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  1. 1 hour ago, nightwolf said:

    You'll get the issues of new builds and I would implore you to double check who you buy with. Dad has worked in the building trade for so long I could never think to buy one. 

    yeah i'd avoid a new build like the absolute plague to be honest.  built like cardboard boxes on the cheap.

  2. On 26/09/2021 at 2:50 PM, nightwolf said:

    Yup I bet. Honestly the ride we had with it was a mess, but we certainly aren't alone! 

    We've managed to get in and get stuff done, they'd not even bothered to even remotely clean it, so it was fairly disgusting. I guess not truly surprised given we also then had to remove a massive bookcase they had bolted to the wall that was DIY'ed and covering up the sodding internet.

    At any rate its now ours! So no more stressing over it. 

    Annoying that they didnt but at least its all done now.  I honestly dont think i could move anytime soon after what i went through with the legal process (and ive been in my house 5 years haha)

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  3. On 23/09/2021 at 12:20 PM, nightwolf said:

    After 4 and a half months - we're finally off to go pick up the keys.

    Thank fuck. 

    yeah i was about 5.5 months in wait, thanks to a fuck up with the vendors solicitor not making sure the house was registered with land registry.  between both solicitors and land registry i swear, genuinely agree with @Ashley if i fucked up on that level in my job the best i could expect is a written warning, if not outright fired.

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  4. 17 hours ago, EEVILMURRAY said:

    *He asked me if he should send a request to radiology to give a consultant access to a system, I said it couldn't hurt and I assumed he was going to send it to the radiology department in the building we worked at. No... he sent patient details to the radiology address book of the whole NUH Trust, 400+ people...

    That's an SAI right there and hopefully is being treated as such

  5. I dont know how to feel about this but im trying to be positive so posting it here,

    I'm going through the process of applying for a blue badge (for non UK peeps its a driving thing to allow people to use disability spaces) and my GP is in FULL support of me doing so.  This is the same GP who in the past has been a bit iffy about my pain, was mildly fat shaming etc.

    So i'm hopeful that itll be something i can get to help me get out more but then its like...

    i'm 35 and THAT disabled.   But on the other hand im being validated and acknowledged.

    I had a CT of my lungs last week (still waiting on results) but it wasnt nearly as scary and didnt take much time at all thank goodness!  Another thing I'm very conflicted about.  Like... I dont want to have something show up on the scan like ILD, but then im like so what actually happens IF nothing comes up.  Like we're literally back to the drawing board with no easy answers at all.

    Also my condition (Psoriatic arthritis) is progressive and does not have a cure.  All I can hope for is some level of remission achieved by stacking more drugs on top of my already mildly crazy regime.  I dunno im trying to be positive through a pretty tough time, it really means a lot for my GP especially to actually listen and be hugely frustrated on my behalf.  It's a very weird place to be in after fighting with people to listen to me for like 20 years lol

  6. On 20/08/2021 at 8:29 PM, Cube said:

    Every part of this is so stressful. They seem to be asking for new details every other day and each one just gives me a pang of "they're (the mortgage company) looking for an excuse to back out". Someone did point out that if they wanted to back out, they would just say no and wouldn't bother with any of this, and that they're just checking everything which we know is in good order. 


    Even so, my mental state is constantly flipping between "yes, we're getting a house" and "it's all falling apart".

    Yeah, truthfully, they wouldnt be going through all that process without the $$$$ at the end of it.  Take a deep breath and keep calm.  Its all a load of red tape but you WILL get there!!!


    A wise bird once told me that buying a house is one of the most stressful times of your life, and they weren't bloody wrong.  Especially first time round when youve never gone through the process!

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  7. im very mischevious lol

    So.  theres a thing in the nhs.  if you are redeployed (through no fault of your own) and they send you somewhere further from your home than your current post they have to pay your mileage for three or four years.  I have known people go through this from departments being closed (and them being given a new post), or moved.  So really they cant discriminate when your redeployment is due to disability...... so assume that the same applies.

    I emailed my current posts manager and asked her who to enquire with regarding mileage payment, and she is playing ignorance "what do you mean has (new manager) advised you have travel with your new post?" and im like. oh. you.  Its like you think i am stupid.

    I havent replied, i shot off an email to my union rep for support.  One last little stab before I leave that bitch that made my life hell for 16 years.  Hope it comes out of her budget.


    @EEVILMURRAY I hope your stupid colleague gets a kick up the ass, thats unreal, but not surprising (theres more than one of them in my current dept!) and its the most frustrating thing.  When you literally have to do twice your job to catch up their slack.

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  8. I am so bloody annoyed.

    the steroids tapering off caused a massive flare up.  GP upped my dose to higher than the initial dose, but it takes a few days to work.  Meanwhile my breathing was getting poorer and my pain worse.  So he sends me to hospital.   They did an xray and were able to identify inflammation.  they've given me anti bios. 

    I'm kinda annoyed.. i dont personally believe i have a chest infection.  I dont have the death rattle/phelgm that comes with a typical chest infection for me. I hate taking anti bios unneccesarily because with a complex immune system disorder this shit has a limited lifespan before it stops working.  But ill be a good patient and take it. :blank:  Doctor is now currently refusing to let me stop taking the steroids.

    I went into work today and got chastised by pretty much every colleague and my boss wanted to send me home.  But for me its better to be DOING something, ill sit at home and worry if i have to rest lol

    my lovely wonderful derm nurse specialist got me on the cancellation list for a CT, so im going for that next week! maybe that will hold the answers... because i dunno im basically stuck on steroids for the rest of my life if they cant find an answer lol

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  9. eyyy so im being tested for RA/PsA related interstitial lung disease. What a crock load of shit.  I feel like some funny fucker up there is just having a laugh at this point.


    Also - today i VERY NEARLY ran over a dog, i had control of the situation and missed the poor fecker by mere inches (i literally saw him disappear under the view of my bonnet AS my car stopped) but straight after I had a massive panic attack, which has irritated the absolute shite out of my lungs and put me in even more pain. 

    Oh and my GP put me on roidz a few weeks ago which REALLY HELPED, and now hes weaning me off them, and of course theyve stopped working.  Fuckssake.

  10. I've been offered a redeployment post thats amazing.  A smaller dept, within the mental health sector.  All different kinds of duties within the post, some telephone calls but not the extent of my current post's would be.  Its a bit more of a drive, but not hugely so (15 miles with no school traffic as opposed to 5 with 3 schools, which doesnt really cost me more time, just more miles on the car). A lot of their overarching protocols and processes are very similar to my current posts (which is the hardest part to grasp) and the fact i demonstrated that really set her mind at ease.  Think we both came to that meeting super anxious, and came away feeling much better!  redeployments can be awful for both the employee and manager if its a bad fit, but it seems like ive got so so lucky.  On friday the 13th of all days lol

    I'm not starting til Sept because both my current and future line managers are now off on leave til then... but im so excited :bouncy:

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  11. On 12/08/2021 at 2:41 PM, Mr_Odwin said:

    Nah, it's not quite to that extent, but it's just a kinda gulf mentally.

    Aah.  Its a tough call.  I'm very much the type that will sit and be quiet and say nothing, just let people think what they like.  Even if it goes against everything I believe.  Because I just hate confrontation lol

  12. I remember in 2016 it was kinda difficult to get a 5% mortgage, the only way i could get one was via a save to buy scheme (i had my deposit savings with the bank that gave me the mortgage).  But generally your interest will be higher rate and longer term which adds up cost wise.  When i went to my mortgage planning thing they ran the numbers for me and i would have paid substantially more over the long run and would have had a longer term.  It was a little bit tight going for me to pull 10% together, admittedly the very annoying legal delay helped me gather enough lol

    Its not the best investment, BUT if its your only viable solution (not being able to downsize budget, or on a time crunch) its certainly doable.  If you do go the 5% route look into how much you can overpay without fees once it starts - even if you pay a small amount consistently every month you can start to chip away on the debt, which **really** helps come renewal time.

    Any time mortgage discussions come up in my family my mum always retells the time they bought their house in 1996, they were offered a 120% mortgage.  They only needed 100, they really hit the hard sales for that 120.  Now its like you have to fight to get 90% even with a decent history lol

    Really bothers me when people are critical of people our age (millenials and younger) not being able to get on the ladder, like, hello... very conveniently forgotten how people in the boomer gen had both secure jobs til retirement and 100%+ mortgages available to them ???

  13. 4 hours ago, Beast said:

    Yeah, I did read about that too. But I think my problem is the fear of the unknown. There's no possible way to know about future effects and that, for me, is something that genuinely concerns me a lot. Obviously the illness itself does too as does the side effects but what about the future and the impact it would have, the boosters for the new variants that would surely happen, etc.

    Literally all of medicine is basically this.  educated trial and error.  If you packaged chemotherapy as a new medicine people would be far more horrified, but it is an accepted treatment for more than just cancers in the modern age.   Its the nature of the....Beast... lol.  They did tonnes of clinical trials, the scientific community wasnt sitting on furlough for any of 2020.  Pandemic protocols existed long before patient zero hit the nearest hospital.  The medical sector is bound by so much red tape you wouldnt even know where to start (at least in the UK).  Complications can happen but that happens with every single vaccine, & medicine.  I had a pretty nasty reaction to the swine flu vaccine.

    I havent been online in a while, but i read your reply about the hearing stuff, and yes that absolutely sucks.  I have a vocal impairment so you probably wouldnt hear me anyway, but I would still make every effort to accomodate you if i could.  I'd prob be more likely to whip out my phone and write a note (and hold it in front of you) than uncover my face though.  Curiosity - Why have you opted not to have your hearing looked into, especially at such a young age?


    re the whole vaccine thing.... yes i believe everyone has a right to chose.  But I'm glad that most have chosen to come together and do what is in the interest of moving forward.  I dont believe we should live in a world where you are forced to have it BUT travel operators, shops, clubs, etc have a right to refuse entry if they feel the risks are not worth entertaining.  If someone doesnt want to get it based on a non essential (aka not medical) reason, they have to be prepared to take the potential downsides that come with it. 

    The problem is while there are people out there not getting the vaccine but still being sensible (i actually know a few), there are people that are not because they are downright idiots, and are doing NOTHING to help stop the spread.  So sadly all people opting out are going to be tarred with the same brush.  If i see someone not wearing a mask, or sanitising, I dont have a right to know they are medically exempt, so i am just going to assume they arent safe to be around.  I'm in the very small percentage of the population who can still be very seriously ill after the vaccine, so im taking no chances.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Cube said:

    I'm guessing it was more to try and push us into getting one with them. Our finance advisor said we would be OK bidding for houses, and that it isn't fully needed at this point. Definitely put us off using them.

    admittedly it does sound like bully tactic marketing ploy!  I remember reading in a lot of articles that it was a good idea but not compulsory.  i ended up going over my original budget on the place i got now.  They didnt ask for an MIP at any stage.

  15. On 17/07/2021 at 8:23 PM, Cube said:

    After an experience with one local lettings company, who tried to push us into getting a mortgage with them (without mentioning fees except a footnote in an email after chatting on the phone) before allowing a viewing, we're waiting for our finance advisor to finalise our mortgage so we have a bit of paper saying we are able to buy. I feel like this is better (and less stressful for us both) then putting offers on (which our finance advisor said we could do, as everything should be finalised before it's needed). 

    We did have a viewing booked for tomorrow, but we have no idea if it's still happening due to this. We asked if we could pass their details on to out finance advisor to contact them, but didn't hear back. 

    Also their pitch was very suspicious: apparently they can get is the agreement in principal in a couple of hours (even though there's no way for me to even provide them the details they need in that time), and it will definitely happen and that having a default is "totally not an issue" (there's extremely few people willing to give us the 5% deposit due to my credit history, the finance advisors have found us one but are doing a final check with out latest details to see if they can get us a better rate). 

    A mortgage in principle is just an outline of what you could potentially spend based on your collective earnings, not legally binding for either you or the bank.  You dont need to supply documents that im aware of.  I got one with my bank and it took 5 minutes online and i got an instant "decision"

    None of the estate agents i ever communicated with ever asked for it, even when i got into a bidding war with someone else.  

  16. On 20/07/2021 at 12:00 PM, Will said:

    Here we’re back into full lockdown until the middle of August. Hopefully the vaccine rates pick up during this period and they finally start easing up properly. We’ve just hit 50% fully vaccinated but apparently 100k people in the critical group have not even had their first. I’m really quite shocked by the skepticism to vaccines here and now it’s starting to hold everyone back. I’m definitely not a supporter of the authoritarian rule here but I am starting to think they should use some of them to force this thing through.

    I'm not surprised that there are sceptics, but i AM surprised that there are in the vulnerable category.  A family member of a colleague is in the CEV list, got covid, spent 4 months in hospital, and basically had to learn to walk again.  Like that aint a life i'm willing to leave to chance.  We are the people who are likely to get covid and still get sick even with the vaccine, but even a reduction of risk by 10% is still worth something.

    Think I read somewhere that only 19% of adults in NI have not had or booked their first vaccine, which is wild, and brilliant.

    On 20/07/2021 at 12:07 PM, bob said:

    Roam about the streets with vaccine rifle. It's the only way.

    lets go pew pew


    re the mask thing, i just..... i can't understand it..... have the government not learned?

    Its literally the EASIEST thing we can all do as a society to keep as many of us safe.  No masks arent 100%, no they arent comfortable, but i think we need them right now. 

    If anything the hospitals have stepped up the policy - i went to a hospital recently for OP appt, (one with an ED and wards) and they said we all now have to wear the blue hospital ones, rather than any reusable ones.  So i hope people aren't expecting that they can just rock up to appointments now with no masks on, if anything its stricter and rightly so  >_>

    The thought of public transport right now with a bunch of maskless morons brings me out in a sweat.... and its too hot for that shit lol

  17. Fkin rotten

    My skin hurts and runs extremely hot when its active and inflammed.

    Broken skin and a broken immune system - the two things that need to WORK to make your body regulate its temperature.  I had a cold shower at 5pm, and i was hot again within 10 minutes.

    Ireland NEVER should be 30c ffs lol


  18. For fucks sake, i honestly couldnt believe it when i heard.  I wish they wouldnt have said anything about masks potentially being done away with because there are going to be idiots now that think its ok for them to do it.  It's not even completely about masks, its more about the general attitude.  Once people stop wearing masks theyre also gonna drop every other precaution they've been doing.

    I have a really severe breathing condition, and its a royal pain in the ass for me to wear masks.  But to be honest i don't see ANY future where i won't wear a mask in a very confined, crowded space.  Especially since said condition was triggered by a virus