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  1. Heven't seen the UK one but I guess one of the reasons why it's not as extreme as the US version is down to insurance, afterall what company would even want to touch you after having it done American stylee?!


    aye i always wondered.....do things like that affect american insurance? do americans even have insurance lol :eer:


    Memory : 4GB memory version for me, which is small but then again I only want it for a few albums and the occasional audio book. Wierdly though like many memory formats, 4GB doesn't really end up being that it is slightly less.




    my 20gb ipod is the same! im gettin 18.56 gb...thats over a gig short!


    Has anyone ever noticed with the Apple earphones....that after time, (not a lot of time either) they go very fuzzy when played loud?

  3. I bought trainers today. £65 down the shoot. But what can you do, Im sure theyll last til atleast Chrimbo if not the June target I have with them.


    Still, money has become an issue.


    Plus I need to buy some stuff this week like tracksuit bottoms (wont be cheap either, hence why I didnt buy em this morning!) and a coat would be great but... that'll be about £50 gone.


    u can pay a lot more for trainers than 65 pounds...but i do see your point! :P


    Life wud be easier if we didnt have to buy clothes :P

  4. Somebody at work once told me you could always tell if somebody had been inside by the way they rolled. They would never drop a single bit of tabacco, they would always be extremely lean on the amount of tabacco, they would roll it extremely tight and almost smoke it right down to their lips. So the butt was only a few mm's long. :blink:


    That's damn hard core :P


    Its not as strong rolled tight, you dont get a good smoke from a tight one IMO

  5. If that guy made all of that up, he is pretty sad.


    I know myself its esy to play a game like Age Of Empires for hours on end...its easy to get into a bad habit.


    and the bowl in the room for peeing...urhg