x time, they can give either

    200 people 65% immunity


    100 people 95% immunity.

    So it's simple maths,

    200*.65 = 130


    greater effect short term by giving one dose to more people. the risk involved is that it's unknown how long the 65% will last, and if the 100% comes with the second dose after a larger gap. It's an educated guess, but right now given the time of year and stress the NHS is under, even if the vaccine proves ineffective and a third booster is needed, it probably is going to save more lives by taking this gamble. the 65% is I understand 100% protection against severe disease, so the main benefit is relieving pressure on the NHS. If it works out well (we won't know for some time yet) they can continue, if it goes very badly (we may find that out much sooner) then they back track and follow the original schedule.

    I think the fact it is winter and the NHS is annually heavily burdened at this time figures quite heavily into making a single dose approach a reasonably wise one.time will show if it was the correct one.


    Completely agree with you pestneb

    So, the first batch in NI has been designated for NHS staff from what I gather.  When I booked my first one, the vaccines were only designated for vaccinators, high risk wards and CEV staff. There was 3000 vaccines in our first batch of pfizer vacc.  I personally would much rather see 3000 staff get some immunity, for the majority of staff some immunity will reduce them to not being sick at all.  I do see the logic in this, and yes we may pay in reduced efficacy later on but its time to act now, hospitals are in crisis and need this. 

    No one is going to come to any harm by having 1 vaccine rather than 2.  We all still have to pay heed to all the restrictions even fully vaccinated, and PPE isn't gonna be just forgotten in a hospital setting since they still have to look after the patients who are not all vaccinated.

  9. Vaccinations are being changed from 3 weeks after the first to 10.

    Think its a tactic to get more people vaccinated even at whateve effectiveness one dose does (50...60%?), than a small amount of people at 95%.  From a purely logical head it makes sense. 

    I was kinda hoping to be at home suffering Side Effects 2.0 so im mildly annoyed...

    Are you still working for the nhs @EEVILMURRAY ?  Have you been getting plenty of abuse about the delays lol


  10. 39 minutes ago, Aperson said:

    Computers. IT jobs are still a possibility but technology moves along so fast that I feel that my degree is now outdated and I either need to take a new IT course or find myself a new job prospect.

    My father has worked in that sector for 25 years (transitioned from military) and he was never done reading books, learning new technology, protocols etc.  It's no different to being a doctor and keeping up with the latest medical developments. 

    It was something i considered as a career but where i live (northern ireland) it involves commute and its very very difficult to get your foot in the door here (my dad did based off his very high security clearances). 

    You absolutely 100% CAN do it.  Its tough, but its rewarding! Don't give up!

  11. This has all been so last minute, in NI our CEV were told on the 23rd to stay home again after the 26th.  (which meant absolutely no time to receive a letter to keep employmers happy.  Still waiting on mine as of 4th January!).  You guys in schools are left to scramble around getting things sorted.  I know these things develop day by day, but this could have been predicted very easily.  Also any key businesses with CEV people have to try to find cover for work absolutely last minute.

    So badly badly organised and these people are being paid so much more than most of us here ._.

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  12. I'M SO BOREDDDDD being at home by myself.  I can be in contact with people (it is not shielding as was previously) but im trying to reduce risk to as little as possible (i mean if i'm having a dander round the supermarket and visiting people i'm causing myself as much risk as being at work...)  I'm sure my heating bills will be through the roof... the gas peeps readjusted my bill to £17 a month last quarter, i doubt it gonna be that now lol :bouncy: It is the middle of winter, and its definitely a cold one this year.

    week 1 of 6 weeks is done...  Looks like its not gonna change any time soon either.  Occupational health have said even having the vaccine is irrelevant to the CEV stay at home advice. no end in sighttt :( I am aware I have some level of privilege being paid to be at home, but i am also disabled and have been exposed to a UNREAL amount of ableism in 2020 so... i dont feel bad about complaining.

    I suffer quite badly from migraines - was at one point having multiple per day :blank: but for the past few years its been *reasonably* stable, i'd maybe have 2/3 a month over the past few years.  I cant say for sure but since I had the biontech vaccine (a couple of weeks ago) i've had SIX migraines.  sigh


  13. My understand on the kids thing is that they are, for the most part, like the vaccinated - they can still get covid, but their bodies are highly likely to be able to fight it off without becoming symptomatic, or die.  Vaccines don't stop virus spread, they just protect the vaccinated from dying - hence why herd immunity is so important for weakened individuals who can not or have not got vaccinated. 

    But on the general assumption that kids don't get symptomatic w covid, they are much much less likely to spread it to people WHEN the rules are followed.  They're not sick, thereby not sneezing or coughing in your face, which reduces risk significantly.  But then those assumptions also assume that everyone is following rules, staying in, keeping a distance from family they dont live with, washing their damn hands, wearing masks in public etc.

    I cant sit here and even say that theres one particular generation thats worse than any other - there are ignorant teenagers, all the way up to grandparents.  They think itll be alright and maybe 8 times out of 10 it will... but its too late for regrets when you hit unlucky and end up in a hospital bed.

    I also agree w you @Julius (hi btw i dont think ive met you?) that key workers kids should be kept in school.

    I'm like...damn ill be so glad when i get the vaccine.  but then i know i'll end up worrying about my sister (dental nurse - highest risk of transmission outside of icu) and my parents who are 65 and 59, with no health risks they are waaaay down the line to be vaccinated :angry:



  14. 1 hour ago, Fierce_LiNk said:

    I got mine cut about a week before Christmas, but it'll be about another 2 weeks before it needs it again. It just fluffs up out of nowhere. 

    Quite impressive that Bournemouth went from tier 2 to tier 4. Should have just announced a total lockdown, kept it consistent across the country and then everyone would be clear on what the rules are. I don't think the tiered system has worked because it's been too complicated for the general public to keep up with the rule changes. It was much simpler when it applied to the country as a whole, plus it did have a sense of unity that all were in the same boat. The initial lockdown was successful but it all seems to have fallen apart since the Summer. The current rates are scary as fuck. I'm amazed that schools are open...it's also slightly hilarious that primary school children and staff seem to be invincible from Covid, according to this Government. Those primary kids who can't social distance, btw. It's all very messy. 

    I agree with this completely.  We had one incidence of this and no one knew who was in the restrictions and who wasnt. And then people that live/work near the boundaries between tiers got even more confused lol.


    I also havent had a haircut, but i hadnt had one prob 2 years prior to covid anyway. I'd be so mad if i had short hair :blank:

  15. On 29/12/2020 at 11:44 AM, Ganepark32 said:

    My fiancee is set to get the Pfizer vaccine later today. Sadly I probably won't be eligible for a vaccine until the tail end of next year, unless the combination of the Pfizer, Modern and Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccines speeds up the vaccination process.

    Means I'll be living in a house with my partner and my sister in law and her partner, all three who'll have been vaccinated today and in 3 weeks time, until the end of January but it seems that neither my sister in law nor her partner are that bothered about following guidelines at the moment.

    Been clearing out our flat for handing back keys tomorrow and staying with my sister in law while our new place gets renovated for the end of January and come back to the house to find the 3 of them plus another 2 of their work colleagues sitting without masks, heater on full pelt and no social distancing. Had a go at them for it and left the front door open because of how they were all sat but got laughed out of the room, told I could just stay in my own room and given the stink eye for even daring to say anything.

    You'd think that given all 5 of them work in a care home with a severe neurodegenerative population of residents, where covid ran through the home and killed several of the residents and left some with lingering effects, that they'd understand full well what the guidelines are and to stick to them. Especially with Christmas having just passed where there will have been multiple households mixing for some of them (sister in law and her partner for instance are currently spending 2 nights at the home of the partner's mother who is very frail health wise).

    Maybe I'm just overreacting, they do get tested weekly but given that they were last tested a week ago and Christmas has happened, as well as a new more virulent strain going about and the ability to be asymptomatic, they should know better given where they work and that other people around them won't be getting a vaccine any time soon.

    Many, many swear words going through my head right now, especially after the stress of trying to get our flat emptied and stuff cleaned and into storage because of a nightmare neighbour downstairs. Sorry for the rant.

    the bolded part - excuse meeeeeeee - thats negligence on a serious level. I'm sure the families of these people would LOVE to know this is going on!


    Also negative tests mean fuck all now, you can have a negative test and be past the window for testing and ALSO you still have to maintain distancing etc even after being vaccinated as you can still catch and spread covid, especially with these mutations popping up

    I'm honestly so fucking pissed off, and bet every penny i got that this is a regular occurance in most homes... and we wonder why its spreading like it is :blank:

  16. Going back to a semi shielding setup after christmas - government has advised CEVs to not go to work starting from 26th for (currently) 6 weeks.  Don't think I have to shield in place, obviously using caution - but I can go out for shopping.  (I FULLY intend to stay in as much as possible)


    If my stupid bosses had authorised me WFH maybe i'd be able to actually do something constructive. fuckers

  17. got vaccine #1 today.   feel like absolute trash, every bone in my body hurts, my glands are massive, and my voice is gone.  (for context, anyone that doesn't know me, i've got complex health issues)

    back again in another 22 days for the second. hopefully that's easier!   

    I will certainly take what is a mild (for me) and only really slightly inconvenient reaction over getting the real deal :blank:


    the whole Christmas thing is mad.  We have been "strongly advised" to make our plans one day rather than the original 4/5? but I only had plans to be with my mum dad and sister for like maybe 5h max. And we as a family are super careful.  Even when I'm "immune" I cant go round doing as i please anyway since i can still be a carrier to other vulnerable but less vulnerable than me peeps... (like my parents) so it'd be pretty scummy of me to have been yappin on about how vulnerable I am then behaving like a dick :blank:  (which i fear a lot of people will do once they know they are ok)


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  18. I have Costochondritis, (inflammation of the front of rib cage) likely as a result of spinal arthritis

    naproxen isn't working, further treatment involves more complex medication or steroid injections, authorised by rhematology. I'm on the wait list which is 4+ YEARS.  

    Hoping my GP can write to rhem and have my referral upgraded, but not optimistic 

    it basically feels like having a heart attack 24/7 and any pressure on any part of my rib cage is awful



  19. I've had a bad week....

    Speech therapy...  not hugely successful. I'm trying really hard with the exercises and my lung, throat and chest all hurt right now.  They've told me I could very well end up with pneumonia.

    I had a very close call on wednesday night.  My breadmaker was sitting on top of my kitchen stove, one of the cats jumped up and managed to turn the dials to the hob.  my other cat was crying at an alarming pitch and I turned around to my kitchen being full of smoke.  Thankfully I got straight into rescue mode, turned off the stove, got the cats outside.  Made a run for it with molten breadmaker outside after nearly being overcome by smoke fumes... got outside and threw it down and projectile vomited everywhere....probably seconds away from my kitchen going up in flames and my fire alarm didn't even register... 

    Toxic plastic smoke sure is good for someone with a sensitive throat and breathing issues :cry:

    oh and bosses boss been tested positive for covid, she's been in our office and didn't wear a fucking mask.  what an utter nob. 


  20. 14 hours ago, Rummy said:

    @Sméagol where you at with this? Not pushing but I gotta say it got my mind working again and I yesterday hit an idea I'd love to try - don't wanna take wind from ye sails and steal all the crew but if you want a bit of time and don't mind I've been scratching some ideas for one I might try running.


    Obvs loose and dynamic atm so not likely to start tmw(and I'ma probs do some more reachout to old mafia guys too see if they'll come back) and I suck on the creative side for writeups(as my theme will maybe illustrate lol) - but I don't wanna steal any pre-emptive thunder or burn folks out before this!

    I'm sure most of us would be happy to play in two running at the same time tbh @Rummy :grin:

  21. In the wake of trumps positive test...

    It really is unreal, how the fuck do these people in power expect the mere mortals to follow their (illogical, conflicting) rules when they themselves will not, or are just simply not being careful. Both in the UK and the US.  Our leaders are honestly a SHAME on us.  They are supposed to lead by example and its fucking INFURIATING when I and many others have had to spend 5+ months inside, and some cant even be bothered with 2 weeks.  :angry:

    We have truly lost the meaning of humanity.

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